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Hell yeah.  This turned out so cool!  Great job!

I mean you are free to make a proposition.  What's the project?

It took a bit more than a week to make in total.

I played the downloaded version with a gamepad and there doesn't seem to be any dead zone set for the left stick, which means that my characters kept moving without my input.

The interconnected games are a cool concept though individually I feel the games could use some more attention, which makes sense, since you basically split development into 3 games instead of one.  All three feel somewhat sluggish, although, for the PS1 horror game, the sluggishness is pretty spot on for the genre, so it works well,  though it was still frustrating to walk into dead ends, and the input direction for walking didn't seem to always line up with where the camera was facing.  I would sometimes get stuck offscreen right between camera transitions when running from an enemy.  The aesthetics are pretty spot on though, this game looks the best out of the 3 for sure.

The first person dungeon crawler has an interesting aesthetic and controls fine though the sword attack could use work to feel more alive and snappy.

The mascot platformer is cute but feels pretty underdeveloped compared to the other two.  The movement is very slow and static when the level design is mostly just open field and there really isn't much platforming, mostly just exploring and collecting things and occasionally jumping on termites, which would probably be enough if just moving around had felt fun in and of itself.  The lack of music works somewhat for the other games but this one feels aesthetically incomplete without goofy chipper music.

This was a really ambitious concept with solid execution.  I'm sure this took a whole lot of effort, so good job!

Ok I've played some impressive games this jam but I think this one might be the most impressive in almost all categories.  The way the games all intricately link together is crazy.  And not to be too spoilery but the way a certain game resolves another was a huge "holy shit" moment.  Amazing entry.

I really loved all the hand drawn environments!

I did not love getting kicked out of the game when I jumped off the cliff, lol.

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You have good taste :P  I actually used the guitar from the Megaman X soundfont in my own game!

I used SFXR to make my sound effects and it doesn't quite get there in terms of sounding like a SNES game.  I just am not super experienced with audio.

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Man, the retro aesthetics are absolutely ON POINT for this.  Sadly I think the sound was bugged for me, and my game kept crashing, but the music and sounds I did hear were spot on, and I'm wondering where you found/made them.  I am also unsure what I should be doing gameplay wise.  Aim lock only seems to kick in at very close range.  Close enough for enemies to shoot you down pretty quickly, and I don't know if manual aim worked for controller, or at least there didn't seem to be feedback for it.

The attention to detail I think really makes this game stand above and beyond a lot of other retro-nostalgia based games.  Very cool.  I liked the little stretching effect for the title.

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Got all 50 moons.  The hair coming down when gravity is reversed is a really cute touch!

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Brutal game, but pretty fun tbh, with a few minor frustrating things.  Here's just a few specific notes:  

One of the most precise inputs is delegated to left shift which uses the pinky finger.  My poor pinky was not built for this much precision platforming!

I think giving the player a bit of bonus upward velocity when using the bomb jump would make it feel better and more intuitive to use.

Stuff like having like a split moment where the player pauses before being pulled by the grappling hook, or having the grappling hook still pull for a bit more after the wall its attached to phases out might help with game feel and make timings a bit more forgiving for some of the tricks.

I have a pet peeve against spikes being lethal from the sides, and especially from the back.  If it's not important to the gameplay, I think changing the way they work would be a nice QoL change.  If it is, maybe they should be aesthetically replaced with another hazard.

I got to the volcano level and stopped, but I'd really like to try again soon.  Really nice entry!



Hey!  I played this on another computer that can run Unreal Engine and I love this game!  It's super cute and creative and gives me fond memories of games like Fez.  The puzzles are really well made but are a bit on the hard side for sure.  The last one stumped me for a long time just because I assumed there wouldn't be any dexterity or timing challenges as part of the solution.

One of my favorites of the Jam.

Really satisfying game.  The audio really takes it a step above imo.  The perspective gimmick is really well implemented.  The 1st person perspective feels really nice, but the topdown perspective is maybe a bit too claustrophobic.  I often had to find top-down enemies in first person just to switch to topdown and just fire off screen until I heard their death sound.  The boss has really nasty patterns and it took me a few tries to beat.  Really great entry!

Oh sure!  What time were you thinking?

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Really charming game!  The dating sim mixed in with the more "gamey" genres I think is what puts this game over the top and makes it really stand out and it really adds a lot in terms of texture and pacing.

This is a super interesting design.  I played all the way to the end, but there were a few balance issues that kept me from engaging much with the more interesting mechanics like swapping modes on tanks or even using other tanks besides the basic gunner.  Having every action cost persistent resources rather than per-turn movement/attack/specials is very unique but I think ultimately encourages a very conservative playstyle.  I just stuck with the basic tank because it was the most cost efficient to use.  Also, having to save up on the upgrade resource to produce more of it makes progression feel slow.   I think if upgrades to upgrading costed every other resource it might work a bit smoother.

Rolling the dice is super satisfying as others have said and the core premise is very solid.

Very charming!  My favorite touch were all the different end screens for each rank.  I feel like the base gameplay might need something extra to make it more engaging but that might just be me personally.

A really fun concept and the interface is really well executed.  I love that you can just drag the terminal around.  I would love to see how a metroidvania where the character has such powerful game warping powers would work.  I thought maybe I would find a secret if I built a staircase up to the top of a wall but it just sent me out of bounds :P.

Incredibly cool and unique game.  I loved the strange presentation and all the visual effects.  The ending was so cute!! <3

Pretty neat!  I enjoyed the last little puzzle you snuck into the final level that used both mechanics at once.

Wow I think that's a perfect rating from me.  Amazing work!  I love the granny noises and how the reloading batteries sound is clearly meant for reloading a shotgun, lmao.  Would love to play a fixed version once the jam is finished.

Really unique little game!  I like the little tricks you learn like how each room shape is always the same color (maybe this is supposed to be obvious but it took me a bit to notice).

Really fun and charming.  I like how you really doubled down on the ice cream lovers being zombies and even made all the special enemies have traditional zombie special abilities too.

My best score was $740.  At a certain point the game slows to a crawl if you let too many guys be on screen at once.

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Thanks for the kind words!  Mode 7 was the first thing that popped into my head when thinking of the word mode 🤷‍♀️.

I'm glad you liked it <3

For those that might just click download before going to the game page:

You must have a PC and a gamepad to play this game.


Left stick - Strafe

Right stick - Aim

 Right shoulder trigger - Shoot

Oh wow I loved all of the illustrations and narrative work!  What an adorable little game!  It was a bit hard to move around sometimes.  I felt like sparrow was fighting against me and had a mind of their own, but was able to complete the game with no problem.

I was worried that bringing the final item would end up with a darker fairytail ending tbh. :P

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Fun game!  Loved the theming!  Very simple but very satisfying.  I answered a question about how to get to the trials and I just answered with the trials on the map and I got shunted back to the beginning.  Did I win or lose?  Other than than that the game worked wonderfuly.


Oh man I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up!

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I adored the art and animation for the collosus and love the music although it seems a bit staccato for a game about a huge lumbering collosus.  Gameplay wise I think my expectations threw me off.  I expected to be able to use my giant arms to just swat enemies away with one big swing (kind of like the game "Garden Gnome Carnage" (you should try it)) and it too me many tries to realise I had to continuously shake until they came off.  More feedback as a result of my actions would have helped me understand the gameplay a lot better I think.  I also kept dying from enemies that I had knocked off but had already triggered a delayed death trigger.

Honestly a reverse shadow of the colossus is sorely needed just in general.  Love the concept. GJ <3

Really unique idea!  There's tons of room to expand this concept to make some really great puzzles imo.  Great entry! <3

Super well made entry!  Very simple concept but executed fantastically.  Very impressed by the quantity and variety of levels.  Managed to complete all 15.  <3

Very cool game!  Fantastic art.  I like that you can "cheat" by blocking the ball with your character.  In some levels I wish there was more interactable components so I could try a bit more strategies, and the tiny balls felt very random and hard to defend properly against but other than that awesome game.  GJ <3

Very nice little game!  Making a platformer is way harder than it seems so good work!  I thought the gimmick worked well and the art is cute.

Nice fun game!  Finished every level.  Very simple and cute!

Very cool idea.  Like others said I liked that you make the levels more dangerous for yourself as you build.  I did not like the game sometimes stopping to have the boss yell at you, and I think I had a bug where the dialogue kept restarting a the end of the level.  Otherwise cool idea and well executed.  GJ.

Very fun, promising concept.  The game does end up playing itself for the first minute or so so I'd try amping up the starting difficulty.  Good Job!

Very cool concept and good execution!  There are some balance issues though.  It's a bit too fast paced to really plan out a complex strategy, and you can actually just perpetually stay completely safe by just surrounding your core brick with just a single layer of gold bricks and just replace them when they are destroyed.  Reverse breakout games are a bit tricky because building up with a ton of bricks can actually make you more vulnerable because then the ball gets stuck in your back lines.

All the different types of bricks are incredibly cool.  I hope you keep iterating on this!

Wow!  Incredibly creative and well executed!  And cute!<3

Thank you!