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Heya! Apologies for any confusion around the game--though typically when I put out a prototype my intention is to release a small, one-off experience that can be enjoyed as it is, with no intentions of updating it further (beyond maybe bug fixes, and such.) Though depending on how the prototypes are received, there is always the chance I might take elements of it and expand it into a full commercial game down the line.

Though in the case of Room, it was a very complex thing to put together and required working very closely with an artist, who is currently very busy at the moment. So it might not be feasible to make a game like this again for a while. But I'm always open to the possibility if it presents itself!

Heya, thank you so much for taking the time to play it! I'm really happy to hear it scratched the same itch as those other games, as I was definitely very much influenced by them and wanted nothing more than to provide the same sort of experience with my own flair!

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your kind words. It was a lot of fun to put together in the end as a small side-project of mine--and I'm grateful that so many people are giving it a shot!

I definitely agree on the voice-acting front--I'm really proud of the cast, and how both the VAs brought the characters to life. Without them, Project: Escape certainly wouldn't be what it is!

While I have a lot on my plate right now--I really would like to make more of this if I can, and am already in talks with the artists about potentially drafting some more concepts up. So please look forward to HOPEFULLY more down the line!

Heya, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed the prototype! Alice is most certainly a kuudere--as I have a real soft spot for them, haha. And try to sneak one into every game I make! And yupyup, I'm really proud of how everything came out--from the backgrounds, to the sprites, and of course the wonderful voice acting. I agree that the VAs really went all out in portraying the characters and I hope to expand upon their roles one day in the future--and possibly introduce more characters, too, if I ever get the chance!

And of course, the video is no problem at all~

Heya, thanks for giving it a go and streaming it--I really appreciate it!

I'll be honest, I thought it WAS a short game when I was making it, hence the 5-10 minute estimate on my end, haha. I was quite surprised to see your video was an hour long! I guess there's more meat to it than I thought, huh? : P

Thank you for your kind words, too! If I were to make a full game of it, sound effects and more varied puzzles would certainly be a large priority. I already have quite a lot of fun ideas I've been jotting down just in case I get the chance to pursue things further.

Heya there! Apologies--I'm not too well versed on the more technical side of things so might not be too helpful there, but it's built on Ren'Py and I know there's methods of extracting from the archive that people have used.

I'm fine with fan translations too on that note--but would be hesitant on giving out the source files directly.

Thank you so much for giving it a shot! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your time with it~ And yeah, haha, the challenge with giving puzzle hints is trying to find a balance between giving just enough information without being too obvious. I hope from all of the feedback  obtain here that I can craft even better puzzles in the future!

Ahhh, I'm super happy you enjoyed it! Kevin is quite different from the usual male MCs I write, so I had a lot of fun pushing his buttons so to speak, haha. Since usually my MCs are a lot more timid. Breaking new ground here!

I certainly hope I have the chance to expand on the mystery one day--since I'm sure people won't expect the direction it takes at all~ (Maybe)


You have to save your project as a draft first and preview the page--before you can go back and then re-save it as a public game page. I believe it's set this way just to avoid people accidentally uploading things before they're ready.

Ah, thank you so much for playing--I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I was a little worried the safe puzzle might be a bit esoteric with the buttons emulating the dial loosely and require more specific knowledge of how safes worked, but did my best for the characters to explain things if it proved too challenging. I feel the best puzzle games are the ones that can be completed without having to search up guides online : P This is my first time making a puzzle game like this too, so there was a lot of experimenting.

And I'd definitely like to be able to expand on it down the line providing I have the chance! Since I have lots of fun ideas for where to take it.

Project: ESCAPE (prototype name) is a puzzle/adventure game, blending together puzzle gameplay with a rich narrative via more typical visual novel elements in the vein of games such as 999 or Virtue's Last Reward.

The prototype focuses on two colourful characters--Kevin and Alice, both of whom wake up with cloudy heads and a pair of handcuffs binding them together within a strange prison cell. Will they be able to solve the strange puzzles that lie in wait for them and escape this foreboding room? And just what awaits them on the other side of that metal door? Somehow...they have the feeling that their strange adventures have only just begun.


Hi there, everyone! I just wanted to make a post here to announce that the prototype of my puzzle/visual novel game has finally been released! I sum up most of the features in more detail on the game page itself--but what you can expect is a short and sweet romp through a puzzle-filled prison cell as you poke around, examine and find items in your quest for freedom. Playtime is roughly around 5 - 10 minutes depending on if you take the time to get the bonus bits of dialogue scattered throughout the environment by examining everything multiple times. Dialogue is fully voiced, with over 300 voiced lines between Kevin and Alice.

While I largely made this as a hobby thing for my own satisfaction, I really hope other people might be able to enjoy it, too! So please feel free to give it a go and let me know what you think!

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Yeah, this is pretty upsetting to see. I hope something can be done swiftly--as it appears some people are buying the games from him already and he's potentially profiting from this.

I don't know if you can report accounts directly, but there's a report link at the bottom of each game page. It might be worth doing so just to notify about his account in general.

I've attempted to notify some of the devs listed in those games, too since I imagine it's better for to hear from the devs directly--but I have no idea if I've reached them or not since some of them are really difficult to get in touch with. But hopefully it can be resolved swiftly!

Hiya there!

If you wish to support me without receiving the usual benefits as to avoid spoiling the full experience--that's totally fine and understandable! Though, since I send out rewards and posts to everyone on Patreon at once--admittedly it might be more difficult to just filter you out of those if you chose to pledge. To avoid spoilers, I would suggest to make sure your email settings on Patreon were set not to alert you on new posts--or to be wary of opening the posts if you did so.

Hiya there, thank you so much for your kind words!

The demo featured on is just a small offering of what the current alpha build on Patreon offers--though admittedly the alpha build is far rougher in presentation, and some scenes may not have voice acting just yet as I forge ahead with things and continue to finish up the h-scenes and story segments.

At present--there only way to get alpha builds is to be a monthly subscribe to the tier, yeah. Where you get the most recent build for the month you're on after processing, as an on-going thing, with it usually taking a couple of months for a new build to be uploaded due to the immense work that goes behind each one. Which I understand isn't an ideal thing for people that may just wish to pay a one-time thing for access. But I do it in this way as a way of ensuring that only those that are serious about supporting things and wanting to help test/improve the game as it moves along go to the tier--rather than those that perhaps are just looking to play Chapter Two early. As I feel that in its current state it doesn't represent what I want people to experience for their first, full playthrough and would rather that people play it in its finished state if possible. But if people really want to support me to such a degree, then I'm happy to let them test the builds as a means of thanking them. If that makes sense : P

Hopefully I haven't rambled too much, haha, but essentially, I don't want Chapter Two to be considered like other adult games where people play incremental builds that come out rapidly--and want it to be a fully-fledged commercial experience that people can play with all of the content ready to go. And that the alpha builds are just there as a bonus for supporters, rather than being the intended way to play it.

So if you want a fully polished experience right from the get-go, I would say to wait for the full release!

Heya! Apologies. At the current moment in time all I can do is refer you back to my previous reply regarding ETAs!

Ahhh, thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words and support~ It motivates me to do the best I can, and hopefully deliver an awesome experience for everyone who's been so supportive and patient with me. I very much hope that the complete version of Chapter Two will meet your expectations~!

Hiya there!

Still difficult to say just yet. Apologies that I can't give a more concrete answer at this moment in time, but due to the non-linear way I've been approaching the writing and tackle various scenes out of order, it gets pretty difficult to tell how much is left--and how far along things are. But I'm pretty happy with how things are, at the very least!

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Hiya there!

I think in a lot of cases it comes down to being unable to test the builds for other platforms and to know for sure if they'll run without issue or not. Since unexpected issues might crop up when compiled for those platforms opposed the main one they develop for. I know that's a fear I always have when I push out builds for projects of mine, that technically run on Windows/Mac/Linux, but I have no idea how well--and would hate to potentially mislead someone if it didn't work as intended.

Hello! Happy to hear it~

Not set price as of yet, but I'm thinking between $15 - $20 (probably on the higher side of the range) due to the sheer amount of content it has compared to Chapter One!


There’s definitely a couple of new foot related scenes to look forward to for sure!

One with more normal feet and then another of the...fluffier variety, : P

Hiya there! Apologies for any confusion or upset on anything regarding new content builds. While it's true I ultimately cancelled the public early access plans I had at the end of 2019--as I realised that putting the game out in its current state to the public was going to sour the first time experience and not give the impression I'd hope for--I've still been releasing new alpha builds for people on the $25 tier on a frequent basis. That part never changed. Just the plans to release it to the public on a wider scale until it was done.

I released a new alpha build as of April (0.10), for example, which contained a significant addition to the main scenario, along with new h-scenes and voiced scenes. And it features far more content than the current demo on

I've spent thousands of dollars developing this second chapter--and hundreds of hours writing it--I'm certainly invested in finishing it. Abandoning it at this point would be unthinkable. While I understand I've been slower than I--or most people--would have liked, I'm still inching closer to the finish line every day.

I understand I took on a massive undertaking here, and aimed quite high in regards to scope, and truly apologise for how long Chapter Two is taking to be completed, not a day goes by where I don't fret about how long it's taken me. It frustrates me just as much as everyone else, if not moreso. I've learned many lessons here that I'll be taking to heart with Chapter Three as I plan it in a far more realistic way.

I can't give a solid release date yet, as I'd only end up disappointing people if it didn't come to be, and I can't offer additional free demos (as I feel the one linked here was more than generous with its content)--but all I can say is that this project is pretty much my life right now. And there's no chance of it ever being dropped. It might take a while to come out, yes--and I truly am sorry for the wait--but it'll be completed! I can only hope all of the content in it will make up for the lengthy development time and feel like several games at once, since it's certainly much larger than Chapter One.

Thank you for your support over the years and I hope Chapter Two will meet your expectations!

Thank you!

Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer!

Ahh, thank you very much! I'll do my best to ensure that Chapter 2 meets your expectations!

And I completely agree. The artists did a fantastic job bringing all my characters to life! I'm really happy with how everything has turned out~

Yup yup! Barely scratching the surface of what Chapter Two will offer!

After Chapter Two is fully completed! This is just a demo--a small taste of what's to come for the full game!

Heya there,

At the present moment in time no android port is planned, as I need to focus on finishing the main version first. But once I've got that out, I could potentially start looking at other ports!

Heya there! Thank you so much!

I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed your time with it, and found it a fun introduction to the genre. That really means a lot to me!

Admittedly Chapter Two ended up becoming a far grander project than Chapter One ever was due to the sheer cast size and h-scene count--and things escaped me a little in scope. So it's hard to say when there might be an exact release date. But I really do want to try and get it out as soon as possible really, as I feel like I've taken long enough with it already haha.

Ahh, thank you! She's definitely a cutie isn't she, haha

Hiya there,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Chapter One--that really means a lot to me~ Happy early birthday by the way--I hope you have a great day!

On the subject of Quest Failed merchandise, while I have thought about it to some degree, admittedly it might be quite expensive to get things as elaborate as plushies made. At least in bulk. Maybe as something super special/collectible down the line in limited quantities!

Though things such as keychains, buttons, etc. would be a lot easier to sell and distribute I think, if there was ever any interest in those!


Not currently, unfortunately!

Though once Chapter 2 is fully completed, and if there was a demand for it--I could definitely explore mobile versions!

I could be wrong, but I believe the way the email notifications system works is that it doesn't send you an instant email when one of the listed things below happens. Instead, it waits just in case additional notifications pop up and then compiles them all together into a single email.

And if you view the notifications early on the site and clear them before the email is sent, you won't get the email, as the system believes you've already seen the notifcation and has no need to email you.

So waiting on the emails to process all your purchases may be a touch unreliable due to that.

If you wish to keep on top of, and properly process all the payments coming in, I would advise doing so through the payments screen:

Since this gives you detailed information on all of the payments coming, from who, and when.

Heyo, I have a large alpha update coming out soon for patrons that covers a significant part of the story, along with more h-events. So while the full game isn't quite out yet, a large chunk of it has been coming along nicely!

I apologise for the grueling wait--and understand that this has been quite an unreasonable development time for a visual novel of all things. I'll be forging on ahead in the coming months to try and get things out as soon as I can!

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Thank you!

I've seen a similar error message before--though not this exact one. And just to cross off any possibilities: are you running the exe within the original folder you extracted it in? Since the exe won't work if it's moved away from the main folders.

Edit: I was able to replicate the exact error and confirm that this issue comes up if you attempt to launch the exe without the other files alongside it!

When you extract the zip folder, avoid moving or deleting any of the files there and try launching the .exe from that spot.

If you wish to create a shortcut to put on your desktop, etc.--don't move the .exe itself. Instead, right click the exe and select 'create shortcut', and then you can move that one safely around!


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues launching the demo! I'll do my best to help and try to solve the issue! To be sure--you've unzipped the contents of the folder and are launching the .exe from the unzipped folder, correct? And are running on WIndows?

Also, if possible, could you printscreen/take a picture of the exact error message you're getting? It will help me to find out the source of the issue much faster and get you playing the game as quick as I can!

No problem at all! I'm glad I was able to help!

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The first thing to check is what you've set for itch.ios share in the settings: Since you can set it on a slider from 0% and above. Double check what it's at to see if that could be contributing to the large percentage being taken away.

Though I suspect the largest culprit probably lies within your tax information:

Is the withholding rate 30%/40% by chance? I'm not from the US, so admittedly I'm not sure what the default rate would be for most from there, if anything at all, so others would have to chime in on that.

It's worth researching just to make sure they've got the correct rates set for you, and if you may need to update your tax information or not!


I wouldn't mind at all! Please, feel free!

No worries--I'm just glad to see there's still interest in the game being completed, even after I've taken so long, haha. It really is encouraging!

Steam release is difficult to say. In a perfect world I've love to release it on there--but the adult game space seems incredibly shaky on there. and I wouldn't want to get in any trouble or find my game removed if it ended up breaking one of the rules that surround NSFW games there. Since some games release as they are and pass by fine, others release with a patch that can be applied, and others seem to get taken down with vague explanations as to why. It's a bit scary, really and I'd hate to waste time and resources getting everyone on Steam only for that to happen. Dx


At the moment I'm trying to avoid cursing myself with any promises, since I already goofed up hard with the early access stuff that didn't come to be in the end. Not this month--but beyond that there's too many variables up in the air to discern when everything else will come together.

I understand that it's an incredibly vague answer, and I apologise, but I feel it's better if I try to avoid hyping up for anything until I'm absolutely sure there's a release in sight. Dx


While it doesn't quite compress them, Ren'Py actually has a native way of packing all of the game's files into a single archive file of sorts, to give a light means of encrypting all the many files you might use in your VN from prying eyes.

To do this, navigate to your options.rpy script, scroll all the way down and follow the template of adding file types into the list to get them added into the archive. (.png, .ogg, etc.) and then they'll all get packed into archive.rpa and considerably cut down on the amount of visible files present in the project when you compile your game.