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This game was on my list for a while. When I finally bought it I figured I'd play it for 30 minutes to get a feel for the gameplay. I ended up playing it until I beat it! Gotta say the setting and atmosphere was more engaging than what I was expecting and I loved every moment of exploring the game. I'm about to go for a second playthrough right now!

Thank you!! :) I'm really glad people are finally discovering this game. To us this game was really important, and we poured a lot of creativity into it. All the scenes were hand-crafted, which slowed down their creation but also made them unique. The game had a lot of ideas through the two year development time, and was extensively patched after release. It would be really cool to explore Kalaban's world in another game. Right now I'm developing a topdown horror shooter with similar visuals, this time in full 3D.