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This is my new favorite entry.  The way gravity works with moving to different faces of the die is so clever and the visuals are sooo cute!<3

I did get a bug where I had two main characters and that seems to make it impossible to open a certain door for some reason so I had to stop early :(

Wow this game is way underrated!  Very cool idea and great artstyle!  Only thing is that the game is very harsh with no way to heal your faces and getting sent back to the very very start.  But other than that this is actually one of my favorites of the jam!

These puzzles were really well made.  I just wish I could just freely move the camera to whatever position I wanted but other than that I loved it so much.  Nicely done <3

Thank you <3

If it's not too much to ask would you want to rate my game before ratings close in a bit?

Great puzzle game with some very clever puzzle design.  I just wish I could see what's on the other side of my die.  Great work <3

I really love the art and animations for all the characters, although some of the main character's animation gets lost in the black background.

I do think the main character's attack seems a bit stunted since so many enemies are kind of hard to hit, specifically the red and green enemies.  It would probably feel better if the first attack either came out faster or had a longer range or had an element to it that hit upwards.

Some sort of dash could also really help with getting to hard to reach enemies and also help move around the map faster and more satisfyingly.

The dice mechanic works really well and it's not overly complicated and just provides a dash of strategy.

Overall this is a really fun game and I liked it a lot <3

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In my mind what made logical sense was to have an unfolded diagram of the die but it ended up making it a bit more confusing from a game play sense since the north face ends up on top when you go south.  Thanks for the comment! <3

Damn.  Another game that implemented this idea way better than me T_T.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Showing the face that you're going to end up on on the tiles themselves is brilliant and eliminates so much guesswork.  I was playing and thought "if only enemies also showed what weapons they can use if they went to a specific tile" but then I moused over one and you thought of that too!

Amazing.  Thank you for this <3

So cute <3  Your cat is a platforming star :3  Made it to the end.  A radar or a map would have been nice for the massive levels.  Thank you for this! <3

Wow.  What a nice little gem!  I love the visuals so much!  they're so charming <3.  My score was 579.

Very stylish and polished.  Thanks for this <3

I love the animation of the main character!  The concept is very fun!  It'd be cool if there were also dice that spawned obstacles that you had to avoid as well.

My best score is 0 rolls :P.

Wow we had super similar ideas but yours is a lot easier to figure out and play so good job!  Really love it!

Very well made!  Feels nice to control once you get used to the speed and tight turns.

I appreciate that you made the puzzles a bit tricky and not super obvious.  The jumping mechanics were a little weird in that you just drop like a stone the instant you let go of the jump key but it works fine for a puzzle platformer.

Very Fun!  I liked it a lot! <3

I like that you used a level just to tell a joke.  That gave me a laugh <3

Sorry it didn't click for you.  Intuitiveness is really something the game needs more of.  Thank you for your comment. <3

Thank you so much for this! <3

The mechanic where you have to choose between dealing damage OR gaining the random effect makes this game stand out just a bit more than a lot of similar games made in this jam.  The art is phenomenal as well.  Great work <3

This is probably the most creative and engaging use of the theme I've seen.  The main puzzle is also very clever although I almost stopped playing when I got the keyboard since I though that was the end until I saw the comments saying there was a real ending after that.  Very cool!

This is actually a game that would be perfect with motion controls.  Very cool <3

Thank you! <3


Love the artstyle!  The gameplay is fun too but maybe a bit buggy?   Sometimes I'd lose my turn or my move and maybe something in the game caused it but it's unclear.  Really cool game.

Holy shit this is good!  Amazing work!  Incredibly intuitive and fun. <3

I like all the bullet types and how they have uses and synergy but sadly that doesn't really come up in the actual game.  When you shoot an enemy their number randomizes which then randomizes your bullet, which makes trying to plan or make special use of the bullet types not possible and also makes the reload action unnecessary because you can just randomize your gun way faster and deal more damage by just shooting enemies since you have a crazy rate of fire.

In terms of FPS mechanics it feels really great tbh, which is very impressive for 48 hours.  It was enjoyable to play even with the crazy lag from the WebGL version.  Nicely Done! <3

I really like this game but I got stuck on level 12 because the rotator kept rotating the die even when it was at the end with the correct face showing :(

Cool little arcade astroid shooter!  Very fun! <3

Very cool and unique and pretty fun but if you keep rolling utility towers instead of towers that can deal damage you can get pretty screwed :')

I got an error trying to run this saying I was missing api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll

I don't know how to fix it but I'd love to play your game. :(

I think there's a bug that will let you pass a level even if you don't have the right total.  Pretty sure I passed a level where I was supposed to have a 19 with an 18.  Cute cut scenes though!

Well this game gets high marks for making me laugh when the tutorial told me what my objective was.

I love the tileset and character animations!  Very nicely done.

Fun game!

I really love the artstyle.  Reminds me a bit of Knytt Stories for some reason.

There could be something to this idea but the implementation is a bit harsh.  In games like this you usually want to favor the player and give them the benefit of the doubt.  For example if you jump through a gate with the right pips showing you can just barely not make it across and then when you jump again you die because you have the wrong pips when your bottom corner is just barely touching the gate.  I would just make it so that when the player passes a gate the gate is destroyed.

I also think that the hurtbox for the player should be slightly smaller than the sprite for the player in most games just to give them a bit of leeway.

I got stuck at level 6 where there's a gate that seems to just change completely randomly with no predictably timed cycle or pattern and no warning to the player.  It could be a six for 5 seconds, then change to a four, so then I try to pass it with a four only for it to instantly switch to a three in an instant.

The game looks great and the physics for the die feels nice.  You should feel proud to make something like this in 48 hours. 

Damn.  You're clearly a game jam pro.  The visuals are really fun and bouncy and the game mechanics are satisfying.  It feels great to decimate the enemy team in one round with some clutch passes and good rolls.  Even though there's a ton of luck you can mitigate a lot of it though sometimes that can involve playing chicken against the AI for several turns in order to cheese out a win.

Fantastic game!  Thanks for this.

Thank you! <3

I finished this!  Very satisfying puzzles and very cute art.  I did get stuck every time I tried to push a die into a wall but other than that it was really fun <3

Wow!  What a cool entry!  I managed to complete the die after I learned what the heck I was doing.  I loved navigating with the dimension swapping mechanic.