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You'll see a whollleeee lot more of her, don't worry! I wanted to make up for her lack of screentime in chapter 1 by having tons of events focused on her, so I think you'll be happy!


Mobile ports will be considered once the full game is done, as I wanna focus all my efforts on the main PC version first. Since some UI elements will probably need to be tweaked and such.

This VN speaks to me on many levels, as an avid enjoyer of Dr. Pepper, haha. Super cute!

Hiya, I don't want to spoil things so I'll only answer a few parts:

- You'll potentially learn more about some of those characters, but not everything. Their stories are more of a slow burn across subsequent chapters as they'll be around Matt a lot longer.

- You'll see more of the mermaids in the full game, that's correct!

- The Christmas demo is segments taken from the full game and delivered in a separate experience so people had something to play while waiting.


Saves from the demo and Christmas demo won't be compatible with the full release, so you'll have to do everything again, that's correct--and it will include everything the first and second demo contained and more.

Hi there! Thank you for your interest!

Chapter 2 is not completed yet, but when it is, it'll be available here for purchase as a normal game and not just through Patreon in alpha testing. I want to say that the current alpha build isn't allowed to be shown or streamed either, so you'd have to wait for the full version regardless if your intention is to put it on youtube. But I hope people like it when it's done!

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Heya, rest assured it's being worked on! The most recent alpha build came out as of a month ago and has tons of content, almost 700,000 words written. I just don't intend to post any more public demos until the game is fully complete as I'd like for people to experience it in a complete form rather than bits and pieces.

I don't have an estimate just yet--but I'm hoping to complete the full main scenario before the end of the year, which would only leave the side events to be written. It's been a long road for sure, but I'm happy with everything I have so far and apologise for the wait!


You can generate keys for your game much like a Steam game by going to the dashboard, editing your game, and then the 'distribute' tab, where you'll find the 'download keys' option and the ability to generate and revoke keys as you see fit.


You can contact support and they can potentially up the upload cap on your account:

I believe you do have to make a compelling case for it, though, and explain why your project may need the increased cap and if you've made the necessary effort to squash the filesize down as much as possible beforehand!

thank you very much for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I'd definitely like to do more with it in the future if I have the time and resources!

Hiya there,

There's no official mobile version currently--but it's definitely something I'll look at once the main game is fully completed! Right now my top priority is just to finish development, without stretching myself too thin across testing too many platforms.


I believe since you published your game just a few days ago--on the weekend no less--there's a good chance that the admins just haven't gotten around to approving it yet and working through whatever queues they might have, as there's always checks in place for paid games, especially with accounts selling for the first time, just to be on the safe side of things. So I wouldn't worry just yet, and would give it a few more days!

I believe they should be hidden by default, but iIn some cases, you may see some games because the developers haven't properly tagged their project as NSFW and it slips by, and it helps to report those so the admins can force the flag on it.

Hiya, you can get Chapter One here!

Hiya there! By all means—please do! I’d love to see it after if it’s archived anywhere!

I believe so--but one of the staff can clarify if I'm wrong on that front, as I wouldn't want to accidentally spread misinformation.

You'd get a bigger and more precise breakdown of the calculations when you initiate the payout I believe, since there's all sorts of external factors like payment processing fees and such. It's all quite transparent about where the money is going, I think!

Happy to help where I can!

The payments already made won't change retroactively as far as I know, no, but will affect any future payments. I'm not well versed on french taxes admittedly, so you'd need to see if they have a tax treaty with the US or not. Did you have a default holding rate of 30% beforehand? As that can certainly take a large chunk of the transactions.

Heya there!

To figure things out, I would check your revenue settings found here: The default should be 10%!

Secondly, check your tax page here and see what the withholding rate is:

Since that can often be the largest deduction of earnings depending on what it's set as, and if you've correctly configured that or not--and depending on your country, sometimes the withholding rate can be reduced or non-existent at all. Payment processor fees can also factor into things, too--though I'm not sure if it gives you a full breakdown of the calculations until you initiate your first payout.

Despite appearances, Matty is ALL man!

I'd assume that the email is only shared if it's something like a copyright thing where they'd need to legally inform the other party that someone is claiming a DMCA against them, so they could take the necessary action if need be. But I getcha--and hopefully someone can clarify more officially, just to be sure!

While there's no way to report individual profiles, I believe you can just report the games in question with the offending art and add a comment to the report with your concerns for the admins to read over!

Depends entirely on the visual novel, I think. Obviously they shouldn't be playing ones rated above their actual age, but there's plenty of cute, wholesome fluffy ones out there that would be perfectly suited for them.

Not every VN is a rampant smut-fest, you know. : P

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I'm not an expert on copyright stuff by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like outright using Shrek's name coupled with his likeness--and then charging money for it--is probably something of a no-no if the appropriate owners of the IP caught wind of it.

If you look around and look at other commercial parody games, you don't outright see them using the name of the thing they're parodying, right? They usually make some attempt to obfuscate or cheekily alter the name just enough, while making alterations to the designs, too.

Thank you very much for your kind words~ I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it--and hopefully sometime in the future I can expand on the concept! As I really do have a lot of fun making these sorts of games and planning the puzzles, and have tons of other ideas I want to explore!

I believe they've been known to make exceptions and host far larger games than 5gb, if you contact them directly and explain your situation and see if something can be figured out. But by default they give a small filesize limit to avoid everyone uploading huge unity/unreal engine 4 things by default and putting a strain on their servers. Essentially, they want to make sure they're only allowing larger filesize limits to those that need them. And unfortunately, making a large series of ranting posts across the forum will do very little to earn their favour.

I get that you've worked hard on your game, and are upset that you can't upload it at the current time, but these are generally issues you'd want to bring up with directly via email, as the forums aren't the best place for those that can help you to notice such things.

Inspecting the source code of the webpage reveals it to be '04b_03' I believe--and I find similar pixel fonts when I plug that into Google!

probably the chapters, haha. Still it’s nice to see him back.

Heya there—no worries!

The game does not contain any instances of vore!

I believe when a game is labelled as having an iOS version on here, it will either mean a build intended for use on Mac OS, or will have a link that leads to the appstore from the game page for phones to get the game from. As far as I'm aware, you can't sideload things onto an iPhone without jailbreaking it first.

Thank you very much, and no worries at all! It's good to hear back from you, and I appreciate the taking the time to reply back to it all!

Regarding the potential of having a free-time option after the main storyline is over--I suppose I'll have to see what's all achievable in a single 'run' before making any solid decisions, as I feel there'll be enough free days to see a lot, but I'd still want to incentivise multiple playthroughs, too. As there's some variation in some parts depending on how you played quests or met certain characters, that might be missed out on if you were just able to do it all in a single file.
Repeating content within the story itself outside of side jobs that have cutesy chibi animations won't be possible--but a fully-featured gallery menu is already halfway implemented in the current build I'm working on, and allows you to revisit h-scenes and view the images of any scenes you've previously seen before, which I think should be a good solution! So even though you might have to see different scenes across different playthroughs, it'll all be catalogued in a gallery you can revisit with ease, and will be encouraged to unlock every scene!

Heya there,

Are they your first payouts? I believe it may take longer for people being paid out for the first time while they do all the relevant checks to make sure everything is legitimate! So I wouldn't worry too much just yet.

Haha, yeah, you're definitely not wrong there--MGQ was a huge influence for QF! Gotta start with something strong to hook people in. ; P Though I hope you feel it becomes its own thing with later encounters!

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Happy to be able to help!

By editing it via the dashboard and scrolling to the bottom, you can change the comments section on your project into a full community forum where users can post threads if you they wish. Though that's on a per project basis. I don't believe there's a way to have a general community that encompasses every project page--hence the benefit of consolidating everything down into a central hub that's more easily manageable. You can also post dev logs with each new major update, to help keep people up to speed on things, and I believe major update dev log posts help with your game's visibility, too.

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Your posts are there on the release forum--I can see them, so they're not deleted--but they're just not on the first page of it. I believe the posts are displayed according to an algorithm, depending on how many positive votes the project has gotten, with the more highly voted being displayed more prominently.

Also, I would advise not to spread your project out so thinly across so many separate project entries, and to consolidate them into a singular project, or it may prove to be quite confusing for those looking to play it and having a wall of similar looking projects to sort through.

Ahh, thank you for playing through, it means a lot to me! I hope you enjoyed your time with it!

And yeah, as of right now my main focus is getting Chapter Two of Quest Failed out before I do anything else--though I've been planning a bunch of fun stuff for Project ESCAPE in the meantime and will be excited to show more of that in the future!

Hiya there!

Thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot to me~ And I'm glad you like everything that's been showcased so far--as it's certainly been a journey over the years!. I can only apologise for how long it's been taking, as I certainly didn't plan on it getting this out of hand, haha. ;~;

I hope when the game does release, that you'll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Chapter One, if not moreso! As I'd like to think that I really have something special on my hands right now with the amount of work and content that has been put into it thus far! Hours and hours and hours of content to be sure~

Ah, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! There's definitely a fine balance to be struck between the visual novel and game aspects of it, I agree. I think my bias as a pure visual novel writer sometimes shines through a bit much when the dialogue comes on thick, haha, but it's something I'll be trying to balance more in future iterations!