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Clever game, it was fun and challenging and I the color-switching element was well executed.

You're welcome, glad I was able to help!

Oh I see now, so the player was meant to only avoid the enemies? As I played it I had a feeling that that was the case but kept trying to kill them anyway haha XD

No I haven't found that unfortunately, but that's really cool that you have one in there!

Thank you for the suggestion, and yes you're absolutely right about that. Ideally I'd want a background image, but unfortunately I ran out of time to make it before the deadline XD

I loved the art and the story. In fact, the story was what motivated me to finish the level. The game play has a cool concept behind it, but I felt that it wasn't clear how exactly to kill an enemy as I would dash into them, sometimes not losing any health, and most of the time taking damage. If that aspect is fixed, then this game would be much better.

Nevertheless, good job!

I love the concept of this game, kind of reminds me of the card game "Boss Monster" how it puts you in the shoes of the video game antagonist. Great art and animations as well.

For feedback, I would recommend to cover the solid black parts of the level (i.e. the "outside") with tiles, just to make it complete (more of an aesthetic fix really). Also, I got confused with the trap door in the beginning, as I thought I could hide treasure there.

Lastly, I'm sure that this was rushed for the jam, but for the instructions it would better if you had some graphical demonstrations of how to put keys and treasure in things as it took me a few tries to figure out how the game is actually played.

Other than that, great job! And I'd highly recommend that you continue with this.

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I really liked this game! The sounds and the art were really nice and gives the game a nice charm to it, and the game itself was a lot of fun to play.

Since you are planning to release the game on mobile, here are some suggestions that I feel may help you improve the game:

- Sound effects for each kind of guess, one for too high and one for too low, with perhaps a visual of some sort (such as a flash, or even better, animations of the wizard signaling with his hand and body language).

- A non-plain background

- When I press "Enter", I lose a life but the guess indicator doesn't show until I press the "Guess" button. You should handle both cases as some people may find it more convenient to press the "Enter" button to submit a value from a text field.

On a side note the apprentice wizard has only 11 possible numbers and you give the player 10 guesses which is far too many.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep that in mind when I work on it some more to improve it. Can you please tell me specifically what colors you think should be brighter?

Oh ok I didn't catch that aspect about the  paths...sorry about that! That makes much more sense and is a cool way to implement the theme!

Well done overall! Visuals are awesome, and the concept was great as well. 

One thing you can add to this game are finding weapons along the way, or crossroads where you have to choose which path to take.

The graphics and audio were great, and the concept is funny!

I didn't really get how it related to the theme. Also, I would recommend using the mouse to aim and shoot instead of the arrow keys, as that makes it easier to play.

Other than that, great stuff! 

Was very fun and relevant to the theme. Visuals and sound were great. Overall I had a lot of fun playing this game.

As feedback, I would suggest making the opponent more active, especially in the beginning, and also put elements in the game where you would sabotage your opponent by somehow draining money from him (ex: food inspectors, fake complaints, etc.).

Great work man!

Really enjoyed playing this, it was really puzzling and tough to find your way around, which tied really well with the theme. The light effect was nice and the visuals were alright.

I would suggest: make the background change with each room to indicate that you're in a different room, and make the character slide less (i.e. increase the "friction"), as it makes the platforming a bit difficult.

Nice job man!

The art, animations, and sound were great. It controlled really well and the game elements were nice.

I felt that I couldn't find the connection to the theme, it wasn't evident in the game play.

I would suggest making the camera a bit more zoomed out, as it is a bit hard to find where to go or where I am.

Overall great job man!

Thanks, glad you liked it! If you like this one, be sure to check out Badass Defense Game: Dragon Ball Z Edition ( because it's practically the same game but with a lot  of improvements and more abilities.

Fun game, although I found it really tough to play on a mouse pad XD  I liked how the character spins out of control when you hit walls, to reward players who do well and punish those who suck. Like the others said, there are some sketchy collision bugs, but other than that it was fun and challenging. Great stuff!

Very creative game! It captured the theme in such a unique way, and the art was nicely done. The mini story was also great. I can see this becoming an app game, if you keep working on it, maybe you can add other elements like bigger maps, path construction, "frozen" tiles, and other obstacles. Great work!

This was really fun! Very challenging and engaging, my kind of game! The graphics and sound were awesome as well. Great stuff! I'm down to try out more levels if you continue to make them.

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this much because I didn't have a player two with me lol, so I can only give feedback on the visuals and aesthetics.  The soundtrack is good, and the graphics and animations as well. The concept of trying to punch the other guy to reduce your own health is great and very original. I would recommend: making the background a bit lighter, and putting content in the "Help" menu (it was empty when I clicked it lol). Great work man!

At first I didn't get what the game was about, but then I kinda got hooked to it XD, quite a funny story! The game gets really fun and funny when you unlock all the power ups and see your health drain. The graphics were really nice as well. It was fun to play but I found that it was not challenging, which could be the point of the game, but it would be nice if there were elements that go against your goal. Maybe like people trying to save you by throwing healing potions at you and you have to click them to make them explode in midair before they reach you. Or something to make your powers less effective, or less time until you heal at later levels in the game (1 minute was good in the beginning, but by the end, I would kill the minions in a few seconds lol). Overall, great stuff man!

Out of all of the games that I played on this jam, I think this one by far best fits the theme - the player literally is trying to get himself killed! The graphics are awesome and the concept is original and great. I agree with the others that it needs to be more challenging and have a greater variety of game play elements, but overall, awesome job!

Awesome improvements, the game is much more fun and a lot more challenging! Now I feel like I could die very quickly if I mess up, which fits the theme very well, and I have the goal to survive as long as possible. Also, I like how even the enemies, which resemble the player, die from shooting as well, which also fits the theme and makes it even for both the player and the enemies.

Great stuff man!

Great visuals, animations, and sound, and it's fun to play. I enjoyed double jumping around to dodge buzz saws and collect the items.

The idea behind the game is great, but I couldn't really find a link to the game jam theme. Like @Kranker Apfel said, it has great potential to be an awesome game if you continue to work on it after the jam is over. Keep it up!

The visuals were amazing, and the controls were smooth. Great job on the blood particle effects!

However, I felt like that there wasn't a clear goal nor was it very challenging. I agree with @Chykary that info about what you have to do upon beginning the game would be beneficial. I would also recommend adding things to make it more challenging, such as flying enemies, and as well something that motivates the player to risk her life to get more blood, like filling up a meter to get extra bonuses.

All in all, great stuff, especially for one week! Keep it up!

Thanks everyone for your feedback! I definitely agree with all of them actually; I should add sounds, power ups, and progress indicator on the game over screen. Unfortunately I ended up rushing the game to make the deadline, but I'll keep all of your suggestions in mind should the time comes that I have the chance to continue working on this game.

Amazing visuals, the particle effects are awesome and the soundtrack is also nice. I liked the way you introduced the power ups one-by-one, that saves the need for having to read "help" guides.

The only things I would recommend is an indicator to the players progress (example: x/y levels completed). 

Awesome game! Graphics, controls, and concept are all great, and I found it quite challenging!

marcciosilva Thanks for the review, and glad you liked it!

Yea, haha I was quite inconsistent with the difficulty...I made it so that you can't beat the game without buying the super saiyan forms XD

As for the experimentation, if you answer "No" for the question "Is this your first time playing the game?", you won't get any tutorial text during game play. This way, the game ignores all of the tutorial text. You can try it out if you'd like.

Thanks once again!

PS: yeah, it is called the Shuriken Storm XD

Thank you, glad you liked it :)

I have to agree with @liamsorta, the graphics are really nice and original, great game!

Thank you so much for playing my game and even more for the feedback, highly appreciated!

There were a lot of things that were rushed at the end, which is why I ended up omitting things in the game, but I'm looking forward to working on it more when the judging is over, so I'll keep your suggestions in mind if and when that time comes.

Looking forward to the next game jam! [fyi the bars are logs with spikes on them ;) ]