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Bubble Horde 2.0

A topic by Ghost Data Media created Nov 26, 2016 Views: 144
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So I decided to finally check out the forums in and thought I'd talk about my games. Recently I updated 2 of my games and the demo to my full game Bubble Horde.

Bubble Horde is a game with 4 game modes and an impressive soundtrack provided from my friend. It's left a good impression to those that have played it and I just updated the Graphics, User Interface, and A.I.

(Here's the demo):

Also my the Multiplayer Expansion has the same updated graphics and Interface + Xbox 360 controller support (You should totally grab a friend and play it)!

I hope you enjoy the games and what they have to offer leave a comment or reply. Still working on the Android port right now! Moving on to new and fun projects for 2017!