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Ha no problem, I'll try and check out the new update sometime soon. Hope your projects are going well too!

Futsal Game Page

1-4 player soccer game for PC (Gamepads required).

Solo play is available, but the AI needs work (coding isn't my speciality!). Would be great to hear from any players, especially if anyone has the chance to play multiplayer.

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Hi DarthGOD. In short, I'm still relatively new to coding so it was tough to optimise for mobile, plus I didn't have too many devices to test on myself. In the end I thought it was best to stick to the latest models to ensure good performance. I'll look to see if I can change this sometime in the future. Sorry for that, thanks for checking out the game!

Thanks a lot! Yes in all honesty the level designs were fairly rushed for the game jam, so I agree the difficulties and flow of the game isn't optimal. That's something I'd look at if I expand the game in the future.

Glad you enjoyed it! I added one longer boss-like level as a sort of test in a new version recently. I will be looking at taking the game concept further in the future too if I get the chance. About the expanding big ball, I was intending to take it out completely as I was looking at several power-ups initially but didn't fully design the system, but left it in there semi-hidden as sort of a little fun ability.

Yes there are a few little spots like that I tried to put in, a few other levels have similar things which are fun to find out! I'll hopefully get time to add more levels and explore the actual level design aspect in more detail as in all honesty they were rushed with the jam being 2 weeks and half of that spent getting the shooting mechanics to work right.

I've had similar feedback regarding the fullscreen clicking so I'll definitely look to rectify that. The game was sort of created with mobile in mind and I think it would be less of an issue there, but still I'll try and find the time to make that more obvious.

12 is a great score! Some levels you have to get a bit lucky in the current prototype to get hole in 1 and 2s so I'd maybe look to change that one day, perhaps with longer levels so lucky bounces and quick restarting is less incentivised. Thanks for playing! :)

Very interesting premise and some great writing. I would've loved to see the characters and a few more backgrounds that would've helped add to the space atmosphere I feel. Good luck with the development!

Great game, a tight and polished experience with very nice pixel art! Quite difficult as well which I like, I think I'll just have to play more to not die to those pesky spikes all the time. :)

Very fun Alex, I think it would've been nice to have a graphical UI, at least that would be my preference over keyboard controls and having to hold a key to draw a normal line felt a little non-intuitive to me. Also the rider seemed to go very fast, perhaps a little too fast in my opinion as it was hard to control and limit his movement.

Very fun, this has a lot of potential. The controls feel really fluid and the game is very bright and colourful so it looks and feels great. I was also impressed with the bonus stages they a nice touch, on the paint one a % would've been nice to see how close I got to total completion. Maybe even a specific bonus stage only mode to try and set high scores or some sort of WarioWare style minigame mashup could be interesting.

I didn't play 2 player but can you play the bonus stages in that too? Competing for more paint coverage like Splatoon and maybe a top vs bottom Pong style ball battle could be fun. Best of luck for development!

A very well polished experience, the art along with little touches like the music/sound playing in line with the conversation dots. Also the Sandman seemed like a very interesting character!

Thank you. Yes the goblins themselves are quite interesting, I like how they don't damage you in a traditional way, but act as obstacles that often hinder you and like you say sometimes even help you. The 'angry' pink follower Goblins especially can even sometimes push you straight into the hole.

Thanks, that's great to hear you enjoyed it so much. I was very happy with how it turned out with my limited coding experience and I would love to take the idea further in the future. :)

Very cool little game with clean graphics that has a lot of potential. I especially like risk/reward of hoarding the nuts versus cashing them in which triggers the speed increase!

I echo a lot of the sentiments from Hankboozle, very relaxing and psychedelic experience, definitely has potential to be taken further outside of the Game Jam!

Glad you enjoyed it, I'll look into 32bit compatibility and see if that is feasible for me.

Yes it is quite hard I agree, a little intentional to counteract the small levels for this prototype but I will definitely look to improve the overall difficulty and adjust the hole Pars in a more substantial release. Hole 5 for example can be very tough with the wind in the current build!