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All types of Scrapping Simulator media can be posted here.

Here anyone can list suggestions that they may have weather it be what you beleive should be added to the game, modified in the game or even removed from the game.

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  • More Items -  CRT TV's, Mobile Phones, PC Servers, Laptops, other household electronics. LCD TV. Added in v 0.3d
  • Furnace - To melt Raw Metals into Ingots. Added in v0.4d
  • Visual Effects - Improve lighting, materials and textures. Added in v0.5d
  • Implement Selling of Ingots on the Desktop Computer. Added in v0.5d
  • Stats System - A system that records how many of each item you have disassembled, Cash earned, Cash spent, Profit, ect. Added in v0.5d
  • Notifications - Add notifications that let you know what is happening when a SFX plays. Added in v0.5d
  • Overhaul current email system - Have more unique responses from each character.
  • Chemical Proccess - For the refining of Gold and Silver
  • Saving - Save current cash, current materials, current orders being delivered, objects in your house, ect.
  • Map Locations - Instead of selling metals at your door, make it so you have to travel to the scrap yard to sell your metals, also travel the streets to pickup discarded eWaste.
  • Add Vehicle - Starter vehicle and upgradable versions, to traverse the land, better vehicle = more storage.
  • Mobile Cell Phone - For an 'on-the-go' Personal Computer.
  • Leveling System - Gain levels and obtain skillpoints
  • Skill Points System - Dissasemble Items faster, better prices at the Scrap Yard, lower Smelting time, ect.
  • Add more SFX and Music to the Game.
  • UI Graphical Updates - Impletement more appealing UI's.
  • Add more components to objects such as ICA Chips, BGA Chips, Capacitors, Crystal Oscillators.

    Progress is still being made with this project, though I will not be uploading updates to Itch until it is more stable and has more content for players to test out. - 10/11/2020
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Sometimes Interact Text Stays active while not looking at an Object. - Fixed v0.2d

Issues with Lighting (Light bleeding through walls & Incorrect Shadows). - Fixed v0.3d

No sound in the Main Game at the moment. - Added SFX in v0.3d

Have had someone test the Linux version, but did have some issues with pressing 'Play' and not being able to pickup objects, resolved by spam clicking/key pressing, hoping to resolve in the next update. - Fixed v0.3.1d

Sometimes some items may not want to be removed, a way around this for now is to rotate the object to try and find the sweet spot. -  Fixed in v0.4d

Some quality settings currently do not work as expected. - Fixed v0.5d

Settings menu remains open if you unpause the game. - Fixed v0.5d

No SFX or Notification for Buying objects from the eWaste Shop.

Current Version: DEMO v0.1


Scrapping Simulator.

A Low Poly eWaste Scrapping Simulator Game.

Dissasemble Electronic Devices for Precious Metal Recovery.

Collect: Iron, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Silver and Gold.

Press [ESC] in-game to see all game Controls

Features for Future releases:

Furnace - To melt Raw Metals into Ingots (Better Price & More Refined).

Life Simulation - Hunger, Thirst and Tiredness.

Map Locations - Have Areas For Scrap Yard ect.

More Items - LCD TV's, CRT TV's, Household Electronics ect.

Skill Points System - Dissasemble Items Faster, Better Prices ect.

Known Bugs:

Issues with Lighting (Light bleeding through walls & Incorrect Shadows).

Sometimes Interact Text Stays active while not looking at an Object.

No sound in the Main Game at the moment.

Developer note: This is only a DEMO and is in very early stages of development, to help better this game there is a feature to Report Bugs or Add Suggestions inside the game. Using [M] Key to release the mouse and click the Bug Icon, or Press [F7] Key. This will take a screenshot of your screen and temporarily save it to your system until the report has been sucessfully submitted or if cancelled. If you encounter a bug, please do your best to catch the screenshot and or describe as best you can the way to replicate the bug. Thank you for playing!


Ah.. too technical for me then, ill just stick to the normal method thanks for the heads up!

A place if unable to report in-game to post bug reports.

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Would anyone know why Butler wont launch on my system? I have tried a few different versions aswell as 64bit and 32bit, also tried running as admin and trouble shoot for combatability but nothing happens, all that comes up is a cmd window for a very breif time but then nothing happens afterwards, in Task Manager it also opens and closes instantly.

Itch almost demanded I use this to keep my game updated easily, now I dont even want to upload my game using the standard upload as Im not sure if and when Butler will work and if i will be able to use it after I upload the game normally.

Awesome Game, I know im late with the video but to be quite honest i was quite sceptical about the overall estecics of the game, hence why i never downloaded untill now, but had a friend suggest i play it for a video, so hear it is! 

Side note: i was completely wrong about this game, the visuals give the game its own unique look, and the gameplay is just amazing, honestly TheMeatly Games.... Great Job!

Your more than welcome! It's a great game with great potential, I'm more than keen to hang around for the more polished version!

As for the sixth marble, I replayed it, and gosh do i feel silly hahah.

Keep up the great work!

Your more than welcome! it was a plesure playing, cant wait for it to be expanded!

Great Game, a few issues found, but can be expected, puzzle was good, envrionment was decent, Here is a video Play through, pointing out both good and bad points.

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I got stuck on that also XD you put the pillow on the sink, after doing so, make a noise with the metal bucket

Great Game, Noticed some buggy textures, but other than that it was great :) will be filling in the survey!

Also Checkout my Game-Play Video

Excellent game! Great Atmosphere!

I created a video of my journey through this game

Channel: FuryFight3r

Great game, but would be even better if it didnt come with copyrighted music :(

Absolutely amazing game! had great fun playing this, the weird atmosphere gave it a retro yet unique feel to it, loved it!

Also Made a youtube video on it, enjoy! :)

Excellent Game! cant wait for it to be further developed!

My video Playthrough - By FuryFight3r

Great game, enjoyed making a video on it, a little short, but great all round.

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**Developer Log #4 Version Update 0.0.05 Alpha** - 07/04/2017 - 12:29am


  • Added Visibility UI Icon to show how visible you are toward Chernobog.
  • Removed wind effects from trees on starter island to improve performance.
  • Anchored Lighter UI to stick to bottom right.
  • Added Game Over Scene if you get captured to many times.
  • Added Times Caught UI to show the amount of times caught by Chernobog.
  • Somewhat fixed Chernobog from 'sliding' sideways, in most cases (AI Walking is very finiky).

More updates are coming! V 0.0.05 is currently in development.

Got some In-Game screen shots

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**Developer Log #3 Version Update 0.0.04 Alpha** - 05/04/2017 - 3:20am

RELEASED: 06/04/2017 - 2:35am

  • Re-Coded Chernobog AI Script from Scratch using better capture/chase mechanics.
  • Added footstep sounds to Chernobog (Walking & Running).
  • Added Loading Screen.
  • Fixed 'static' Boat Ramp and Switch object bug.
  • Re-Coded Lighter script and brightened light of the Flame.
  • Created Testing area to better and speed up the Development Progress.
  • Added Side Dressings to starter house walls.
  • Testing Drawers in starter house.
  • Revamped Fish and whales Script.
  • Fixed static doors in Chernobogs House.
  • Added more visual effects.
  • Added Thunderstorm/Rain Weather to starting scene.
  • More FPS Optimisations.
  • Added Stealth Mechanics to Chernobog (If lighter is on sight is doubled, if crouching sight is halved)
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**Developer Log #2 Version Update 0.0.03 Alpha** - 29/03/2017 - 2:21pm

RELEASED: 01/04/2017 - 6:29pm

  • Added UI for keys or object picked up.
  • Lowered volume of overpowered footsteps.
  • Added text prompt to let you know when the game is loading.
  • Fixed up finishing screen to better suit other native resolutions.
  • A few minor fixes to pickup the frame rate a bit more.
  • Changed most non-movable objects to static for a bit of a frame rate boost.
  • Fixed Chernobogs Truck from going crazy if you touch it (Island Level).
  • Added basic Animations to Chernobog (T-Pose Naked Guy) :P.
  • Made Capture Script for Chernobog.
  • A lot harder to obtain the keys.
  • Added Chase Music and Capture sound to Chernobog.
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**Developer Log #1 Version Update 0.0.02 Alpha** - 28/03/2017 - 2:25pm

RELEASED: 29/03/2017 - 1:13am

  • Removed bugged light on the Boat.
  • Added an 'un-flip' vehicle button, if your vehicle happens to get stuck.
  • Revamped and boosted volume of phone call.
  • Boosted all lights in the main house, by a smidgen.
  • Fixed the lighter in the bedroom.
  • 'Space' for vehicle brakes added.
  • Few other minor bugs fixes and some optimisation fixes.
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Thanks very much for the feedback, if your up for another shot, a new update has just been released, with both of these issues have been addressed (Lighting and the Lighter) and many more that i had noticed in your video.

The lighter for some reason was just bugging out in the script, but has now been fixed.

Also the lighting, is very very hard to work with, as in my editor (Unity) when I'm testing is so bright now its ridicules, but should be good for the end user now, I have fully tested the release version, and i believe you would be rather happy with it now :)

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First gameplay video!

Big thanks to ProofreadFire for making this, you can check out his youtube channel here: ProofreadFire

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Great video! i know there there is a lot of things that need to be fixed, in the first update i hope to allow you to press a button to return the vehicle to the correct rotation (eg. unflip) and the NPC to actually do something in the house, but love all the feedback you gave in the video!

i had noticed, you missed the hidden switch in the bathroom cabinet, is this to difficult to find? As i developed it, and know where everything is and what everything does, so just unsure on how to interpret it to make it not too hard/ not too easy for first time players.

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Here i will be posting Developer Logs and taking remarks on these Logs


  1. Please do NOT post directly into this thread, please leave your remarks as a REPLY the the Update Log you are referring to.
  2. If you disagree with an update, please notify within a reply in a civil manner.

You can post Screenshots and videos here!

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Here you can post any suggestions to better the game.

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This is where you can post bug reports, please try provide video or photo to help with fixing.

Thanks brother, will give it a shot now.

Downloading Bug - unsure if this is in relation to Raft Dev's end, its defiantly not related to the game, but when ever i try to download, it fail's download, and if i attempt to retry the download it says 'Failed - Forbidden' so i have to start the download from the start, and just for it to fail again, i can see why it does this, as the download token key expires, i have tried downloading update 1.05, 7 times now, and the same result, i also cant use my download manager to download the game as it says, 407 HTTP error, as stated i doubt that this is Raft Devs issue, i believe its to do with Itch's downloading system, have tried Win32 version once and Win64 6 times, with still no avail, any point in the right direction would be great. :)