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War Profiteer Simulator is a cool idea, glad I got to make the music for it!

I reached the lava pool on the other end by going around the left side, but I wasn't able to do anything there

Perhaps instead of the game always giving you whichever track piece you need, you should have to pick it from a few options

Very fun concept! I love how the bombs are both obstacles for the snake but can clear blocks. I ran into a few glitches that eventually made the game softlock, but I managed to get a high score of 50 before that happened.

I can't leave the first room :/

cool game

Won't launch properly for me :(

Very simple but very fun! The pawn's shadow really helped in seeing where I was going.

Surprisingly fun, given such a simple premise!

Love the art, very cute game

I really enjoyed this! Clever concept, good execution, requiring a lot of strategy. My only qualm is that there was no tutorial or explanation of the game mechanics, so I had to learn by playing and seeing what happened.

Based on the description and "buy more jumps" button, I think I was supposed to have a finite number of jumps, but I could jump freely

Fun concept, but I couldn't understand how to control the dice tower to shoot the enemies.

Clever pun, and a decently enjoyable game.

A chaotic Katamari Damacy-style game. Lacking originality, but still a lot of fun!

It was great working with you again, Ben!

Short and sweet! Great job!

Amazing game! Everything from the gameplay to the simple isometric art style to the pleasant music is fantastic. I wish you luck with the full release! 

I'm glad you like it!

This took me a few minutes to figure out, but once I did, it was very fun! A few attempts after my run of 25400, the enemy spawn rate decreased until it dropped to nothing, which killed me as you need other cells to leech of off to survive. My other complaint is that the enemies can go through corpses, but the player can't, which led to the map filling up with them and me getting cornered by corpses I'd created.

Overall, I love the game, including the game design, zippy movement, art, and music. Great submission!

I'm glad you like the music!


Thanks! The music was my department :]

Cool game, great music ;). My favorite obstacles are the black holes

Your games all have a really interesting atmophere, very cool

Interesting premise! I'm glad you provided a gif of the solution to Evade, I was stuck on that one. The beginning reminded me of a game I had recently helped with (Divided Dungeon), that also had a time repeating mechanic. But you innovated on this by more directly allowing control of the time travel! This game has a cool atmosphere, but the main mechanic isn't well explained in the puzzles- I had to experiment in order to figure out how stuff worked. Also, it could use some music to set the tone. Overall, I like it a lot!

Yooooooooooooo happy birthday cbwbfwbfcwfbcwfbwfb

Cool stuff! The room with the switches confused me, I think it could be more clear what the solution is there. Also, I found that I could stand between shooting arrows without them hitting me and also between spike squares and not be hit. But I love the pixel art! Great game.

Short but sweet! The last level had me stuck for a few minutes.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite the glitches and design issues. And I'm glad my music is getting such good feedback as well!

Seriously my favorite game from the jam so far. The puzzle mechanic is kind of what my team was going for in our jam game, but you executed it much more masterfully. Great pixel art, awesome story, and very mysterious. Difficulty curve seemed good, I never needed to skip a level. I would like to hear some music added, though. I would definitely like to see the story continued! Stupendous job!

Tremendous pixel art! I like the gravity switches, though some obstacles are difficult to get over.

Cool background pixel art and great music. However, infinite runners are very common, and the screen isn't large enough to allow anything but quick reactions to incoming obstacles. Still, I enjoyed playing!

Thanks for playing! We realized too late that a puzzle game probably wasn't the best choice for our development skills, but were determined to submit something. And I'm glad you liked the music!

I'm glad you like it!

This is great! Cute aesthetics, cool physics and nice adherence to the theme. The local leaderboard worked fine for me, I managed to get 1040 as my high score.

Thanks! That's what we were aiming for.

This game is so bad it's good. I like the concept, and balancing was surprisingly difficult. My high score: 177.

I like how this game combined the idea of a an avoider game with a catcher-type game. You had to balance matching one color circle to your player, while avoiding the same color from touching the other side of your player. It got pretty hectic as I was trying to consider multiple projectiles flying towards me from all sides. It would be nice if I could rotate a bit faster, but I suppose that's part of the challenge! My high score: 23.