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Hey, welcome back. And thank you for the comments!

I was interested in seeing your submission this year, so it's a shame you didn't have time to participate. Hopefully see you next year.

Time totally got in the way of completing this the way I imagined. But at least I got something playable submitted in time. The mini-games are still a possibility when time allows.  I have put myself in the position of having too many unfinished projects and no time to finish any. :D

This one is surprisingly popular though, so  I hope to spend a little time updating soon.

P.S. Welcome back to Japan!

Thank you for the kind comment. After the jam I will update and hopefully find the platform bug ^^;

Thanks for the screen shot. It helps a lot!

Yeah, the UI is all small and stuck in the corner on yours. Ill look into that.

Thanks for the support!

Here is how it looks for me.

Thank you for the useful feedback. I  am glad you liked it despite the flaws. :)

I wonder if WebGL games appear differently in different browsers/OSs. I haven't seen the UI elements covered by Cobwebs, but  I will look into it after the Jam.

The counters need more tweaking. Thanks. Ill look into that too. :)

Thanks for the encouragement!

Now I need to make 90 more levels........see you in 2025 perhaps....>_<

Valuable comments as always. Thank you Stelthyshiroean.

I  had thought about camera rotation, but I  worried it would make the controls more confusing.  I can see it would help to view the pickups though.

Right now I am updating the controls so it's not limited to the keyboard. I am not too familiar with the new input system, but getting there. Ill implement a mouse for the menu at that time too. I may add a control display to the bottom left for in-game too as an indicator of direction, but also as touchscreen controls for mobiles and tablets.

Thank you! It is very helpful.

Even though a small update, the new particle effects and flashing enemies makes a big difference.

When the final guy (boss?) in the level is killed though, id like to see a short pause before the "next level" UI appears. It's very sudden and it would be nice to see the guy die first.

Great work!

Thank's for the encouragement!

I will definitely expand on the pipes and water. Though I am thinking I should add a "save game" function before it gets any longer.

Glad you got set up again. It took 3 months for my stuff to get to me when I moved to Japan.
Looking forward to the next gamedev update.

The Pixel Art Fundamentals course is very good! I went through it but chose Aseprite instead of Libresprite.

I am looking forward to seeing where you go with  Last Stand too!

Loved this one!  I would love to see it as a longer game. So much fun.


Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed it.

I'll definitely continue with this game after the jam is over. :)

This was a fun game to pass some time with. Though I have to admit to being very bad at it!

The design all fits together well, especially the background on the first screen :D

Thanks for the kind words. I  am glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!
Hopefully more levels after the Jam. ^^;

Thank you for playing :D

I'll get the music fixed for the next push. Maybe ill make the walking speed customizable. I like the current speed too. ^^;

Thank you for the feedback. This is very helpful.
I was aware of the platform squishing behaviour but had not experienced the other points.  It's good to know, thank you!

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it. But more so that you took the time to let me know the bugs!
I'll get those sorted out. Thanks again.