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Gabriel Martin

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I found this pretty cool political simulation game

you can create your own person and play as them and run for office 

and you can run for party leadership as well

Nice Skeleton

Battle For The Hill community · Created a new topic 5 stars

Battle for the hill is the best multiplayer political simulation game ever it is very advanced with how the game works 5 stars

I am currently looking for a programmer to help with GB jam 11

DM me for more details

Gabriel Martin#3774

Okay dude thanks

okay thank you for the advice 

okay thanks so much for your tips support

yeah that's why I am trying to do this

Hello I am Gabriel Martin I am a game developer and owner of video game development company Firefly games and I recently have found Jesus as my savior and I was born again and I am looking for other Christian game developers who share a love in Jesus and want to honor God so I am looking for people to join me to create fun video games and preach the gospel to help save more christians 

DM me on discord if you are interested at Gabriel Martin#3774

God Bless

thanks a lot for the tip and I am glad you enjoy the game

Yay I have been waiting for this for a long time

Yeah I am interested in this 

Cool game my homie

Cool looking 


I'll try it out 

Why would you want to do that? and also it is not possible

like he will give it to you

I can't send a friend request try me Gabriel Martin#3774

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I will personally find you and do bad stuff to you JK 

According to the actual definition no it does not

That is a cool animation


hellos TicosGAmes  I was interested in helping review your game DM on discord if you are interested Gabriel Martin#3774

I am interested DM me on discord: Gabriel Martin#3774

I like cover #2 better

I am interested DM me at gabrielgaming1991#3774 is just a 16+ place I can't search for a innocent thing without gay visual novels popping up you can't run from it so I think should be for ages 16+ 

try Gabriel Martin#3774

Greatest Game ever

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Hurricane Ian hit Florida really bad fortunately where I am in Florida was not hit hard but I wanted to help donate to helping people on Florida from the destruction of hurricane Ian so I was going to create a hurricane Ian support bundle all revenue will be donated to Here I right now am looking for participants to add projects to the bundle it will be up in a week dm me on discord if you want to add your project at gabrielgaming1991#3774

I am interested DM me gabrielgaming1991#3774

Cool Homie!

I have no idea but it works fine for me

YAY FINALLY ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!