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Bundle Anyone? (Must be a skilled dev).

A topic by Ghost Data Media created Nov 26, 2016 Views: 316 Replies: 13
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I was planning on having my game Bubble Horde on sale again for the holidays but thought it'd be more interesting to see how it does in a bundle with another developer. I'm looking to team up with another dev with a full game they're looking to sell with my game (A casual game or anything non-horror might do) just send me a link so that I can check its' quality. (It has to be up to standard to my game-no offense).

Here's a link to Bubble Horde's Demo:

Well Tetrick was my first completed project on unity (the second one is half done). My pixel artist wasn't the best at any means but the music is good & the gameplay is far better check it out.

Tell you what, allow me to play the game first hand and not only will you have you a part in the bundle but I'll make you a better HD trailer for your game.

Go ahead and get it if you want to play it. The trailer was poor because I didn't have any good software then but I do now just haven't redone it.

Can't download it, either game really. No .exe files.

Okay I believe I fixed the issue, I had clicked "hide & prevent download" you should be able to get it now! :) Thanks for telling me!

Finally got the game but I seem to be missing something to open it:

"There should be 'tetrick the game_Data'

folder next to the executable"

I thought I just had to upload the .exe >_< mobile is so much easier i shall fix this!

Okay thanks

My internet is going to be down until the 2 or 3r... (mobile data)

Okay but if you find that file that accompanies your game let me know....I did pay for it afterall.