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Gemini Taurus

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really nice job ! the game was really fun, wished it had more level and mechanics tho.

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great take on the theme, only one level is a little small, but maybe you can make more in the future. Great Job !!

All uploads are locked 'till the end of the rating period, once it ends, you' ll be able to upload a new version of the game. I'm sorry but it's your 48h version that is going to be rated.

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if you didn't have the time or there was an error while submitting, please reach me on the discord

before 12AM (GMT+2). (@N_eve_R_Again)

Had a really great time playing it, Good Job !

Yeah, I'll take some time to check out your game!

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Thanks for your honest and complete feedback! The wheel and sliders were the hardest thing to make since when you click on them you need to keep your mouse over it all the time. And for the difficulties, there were added the last hours, meaning that I couldn't change much between them. I wanted to change the camera speed and rate at thing are disrupted  but my system couldn't endure that ( bad coding for the most part). For the game mode with escalating difficulty, it the thing you unlock with nightmare mode. And thanks again for you rating my game and leaving a so constructive comment!

Thanks for playing the game! The difficulties were really hard to figure out (and I kinda failed to do something really interesting for them) because I wanted to change the camera speed and other parameters, but the way I coded stuff made that only one thing could be changed for each level. And it was the " error multiplier", that changes how much things weighted for the error calculation. Next time, if I do an arcade game, I'll try to make each mode really stand out!

Thank you for your feedback! Motion sickness was my biggest concern during development and I tried to minimize it as much as possible. But in a game where you don't control the camera, it's almost impossible to remove the motion sickness.

good job !

well done, a little too hard for my taste, but good job !

a nice game, really hard... but really fun !

It need to be made into a full game, it's really fun and the mechanic is simple but versatile. Congrats !

nice idea, bad execution, the game is too hard


Well thank you so much, I'm glad you had a good time with my game!

Here we go

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Here we go

Here we go !

thanks !

yeah you're right,  i think my brain is obsessed  about seeing number go up.

check mine !

here we go !

thx !

Hey, please check my submission, I'm only at 7 rating and I really want some feedback


a good game. sometime I felt like I wasn't controlling the punchgun. maybe to much delay.

super interesting. Maybe too easy, de physic description is a little too obvious.

the lack of sound make it less dynamic.

but Good job !

Not intuitive level design and weird controls. nothing to say about art and music which are very nice, but it's not rated.