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Escape Chernobog gameplay

A topic by ProofreadFire created Mar 27, 2017 Views: 124 Replies: 3
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Its pretty unique compared to alot of horror games i have played on these sites.however it does need some work. i found that on higher graphic settings it lags quite a bit (i don't believe its my computer). its very dark.

Developer (Edited 3 times)

Great video! i know there there is a lot of things that need to be fixed, in the first update i hope to allow you to press a button to return the vehicle to the correct rotation (eg. unflip) and the NPC to actually do something in the house, but love all the feedback you gave in the video!

i had noticed, you missed the hidden switch in the bathroom cabinet, is this to difficult to find? As i developed it, and know where everything is and what everything does, so just unsure on how to interpret it to make it not too hard/ not too easy for first time players.


when i played it was pitch black. i changed the brightness in post, so i couldn't see it until after words. i recommend another source of light or making it brighter in general.

it also looked like you could interact with the lighter on the table but nothing happened when i clicked it.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanks very much for the feedback, if your up for another shot, a new update has just been released, with both of these issues have been addressed (Lighting and the Lighter) and many more that i had noticed in your video.

The lighter for some reason was just bugging out in the script, but has now been fixed.

Also the lighting, is very very hard to work with, as in my editor (Unity) when I'm testing is so bright now its ridicules, but should be good for the end user now, I have fully tested the release version, and i believe you would be rather happy with it now :)