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Glad to hear it, haha~

Thank you for the video! It's much appreciated!

Have no fear! Short of some catastrophic disaster hitting me, I have no intention of up and vanishing on people and will always do my best to keep you in the loop! While admittedly I am a little slow--all of the art assets are already done for Chapter 2. It's just a matter of piecing together the remaining story bits, voice acting and music!

I want to finish the stories for each character just as much as you guys want to see them--if not more so! I have so many neat ideas and fun stuff planned for the future that it'd be a real shame if it all came crashing and burning before I really even had time to get off of the ground.

Potentially three parts, or four--depending on how previous chapters fair, and if I have the funding to continue creating larger scale chapters like Ch. 2! Otherwise I'll have to reevaluate my plan and break things down into smaller chunks to make it sustainable.

Though as it stands, Chapter 3 is going to be broken into two parts so that I'm able to release more content more quickly in the future after the behemoth task of putting out Chapter 2!


Still alive--have no fear! I'm currently working on the gigantic script bit by bit as the days go on. It's a gargantuan task laid out before me, but I think the wait will be more than worth it!

Thank you very much! That really does mean a lot to me~

Hiya there!

Steam is certainly a possibility (and I do have a slot on there waiting to go!) though I may wait until Chapter Two is fully done to release both Chapters as a bundle and try to make the most of the launch period!

Thank you! I'll do my best and hope I don't disappoint!

Hello! I think it would be safer to hazard a guess between those two estimates right now. So anywhere from 1 to 3 months just to be on the safe side. I apologise for how long it's been taking and appreciate your patience, as I'm sure with all this extra time I'll be able to deliver an experience you'll all love!


Not to worry--even just the email address itself tied to the original purchase would be a great help, since I have a big database of past purchases I can refer back to and help sort things out!


Certainly--I'm sure I can figure something out!

If you have the email receipt of your original purchase, please email the details of it to, including order number and the email you used for your original purchase. I should be able to get you your original download link, or send you a new code to redeem if it proves to be acting up.


I apologise for lack of a solid ETA right now and know it's probably pretty frustrating wait. I really am sorry!

Right now there's still a lot of stuff to finalise and it's been a touch overwhelming--but I've been tackling it a little at a time and things are steadily taking shape! I'm a bit scared to bring up another ETA since they always seem to backfire on me when I'm so sure everything will be ready by a given date. And it's never my intention to get hopes up only to dash them. Dx

Not to worry! Once Chapter Two officially releases it'll be on all the usual channels like before (, Nutaku, Mangagamer, JastUSA, etc.) so you'll have plenty of venues to choose from when buying it!

Heyo! Unfortunately things are going to take a little longer--so a Christmas release is out of the question. Dx I really apologise! But if by chance you're still hungry for more QF content--I did release a little audio collection this month!

But otherwise I promise you I'm working day and night to finish Chapter 2 and it's shaping up to be a crazy huge game!


At this present moment there's no official way to play Chapter 2 outside of Patreon, since it's still in rapid development and being able to test the alpha as it evolves each month is more a perk of that specific tier than outright being a means to 'buy' it. Which I know is less than ideal and can understand the enthusiasm for wanting to play the game--but am not sure if there would be a good way to handle one time purchases for the alpha and wouldn't want to mislead people into what they were potentially buying while things are still so heavily in the works.


Thank you so much for your kind words--that really means a lot to me! It was definitely fun to explore and expand on the lore more in the journal stuff since the main story kind of had a need to keep pushing forward without getting too bogged down. And it's really great to hear that people have been digging into that stuff and seeing all the informative and goofy moments I packed away, haha.

Hiya there!

Thank you so much~ <3 That really means a lot to me! I really do like to put a lot of effort into writing out the goofy dialogue and developing the characters in between the h-moments--so I'm glad it paid off!

And no worries. I know not everyone is able to pay for this stuff--so I don't hold a grudge against people who might download it elsewhere. All I ask is that you just help spread the word about the game to all those who you think might enjoy it--which it sounds like you've been doing, so we're all good, haha.

Hopefully I'll have the next part of the game out in the coming months and that everyone'll enjoy it!

Hiya there!

Super glad to hear you've been enjoying your time with the games so far and liked the voice acting! I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to the VAs! Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of the games to come, too!

Hiya there!

Chapter 2's development is coming along nicely--progress is being made day by day and I'm hoping either for an end of year release or just after. It's been a lot of content to get through, but I think I'm going at a good pace!

The choice system in Chapter 2 is maybe a little less typical than standard VNs--since you get to manage Matt's time each in-game day (assuming it's not an important story day.) So you choose which side quests you take and which characters you visit to develop bonds on a day to day basis--almost Persona-like in a way, where each new social milestone awards you with a h-scene or CG scene with the girl. The main story itself remains a little more linear, but still has some differences depending on choices you've made throughout the other side quests, etc. which will definitely affect things!

And to follow progress outside of Patreon, I would say the best bet is to keep an eye on my twitter where I try my best to update people with bits and pieces as I move forward, along with small little teases here and there!


Thank you so much for your kind words and support~ It really means a lot to me and I'm glad you're finding value in the game beyond the h-scenes and learning to love the characters, haha~ I really do put just as much love and care into writing the non-h stuff as I do the h-stuff, so I'm happy you like it!

In terms of copyright, everything in my games was developed specifically for it, be it art, voicework or music (outside of a few royalty free tracks but rest assured they're good to be used!) so you shouldn't have to worry about it being taken down~ It's all my own original creation!

Lucille gets quite a few extra scenes--so I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, haha. I really took the time in Chapter 2 to develop her as a character and make her feel just as important as the main monster girls to make up for her sparse screen time in Chapter 1!

Either at the end of the year or just after! But rest assured things are coming along--just far more writing and content than I anticipated at the start, haha.


Have no fear! For Chapter 2 I've definitely tried to vary things up between scenes at some points--with a lot of unique things mixed in with the more vanilla elements. So I think there should be a lot of interesting scenarios that unfold throughout the game!

Not necessarily secret--but from the Extras menu you can read some goofy seasonal events that had happened over the years and were originally just Youtube videos I put out. But decided to include them in the v 1.1 update


Right now finishing the main story of Chapter Two is my primary focus, but when the game is out and launched, I would love to be able to make some smaller, goofier special event scenes like I did for Chapter One! Since I have a lot of fun making them, and with the amount of characters Chapter Two introduces, there's a lot of new possibilities.

I don't wanna spoil too much, but Ren's stuff is a mix of giggly fun and then perhaps the more mischievous kinds of stuff you might expect from her at Matt's expense, haha.

That's hopefully the plan, haha. Just gotta hope everything comes together in time! Because otherwise I'll be really disappointed in myself for having taken so long to develop the game.

Hiya there!

If you're a part of the $10 patreon tier, you're entitled to a copy of Chapter One at the beginning of the month once your payment process!

So no money has been taken out of your account yet!


Thank you so much for the support and I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed Chapter 1 and the Chapter 2 demo!

A lot of things are still up in the air at the moment, but I'm really aiming for an end of the year release if all goes to plan! Most of the art is finished now and a lot of the work just lies within the writing/scripting side of things which I've been really powering through in the last few weeks!


Chapter Two is due for closer towards the end of the year if all goes well!

Ahh--good catch! That honestly escaped me for the longest time, haha. Definitely a bit of a goof and one of the perils with working with so many artists at a time despite the amazing jobs they all did. I should have been a bit more attentive on that!

Hiya, I'm still working on things!

You can keep up to date with development via my Twitter to see how things are progressing and it was just a few days ago that I put out a new alpha update for Patreon backers that are helping me test things out as they get developed.

Chapter 2 is looking to be four times bigger than Chapter 1, if not more, so there's been a lot of work to put things together--but I'm inching closer to the finish line every day~

Fun little boss battle~ The presentation and art is really cute and I liked the way the boss gradually evolved into different forms, getting more and more complex as it went along with layering the status effects and giving you more to juggle onto of balancing your own resources as the fight went on.

The only things I ran into were:

- The item to cure poison doesn't seem to want to work--nothing happens when I click it on someone.

- The mage's two other offense skills, the wind and electric ones lacked tooltips.

- The third gauge that gradually gets to 100 as the battle goes on. I assume maybe it was some kind of limit break? But I was unsure how to activate it when it hit 100--unless it had a different use.

Other than that, nothing broke on me during the duration of the fight and things went smoothly! Looking forward to more of these kinds of games in the future if you planned to do similarly small experimental jam style things!


Thank you so much for your love and support, it really means a lot to me~ <3

I think the most realistic date right now could be closer to the end of the year, as I don't want to promise anything too early and end up disappointing people like I did with Chapter One's release date. But every day I'm inching a little closer with it all!

Thank you very much for taking the time to play it and make a video! I hope you enjoyed your time with it! Look forward to more to come in the future~

No worries--glad to hear you were able to unlock it in the end!

(2 edits)

The set of choices I listed above if followed directly lead to unlocking the 11th CG that's in the middle of the second page, a scene that happens directly after you reject Jilly's confession in place of Jilly's scene that's supposed to happen there.

The 12th scene is one that happens after the first encounter with Ruby and happens depending on if you favour Jilly and Tari equally or not, which I believe you have already, correct?

Hiya! In order of the choices given to you, select the following to unlock the last h-scene! (Essentially snub Jilly at every chance and favour Tari)

Choice #1
- "Eh."

Choice #2
- "H-hold on a second."

Choice #3
- "This is a bit sudden..."

This should unlock the missing scene.

Hiya there, thank you!

The soundtrack is a mix of royalty free tracks and tracks composed specifically for Chapter 2, so I'm not sure how viable it would be to release them all together--but for the tracks that were made just for the game I could talk to the composer and see if they wanted to put them out as an album of sorts!

Thank you~

I hope so, too! It was a lot of fun to work on!

Thank you~ Those are all great suggestions! I haven't fully decided the direction I wish to take the game beyond the initial prototype, but those kinds of ideas would definitely fit!