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i love the core idea of the game, and the music is also great!

i love the map sprite and the variety in towers. great submission!

Thanks for trying out our game!

The die can move enemies between worlds. The number you roll decides how many enemies are transferred. Enemies from heaven are weaker in hell (and vice versa) so you want to transfer the most amount of enemies using the die.

the aesthetics of this game are amazing! the concept is also quite fun, and the procedurally generated levels are impressive in their own right. good job!

great game, fun concept. if you continue working on it (which you should), try making reset and undo keybinds

good concept and great art. fun game

the game looks great! good job on the 2d/3d effect.

the narration adds a lot to the game! i love the art style as well, and the idea is creative and fun. good job!

the art is very good and polished. love the minimalist feel of this game. the dash mechanic is also very well implemented and feels great. good job!

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the art here is amazing! the arrows mechanic is also very well implemented. good job!

this is a really creative idea. love the mechanics and the art.

the art in this game is great! quite a fun little minigame you have created here. good job!

i love the art in this game! you can see a lot of work was put into this. the dice roll animation is also great.

i love the concept of the game, it is quite interesting and was fun to play! the art style is also great, i love the 2d sprites on a 3d background. overall very polished and fun. Good job!

a really interesting take on the already fun golf genre. the graphics fit the style and feel of the game and it's overall really smooth and polished. good job!

this idea is really great! it reminds me of those shooting-balls-into-other-balls games, which are really fun, just that this one is even more fun! great submission!

it's really fun to drive around and smash into stuff. love games like this

the art is amazing, the game is fun, the story is great, and the SFX are cute. good job!

great, fun and relaxing city builder. love the earth model, how did you create it?

i couldn't understand how the game worked, but from what i understood from the tutorial it sound quite good! either way, the graphics are great. good job!

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one of the best games I've reviewed yet. Could you tell Z'utl'koh to call me? 

love golf games, and the twist with the roll is fun too. simple and fun!

great art style. i liked how you need to control 3 players instead of just 1

fun game and good concept!

controls are slippery, but in a good way! great game, congrats on finishing it!

as you said, the game doesn't work. but the art is still cool and the idea seems solid.

while the art and audio are good, this game does not feature any gameplay whatsoever. as far as I and 2 other commenters are aware, you just press a button 10 times and win (or sometimes lose, but it doesn't seem to be that probable to lose), since there are no choices for the player to make. not the most exciting game.

this game is really fun to play, and the art is really good and clean. this game is great

the music is amazing, and the visuals are so clean and polished. this feels like a game that was made in at least 5 days, and even for 5 days it's impressive. Good job!

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creating this entire game with just 2 people is no small feat! It's really cute and really fun. I love it!

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to play this game. To me it just seems like an animation of a game

the game feels kind of wonky and i couldn't figure out how to play it. the puzzles did seem interesting, and i can tell you put a lot of thought into them, so good job!

it's so fun to drive around in this game, and the music really adds to its feel. i feel like this game deserved a lot more love than it currently gets

the artstyle is really cute, though the controls are a bit too finicky for my taste.

the art in this game is really cute! i love it

I love the style of the game, and the Rollin' in Rollin' out thing is really clever!

I love the style of the game, and the Rollin' in Rollin' out thing is really clever!

game feels amazing to play, and amazing-er to speedrun.

this is a really fun game! the graphics are great and the sound design is at the same level. it was really fun flying around smashing cars. I can easily see this one winning

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really cool game! really enjoyed the puzzles, would love to see you continue working on it!