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Developer Logs/ Update Logs Sticky

A topic by FuryFight3r created Mar 27, 2017 Views: 213 Replies: 4
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Developer (3 edits)

Here i will be posting Developer Logs and taking remarks on these Logs


  1. Please do NOT post directly into this thread, please leave your remarks as a REPLY the the Update Log you are referring to.
  2. If you disagree with an update, please notify within a reply in a civil manner.
Developer (4 edits)

**Developer Log #1 Version Update 0.0.02 Alpha** - 28/03/2017 - 2:25pm

RELEASED: 29/03/2017 - 1:13am

  • Removed bugged light on the Boat.
  • Added an 'un-flip' vehicle button, if your vehicle happens to get stuck.
  • Revamped and boosted volume of phone call.
  • Boosted all lights in the main house, by a smidgen.
  • Fixed the lighter in the bedroom.
  • 'Space' for vehicle brakes added.
  • Few other minor bugs fixes and some optimisation fixes.
Developer (8 edits)

**Developer Log #2 Version Update 0.0.03 Alpha** - 29/03/2017 - 2:21pm

RELEASED: 01/04/2017 - 6:29pm

  • Added UI for keys or object picked up.
  • Lowered volume of overpowered footsteps.
  • Added text prompt to let you know when the game is loading.
  • Fixed up finishing screen to better suit other native resolutions.
  • A few minor fixes to pickup the frame rate a bit more.
  • Changed most non-movable objects to static for a bit of a frame rate boost.
  • Fixed Chernobogs Truck from going crazy if you touch it (Island Level).
  • Added basic Animations to Chernobog (T-Pose Naked Guy) :P.
  • Made Capture Script for Chernobog.
  • A lot harder to obtain the keys.
  • Added Chase Music and Capture sound to Chernobog.
Developer (10 edits)

**Developer Log #3 Version Update 0.0.04 Alpha** - 05/04/2017 - 3:20am

RELEASED: 06/04/2017 - 2:35am

  • Re-Coded Chernobog AI Script from Scratch using better capture/chase mechanics.
  • Added footstep sounds to Chernobog (Walking & Running).
  • Added Loading Screen.
  • Fixed 'static' Boat Ramp and Switch object bug.
  • Re-Coded Lighter script and brightened light of the Flame.
  • Created Testing area to better and speed up the Development Progress.
  • Added Side Dressings to starter house walls.
  • Testing Drawers in starter house.
  • Revamped Fish and whales Script.
  • Fixed static doors in Chernobogs House.
  • Added more visual effects.
  • Added Thunderstorm/Rain Weather to starting scene.
  • More FPS Optimisations.
  • Added Stealth Mechanics to Chernobog (If lighter is on sight is doubled, if crouching sight is halved)
Developer (4 edits)

**Developer Log #4 Version Update 0.0.05 Alpha** - 07/04/2017 - 12:29am


  • Added Visibility UI Icon to show how visible you are toward Chernobog.
  • Removed wind effects from trees on starter island to improve performance.
  • Anchored Lighter UI to stick to bottom right.
  • Added Game Over Scene if you get captured to many times.
  • Added Times Caught UI to show the amount of times caught by Chernobog.
  • Somewhat fixed Chernobog from 'sliding' sideways, in most cases (AI Walking is very finiky).

More updates are coming! V 0.0.05 is currently in development.