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Just made it available again, sorry about that. Currently in the works of making a "Director's Cut" version of the game!

Thank you for playing and checking out our content! We're working on a lot of new stuff that will be released / revealed this year. Be sure to follow us if you want to see what we create!

You're welcome!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy our games!

Howdy Tavian here! Cutting to the chase, I feel that in order for my company Ghost Data Media to withhold its' status as a professional game developer I'm forced to move my more experimental games / projects to another profile including Game Jam games. So a majority of games I've made will be moved here:

Check them out and follow if you want to play some fun and intriguing games!

No problem!  :)

The randomness factor in this game had me smile the entire time I played it. Not bad for your first 3D game, It's rather competent and I can see that you put a lot of effort into it!

Glad to hear you got valuable feedback, I hope next time you present at a convention things go a lot more smoothly.

I've fixed most of those bugs (except the one unkillable Naruto character, That's a mystery as of now). Enemies are meant to stop in front of Waifus because they're distracted - hence why Waifus are decoys. To keep enemies from the door. But they're meant to be temporary so that they're not abused or game breaking.

As for turrets being OP I'm adding more enemies and a new type of enemy to shake things up. Expect an update in a few hours and thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for sharing this! I'm definitely going to experiment with it. Might even make a video on it if it's alright with you.

This game was on my list for a while. When I finally bought it I figured I'd play it for 30 minutes to get a feel for the gameplay. I ended up playing it until I beat it! Gotta say the setting and atmosphere was more engaging than what I was expecting and I loved every moment of exploring the game. I'm about to go for a second playthrough right now!

Corporations go unchecked, don't pay taxes, and treat their human resources as...well...human resources. I'm not sure what's worse the fact that people who work for slave wages pay more taxes than their bosses or the fact no one seems willing to fight this.

So far I've had a lot of people look at and download my Free version of the 16 bit school asset pack: which is great but I don't know how well it works for RPG Maker XP, MV, or Ace because I use none of these. I use Clickteam Fusion for game design and making assets.

So for those that have the time to discuss their opinion on how well it works or doesn't work in RPG Maker please let me know!

So I'm selling an asset pack here: I wanted to make a game with the items I made but never got around to it. So instead of scrapping the work I decided to resale it to fund future projects of mine. The thing is I see A LOT of people are interested but not invested enough to buy it despite my best efforts to promote it. I'm stuck wondering if there's something wrong with the presentation or if no one thinks it's worth the price because it's so cheap. Any advice on how to make my product more worthwhile? 

P.S. The items in the previews are not all the items available in the asset pack there's plenty more. Maybe I should list them?

Very intriguing and I love the the art style, take your time with this. I really enjoyed playing it.

I made an asset pack for the first time based off of what you'd find in a typical school. If it peaks your interests for your game or if your looking for cheap placeholders until you can make your own assets you can check it out here:


Okay but if you find that file that accompanies your game let me know....I did pay for it afterall.

Okay thanks

Finally got the game but I seem to be missing something to open it:

"There should be 'tetrick the game_Data'

folder next to the executable"

Can't download it, either game really. No .exe files.

Tell you what, allow me to play the game first hand and not only will you have you a part in the bundle but I'll make you a better HD trailer for your game.

So I decided to finally check out the forums in and thought I'd talk about my games. Recently I updated 2 of my games and the demo to my full game Bubble Horde.

Bubble Horde is a game with 4 game modes and an impressive soundtrack provided from my friend. It's left a good impression to those that have played it and I just updated the Graphics, User Interface, and A.I.

(Here's the demo):

Also my the Multiplayer Expansion has the same updated graphics and Interface + Xbox 360 controller support (You should totally grab a friend and play it)!

I hope you enjoy the games and what they have to offer leave a comment or reply. Still working on the Android port right now! Moving on to new and fun projects for 2017!

I was planning on having my game Bubble Horde on sale again for the holidays but thought it'd be more interesting to see how it does in a bundle with another developer. I'm looking to team up with another dev with a full game they're looking to sell with my game (A casual game or anything non-horror might do) just send me a link so that I can check its' quality. (It has to be up to standard to my game-no offense).

Here's a link to Bubble Horde's Demo:

Wish there were more endings.