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Downloading Bug - unsure if this is in relation to Raft Dev's end, its defiantly not related to the game, but when ever i try to download, it fail's download, and if i attempt to retry the download it says 'Failed - Forbidden' so i have to start the download from the start, and just for it to fail again, i can see why it does this, as the download token key expires, i have tried downloading update 1.05, 7 times now, and the same result, i also cant use my download manager to download the game as it says, 407 HTTP error, as stated i doubt that this is Raft Devs issue, i believe its to do with Itch's downloading system, have tried Win32 version once and Win64 6 times, with still no avail, any point in the right direction would be great. :)

Some people have solved this problem by downloading in another browser. Try downloading it in Internet explorer

Thanks brother, will give it a shot now.