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Eh, no worries - I had a feeling that you were joking, and it doesn't really matter if you weren't - I'm glad someone cared enough to comment :D

Thanks for the mini review as well - this was a game that I made many years ago, and it certainly has many flaws. However, it was one of the more serious projects I had worked on at the time, so it holds a special place in my heart for that reason.

Once again: thanks for checking it out :)

If you are interested in a game I'm currently working on, check out "The Phoenix Game" on my profile - the current build here is the buggy game jam build, however I'm currently working on expanding it. 

Well, thanks for checking it out!

Noted. Thank you for your suggestions!

For the jam I had done the bare minimum to get the animations working, however I plan to ramp them up when expanding. This will include the things you mentioned as I agree that those aspects definitely need improving.

Ah I see - in that case you succeeded!

I could feel the old school vibes from this game, and I myself have not even played that many old school games - great job on the aesthetics and visual design! The pixel art animations are also awesome and nicely done! One suggestion for improvement is to lessen the amount of foreground trees, as they tend to obscure some of the platforms and other gameplay elements.

Great job overall!

The visuals in this game were quite nice and unique, and the platforming sections are nicely done. One issue I had is with the crows - they appear too suddenly, it would have been best to give a small visual or audio cue that they're about to drop on you (just enough to react quickly without making it too easy to dodge them).

Other than that: great game overall!

It certainly is about creativity! I recall seeing as well a guy make a valid Turing Machine using PowerPoint: 

I liked that this game is a unique twist on the "Rebirth" theme. It's sort of like if a detective game fused with a necromancy game. It's also really well polished - the aesthetics are really nice, the UI is clear and easy to navigate, and the music is charming. In fact, the music may be a bit too charming for a graveyard setting.

Great job!

This was quite interesting...I feel like this game could be used for psychology experiments. Definitely a unique take on the rebirth theme. I also chuckled at how bad souls could be reincarnated as geese - is that maybe how the Untitled Goose Game character came about?

I found though that I put way more people in the "good" pile. One thing to improve upon this would be to add more adulthood traits and mix in a lot more bad actions, such as "having an affair" or "cheated in high school" or "bribed someone", etc. as well some really good actions such as "saved someone's life", "gave to charity without anyone else knowing", etc. That way you could end up with a straight-A student doctor that had once had an affair, or a bully and a generally bad person that had at some point turned his life around. It could make for more morally ambiguous moments.

Cool concept! I really like how the rebirth theme is integrated into the gameplay, and the puzzles were quite fun.

My feedback here would be to make the character move a bit faster, and zoom in a bit. Otherwise: great stuff!

This is really good! The aesthetics and audio are both quite nice, and the movement and jumping is really smooth. Good stuff!

This was fun to play and had an interesting idea. There was also quite a lot of variety of rooms and levels. My only issue was that it was hard to tell if I was making progress or not, as it seemed that each portal brought me to a random room with no notion of how close I was to escaping. 

Otherwise, the game feels rather polished with a consistent art style and some nice music - I like how the music changes depending on whether or not there are enemies around. Great stuff overall!

This is an awesome game with a really cool idea! It's super well polished, and the puzzles are quite challenging. 

My main feedback here would be to add a "Restart" button - I think every puzzle game needs that - and simply adjusting the sorting issues with the sprites.

Awesome job! 

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! Regarding the animations, can you please clarify what you meant by feeling static? I'm planning to expand upon this game further, and any feedback to help me improve it is greatly appreciated :)

Pretty cool concept! Unfortunate that you had to cut out the boss though :( I liked the music though, and from what you guys made so far this makes a good base to expand upon it into an adventure game.

Good stuff!

This is a nice twist on the restaurant kind of games! Making Frankenstein's monsters for ghost customers is a clever idea and it was quite fun. I especially liked the ghost Karens - they really make me feel more pressured haha.

PowerPoint?! I didn't even think that was at all viable lol - how did you even use it?

Oh OK I didn't catch how they revived exactly, the game got so crazy with revivals at some point that it looked like a Michael Bay movie XD

Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this, and do let me know if you'd like a playtester (I'll do my best to help out, no guarantees). Some suggestions for expanding on this further would be:

- Different unit types with their strengths, weaknesses, and counters.

- Building defenses, like turrets.

- Having units revive into demons randomly is good, however it would be cool to be able to revive demon units to fight on your side.

- Lastly: special abilities that deal massive damage to the field and wipes out many demons (does not affect any of the fortresses though).

Check out "Age of War" and its sequel if you want some more inspiration.

This was a really fun and well-polished game! I loved the pixel art aesthetics here and the game was simple to play and relaxing. I liked the goofy descriptions of the prisoners and the look of the different biomes as well.

I only wished that you were able to attack enemies. Overall: awesome job!

This was quite fun and enjoyable! I really like how the upgrades are represented visually and not merely as stat changes - like how skeletons get bigger or better armed. At some points it got really hectic with what looked like many explosions (though that could be units being revived as demons?) and overwhelming armies of skeletons and/or demons.

Only issue I found was that at some point I stopped generating money altogether, and neither myself nor the demons ever seemed to be defeated despite taking too much damage - I suspect this was more of a technical issue?

Though that was minor as it came near the end. Overall: great stuff!

This was really quite fun! It was interesting to play a clicker game that genuinely required critical thinking and planning. The visuals were nice and simple, and I liked the sound effects - they were oddly satisfying.

Good stuff!

Ah ok, I see - so my guess was closer than I thought.

And that's unfortunate that some team members disappeared during the jam. I hope next time you have a better experience.

What do you mean?

Good stuff! Yeah getting something working is definitely the most important aspect, so you did well on that.

This is a beautiful and challenging game! I loved the aesthetics and audio, and the gameplay was quite intense.

The only issue I had was that the lighting made it so that some parts were hard to see and others were too bright. It made it a bit difficult to see in certain areas.

Otherwise: great stuff!

This was quite fun! I liked the rebirth aspect where you get random stats - I admittedly did not notice this until I had killed around 5 or 6 wasps and I found it really interesting. The aesthetics and audio were nice, and I liked how high you were able to jump!

It would have been cool if rebirthing would change your main attack to a different kind, however understandably that would be challenging to make for a game jam. However, it's an idea should you want to expand upon this game later.

Great stuff!

This was really fun! And the only game so far to have a puzzle game respawning mechanic similar to mine. The aesthetics were nice and simple, audio was on point, and the puzzles were neat. The Hard Boss lived up to its name as well!

My only complaint was that the triangle's ability was not super clear - I had to die a few times to figure it out. Otherwise, great stuff!

Fun game! I really liked the visuals here! In fact, I'm curious to know what program you used to make them.

That aside, the game was simple and fun. My main feedback here is would be to have made the arrows disappear when hitting an enemy, as it was difficult to tell if they were taking damage from my arrows or not, and as well I was not sure what purpose the skulls served (though I collected them as much as I could nonetheless).

Great stuff!

This was quite fun and challenging. I liked the robot designs and the animations. I wish the theme was integrated more in the game as opposed to simply respawning upon death. However, it was fun game nonetheless.

Great stuff!

This was quite fun! The aesthetics and audio are both great, and I like that the rebirth them is integrated as a game mechanic. It's quite interesting as you want to ravage and kill everything as the monster you are, however it's in your best interest to keep at least one human around, so it makes it more challenging to avoid death overall, which was a good twist on this kind of game.

My only complaint is that your character moves a bit too slow for my liking, I feel as though I'm eating lead no matter how I move around the map, especially since the AI has really good aim here. However this is quite minor as there are crates to provide cover, and you have the ability to respawn. It's one of those moments where I'm unsure if there is an issue with the game or if I suck at playing it XD.

Great stuff overall!

It's unfortunate that you guys had issues with the production of this game, as the parts that seem to be completed look quite nice. I did my best to enjoy the game, despite not understanding it fully. It seems that collecting souls allows you to be reborn to another plane of existence when you press space?

Anyhow, I know how challenging it can be to release a game in a tight deadline as a big team, so congrats on submitting!

This was quite fun! Simple and enjoyable defense game with a nice soundtrack. The sound of the sickle bullets hitting the zombie weed was oddly satisfying for some reason.

Great stuff!

This was quite fun - I weirdly enjoyed turning a town of innocent villagers into my undead minions. The low poly aesthetics are quite nice and the animation was great.  The gameplay was simple and enjoyable. The web version got a bit too heavy on my browser unfortunately as I amassed more and more minions.

Great job!

This was quite fun! I really like the pixel art aesthetics and the sound effects. The Phoenix character sprites and animations are especially great. The jump and dash abilities were smooth and felt great to use - though the ability to technically jump and dash indefinitely is a bit too free in my opinion.

My only real complaint was that shooting pushed you too far back. This cute little Phoenix recoils like a rocket launcher when shooting - which is honestly great to implement for something like a super attack, however I feel it's too much for a regular attack.

 Overall: great stuff! The ending said "To be continued", are you planning to expand upon this in the future? If so, I look forward to seeing your progress on this.

This is a fantastic game! First off: the visuals and audio are awesome! The gameplay was really fun, it was the perfect balance of feeling really powerful yet still challenging and fresh. I love how the increase in power is not just a stat increase but an actual change in the way you fire bullets - by my 8th death I was a cat raining death on my enemies, which is awesome and funny! Great job!

(Not to brag or anything, but my High Score was 349702).

This was quite a bit of fun to go around and shoot various types of enemies. The first level's ceiling was a bit too low for my liking; the other areas were nicer. I only wish that when you shoot it doesn't reuse your previously shot bullet - prevented me from spraying and praying haha.

This was quite a bit of fun to go around and shoot various types of enemies. The first level's ceiling was a bit too low for my liking; the other areas were nicer. I only wish that when you shoot it doesn't reuse your previously shot bullet - prevented me from spraying and praying haha.

This was a really fun and intense arcade game. Simple to learn and get used to, challenging to go far. The sound effects and visuals are also nice and simple, everything is clearly distinguishable. Great stuff!

I can't recall my max combo, so unfortunately I can't brag about it here :/

Yeah, I mean, who in the world would do something so cliche as to make a Phoenix game? ...

Your reasons for not focusing on the gradual wind application were valid, and from what you mentioned it shows that you guys know how to manage scope - so great job on that!

Well, I'll be looking forward to updates if you guys do do that. HMU if you need a playtester; I'll do my best to help out when I can. :)