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Very cool, quickly addictive!

Thank you! 😁💖

Thank you so much! 💖 It's extremely motivating to see people that get it... Thank you

That was fun! I can see people speedrunning this stuff 

Reading this rly hits me there too! Your comment gives me the hope and encouragement to believe in myself <3 Thank you! 

Awesome game! This is the kind of stuff I like to see at a gamejam


Thank you! 😁

Amazing game

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Actually, I was starting out with a jump and wanted to do a platformer, and then that got too much for me so I decided to just focus on what I was trying to achieve (connection with the self) so I went with that 😅 in hindsight, choosing what direction to walk in would have been a better idea yeah... thank you 

Yeah, it's a rare bug! 😊 Thank you! 😄 

Rly good game! Lots of potential! 

Almost everything is pretty much different in this game yeah 😄 except for walking left & right with wasd! 🤣 😂 Thank you!

So happy to hear that! 😊

Very fun game, very sturdy and solid feel, loved it. 

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The text at the top is your subconsciousness/innervoice that you can connect with through self-realization, this happens when you literally pick yourself up in the game :) I know, some might think it's so deep adele could roll in it, but I rly put my heart & soul in it. You're right about the "One moment the player is talking about hating people and the next moment he wanted to take up the piano.", I did want to do in-depth branching but it was rly hard with just 48 hours. I just kept it to 2 paths and crossed them once resulting in 4 endings to have a somewhat gamified concept. I wanted to do a side-scroller with jumping and stuff (to go look for your colorful "self" in a puzzle-platformer fashion) but I failed at that cause of the pressure a jam brings along, this felt bad but I chose to focus instead on what I found the most important aspect of what I wanted to deliver, and I went along with it. Being joined together with the self, mind & heart <3 (or whatever you wanna call it) :) Thank you so much for your comment. I rly appreciate in-depth reviews like this. 

Thank you! I'll be more careful with equalizing the audio next time! <3 

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Perfect! I was exactly hoping for that, so you could first experience the dark and despair and then figure out a way to experience the hope and enlightenment. I've also made sure that the ingame options box doesn't cover the text during a gamepause. Thank you so much for your comment! Means a lot to me..!

Very good feel, and love the gameboy look, easily 5 stars for presentation!

Thank you! It's based on the personal experiences of myself and others, and therapy / self-help books that helped millions of people. Don't worry about me! <3  

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Thank you! I was going to add HDRP and more "feel" to it with camera shakes and what not, I also wanted to add a feminine looking character that you could play! But I only had 2 hours left and I was starting to crash! So I went to bed, health is more important... Thank you again!

Thank you! 😀

Love the pixelart and animations! <3 & gitgud vibes XD

Nailed the atmosphere & Love the animations :D well done!

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That's okay! We're all different, keeps life interesting!

Thank you! =D 

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Thank you!! :) <3 

It's on steam now :) everything you mentioned is in the Roadmap list that you can find in "discussions"

Hey Chojix :) just letting you know the game is on Steam now :)

It's on steam now! :)

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I'm happy to hear that! :) Also, it's on steam now! :)

I'm so sorry guys :( this is fixed in the Steam version along with a bunch of other things:
Hit me up on discord and I'll give you a steamkey
- GameDevDave

You too! Happy holidays!! 

Hey Spacewulf!

That means a lot to me. It hits home to inspire someone else :) 

You need to either download and install winrar or 7zip (free) and then extract the file by right clicking on it and hitting either extract or extract here. Then click the .exe and start playing! 

Have fun! :) and join the discord if you wanna mingle!


There's a new update, lemme know what you think :) 

New Update :) Lemme know what you think

New Update is up, let me know how those PS controls feel :) 

Could you give me some more details as to what specifically goes wrong when trying to download the game? 

It's on the list, will post here with the next update