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Hiya, I'm still working on things!

You can keep up to date with development via my Twitter to see how things are progressing and it was just a few days ago that I put out a new alpha update for Patreon backers that are helping me test things out as they get developed.

Chapter 2 is looking to be four times bigger than Chapter 1, if not more, so there's been a lot of work to put things together--but I'm inching closer to the finish line every day~

Fun little boss battle~ The presentation and art is really cute and I liked the way the boss gradually evolved into different forms, getting more and more complex as it went along with layering the status effects and giving you more to juggle onto of balancing your own resources as the fight went on.

The only things I ran into were:

- The item to cure poison doesn't seem to want to work--nothing happens when I click it on someone.

- The mage's two other offense skills, the wind and electric ones lacked tooltips.

- The third gauge that gradually gets to 100 as the battle goes on. I assume maybe it was some kind of limit break? But I was unsure how to activate it when it hit 100--unless it had a different use.

Other than that, nothing broke on me during the duration of the fight and things went smoothly! Looking forward to more of these kinds of games in the future if you planned to do similarly small experimental jam style things!


Thank you so much for your love and support, it really means a lot to me~ <3

I think the most realistic date right now could be closer to the end of the year, as I don't want to promise anything too early and end up disappointing people like I did with Chapter One's release date. But every day I'm inching a little closer with it all!

Thank you very much for taking the time to play it and make a video! I hope you enjoyed your time with it! Look forward to more to come in the future~

No worries--glad to hear you were able to unlock it in the end!

(Edited 2 times)

The set of choices I listed above if followed directly lead to unlocking the 11th CG that's in the middle of the second page, a scene that happens directly after you reject Jilly's confession in place of Jilly's scene that's supposed to happen there.

The 12th scene is one that happens after the first encounter with Ruby and happens depending on if you favour Jilly and Tari equally or not, which I believe you have already, correct?

Hiya! In order of the choices given to you, select the following to unlock the last h-scene! (Essentially snub Jilly at every chance and favour Tari)

Choice #1
- "Eh."

Choice #2
- "H-hold on a second."

Choice #3
- "This is a bit sudden..."

This should unlock the missing scene.

Hiya there, thank you!

The soundtrack is a mix of royalty free tracks and tracks composed specifically for Chapter 2, so I'm not sure how viable it would be to release them all together--but for the tracks that were made just for the game I could talk to the composer and see if they wanted to put them out as an album of sorts!

Thank you~

I hope so, too! It was a lot of fun to work on!

Thank you~ Those are all great suggestions! I haven't fully decided the direction I wish to take the game beyond the initial prototype, but those kinds of ideas would definitely fit!

Thank you for giving the game a shot~ I hope to be able to iterate more on the prototype in the future!

Hiya! As GoodBoyWithTendies says, each chapter will be its own separate commercial release, with its price determined by the amount of content any give chapter may feature. (For example, the upcoming Chapter 2 features far more content than Chapter 1, so will cost a little bit more), but I always try to ensure that I never overcharge for any given chapter and that people get their money's worth.

Chapter One will even be receiving a big free update very soon, which adds a new h-scene and a whole bunch of extra things!


The updated version of the game will be available to download wherever you may have purchased it, have no fear. I'll be uploading updated builds to:

- Itch.io
- Nutaku
- Mangagamer
- Updating the folder that Patreon backers received when pledging for the copy

And thank you for your kind words! I hope Chapter 2 doesn't disappoint!

Hi there! Chapter 2 is still very much alive and in development still, have no fear! I don't have an exact date for when things will be done, but rest assured I'm working on things every day! Chapter 2 is just proving to be a very large and complex game to work on is all.


At the moment, I don't have the resources or time to port things over to Android (there would have to be a lot of reworking the UI for touch to make it more intuitive and comfortable to use rather than just doing a straight port over), but if there is enough demand I could see about working something out.


I'm still planning to implement them into Chapter 1 via an update (which will prep the existing save file in Ch.1 so it's ready for Ch.2 as well!) and then hopefully will be able to implement the same kind of thing into Chapter 2. Though will wait until the main script has been finalised so I can implement them all in one fell swoop.

Thank you for taking the time to play through the demo and I hope you enjoyed it!

And yessss, the voice acting is a big part of what I feel makes QF really special and I'm always impressed by the amazing work the VAs put into the project as they bring the characters to life.

Hi there!

The last scene requires you to snub/ignore Jilly at any chance you get and reject her advances, while favouring Tari when you can. The first three choices in the game are important, leading up the moment with you and Jilly in the tent. At that point, if you reject her love and have met the previously mentioned requirements, something a little different should happen than before~

And in regards to the locked out question marks in the extras menu, those will be added in an update planned for the game.

Keep an eye on here in the coming days, as I'll have something exciting to show soon!

Just the h-scenes for now, as there's a whole lot more of them this time around so that really adds to the expenses. But if things do well I could always see about going back and voicing everything that had been left out!


I wish to avoid giving a solid release date as they always seem to backfire on me, but most of the h-scene art is done as of this moment (wayyyy more art than Chapter 1, haha) and now it's just down to fleshing out all of the story parts, and event dialogue. In a perfect world I would like to try and get Chapter 2 out before 2018, so fingers crossed everything works out!

Thank you so much for you support, and it really motivates me to make the best game I can when I know how much everyone has enjoyed the first part~

Hi there!

I'm so glad you enjoyed Chapter One and appreciate your kind words and support!

Chapter Two is under heavy development as we speak, and the big release is more than likely still a few months away--but I actually released the first alpha build of the game out to Patreon supporters not long ago, and am planning to release the second build soon with more content. Things are going really smoothly and I can't wait to share the second chapter with the world~

Ah-hah. Seeing this takes me back to the good ol' days of Newgrounds, haha.

Were you behind the original one as well, or simply porting it as a fan?

Ahh, thank you so much~

I can't tell you how happy comments like this make me--knowing that someone played the game and enjoyed themselves that much. Especially knowing that it was able to provide an MGQ-like experience. I've been working hard, prioritizing the story in the second chapter (with plenty of h-scenes still, of course!) so I hope you'll enjoy what's to come, too!

Apologies for the wait. I'm really working hard on things!

I hope to have an alpha segment out on patreon this month and then hopefully can finish things up in the coming months.

In the meantime, I did release a small character trailer video for Chapter 2 if it interests you!

Thank you for your patience and support as always!


Thank you so much for the purchase and I'm glad you enjoyed chapter 1! I do apologise for the wait on chapter 2, but rest assured it's making steady progress so far and will be a far larger experience, with far more content~ No solid date yet as it's more than likely a few months away still, but I'm working hard every day to get things done.

Hiya there,

You are very much welcome, haha~ I think there's always been monstergirl-lite things out there, but not many that focused on the femdom aspect that MGQ and Violated Hero brought about, so I took it upon myself to try and fill that void. So I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I can try my best to answer your questions, though as you say in some cases I can't fully answer everything because of spoilers and such!

I can't say much regarding Matt, though your theories are certainly unique, haha. The second chapter won't explicitly say much about him personally, though will probably make his backstory a little bit more obvious as it unravels with everything else going on around him.

"You mentioned humans, does this mean that we will get less Monstergirls? have we met all the Monsters already?"
With the capital city becoming a large, central focus of the second chapter, it was inevitable that humans would join the cast eventually. In most cases they're side characters (though this doesn't mean they won't have scenes with Matt!) but some humans such as the Queen are major characters in the plot. I'm trying to avoid filling up the cast with humans too much as I know monster girls are the main appeal, though do need a few to help the city feel lively and not just have everyone have a generic sprite/no sprite at all. I'm trying to strike a balance so that the new monster girls added will outnumber the humans added, so have no fear!

"Regarding the humans, will they be human to start with but actually be monsters when you get to know them or pursue their story?"
Welll, I don't want to spoil too much. But yes, some humans might have more to them than meets the eye. It is a monster girl game after all~

"Will we be able to actually favour a certian Monstergirl/character properly and favour the monsters over the city as well?"
While chapter one was fairly linear to a large degree with only a few branching points that ultimately really only determined the h-scene you were going to get, I'm aiming to give the player a bit more freedom in what they do/say--with the aim being that possibly in the third part Matt will be left with two major branches in the story.

Thank you very much for the questions~ Hopefully you're happy with the answers, since I had to keep vague for some parts, but I'm sure you understand. ; P


I will be holding an open casting call in the coming months. The cast is considerably larger this time around, so it's taking a while to finalise assets.

When the time comes, I'll do my best to notify people on the usual channels--twitter and such.

Ahh, thank you very much~

I really appreciate the coverage, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully I won't disappoint with chapter 2

I appreciate the support~ Thank you very much and look forward to chapter 2 in the coming months!

Awww, thank you so much~ That really means a lot to me! I'm glad you felt it was worth the purchase and I really appreciate you spreading the word. Look forward to the second chapter, and I hope I won't disappoint~

I just have to hope people don't mind some human girl interaction alongside monster girls, haha. It'll be tough to try and balance between them!

And of course! Any time~ You're more than welcome to join the Quest Failed discord server too if you ever feel like chatting about things with both myself, and other people about the game. It's pretty active, too.


Thanks for the extensive write-up on your theories and thoughts on things! It's always interested to see what people think might happen and I'm glad the characters and story were engaging enough for you to give thought to things~

Naturally I don't wanna spoil anything, but you bring up some interesting points!

In regards to Ruby, she briefly mentions a little bit about her past--though is still fairly vague--in the Christmas special I uploaded which was a bit of goofy fun that's not necessarily canon to the main story, but some parts are still connected.

The hooded girl is indeed a doll, though I suppose I wasn't too subtle about that, haha. Matt's just a little dense and confused with everything going on that he fails to see it properly.

Cynthia will be important, but with the introduction of the captial city, there becomes a clear divide between Matt's monster girl companions, and the more human friends he might make in the city. Naturally they will come clashing together eventually, but it's almost like having two harems separated by a large wall, haha.

And thank you very much~ My goal is to make Chapter 2 far larger than Chapter 1 and make it less linear, with far more variation in things to keep it interested. I really hope people will enjoy this chapter as it'll be far more story focused as things get crazy~


Sorry to hear you're having trouble unlocking the last CG scene!

The exact way to unlock it is as follows:

Choose "Eh." when Jilly asks you if you like her name.

Choose "H-hold on a second..." when Jilly is contemplating stabbing Tari.

Choose "This is a bit sudden..." when Jilly professes her love to you.

After this choice, it should be immediately obvious if you're on your way to unlocking the bonus scene, as Jilly's reaction will be different to how it usually is and the bonus scene will take place right after this.

Let me know if you have anymore issues with things and I'll try my best to help!

Hiya, thanks for giving the demo a shot, I really appreciate it~ Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

I try to strike a good balance between updating in places so that everyone can be informed, though there's a good chance once things are ready that Patrons will get looks into development sooner than twitter followers with some exclusive sneak peeks and such as my way of saying thanks for backing. ; P But anything really important about the development will be shared on both.

And I do have an update in the works. Ideally I'd like to release it soon but I started work on several things at once for the project so they're all progressing a little slower than I'd like, but progress is happening!

Hiya, thank you so much for the purchase, it's much appreciated~ I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed the game, too and hope you'll enjoy the future chapters to come. To answer your questions:

1 - If possible, I'll offer the final combination of all the chapters to all those who own the seperate releases but would need to explore options for how to do this. So can't say anything solid for sure yet!

2 - For the last CG scene, you have to favour Tari at every chance you get while snubbing Jilly, and the scene happens fairly early on to replace another CG scene. Hopefully that helps~

Hiya there,

Thanks so much for your purchase and support! And I'm really glad you enjoyed it~

And Tari definitely seems to be a fan favourite, haha~ If you have twitter you should definitely let the VA for her know how much you love her character, since she absolutely adores playing Tari, too!

The question marks will unlock with new patches along the way (which will be free for all who have purchased the original game!). The first being the journal feature which will give a fun look into the characters and places that the game may have glossed over, along with some other fun things. Basically I was future proofing the chapter so that these kinds of things could be easy to add in after. Sorry for any confusion on the matter!

Thanks again! Please look forward for what's to come with the second chapter!

Hiya there,

Thanks so much for your purchase, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the world needs more games like this and found it was lacking so, so I made it my mission to make my own, haha~

On the subject of when Chapter Two might be released, it's had to say right now. Ideally I'd like to get it done over the next few months, falling in line with your desired range of the first quarter of next year, but I suppose everything is being planned and outlined right now. I'd like to have more content than chapter one which in theory would extend development time, but assets are being delivered at a far more rapid rate than they were for chapter one so I believe I can get it done and out the door in a timely manner.

But only time will tell I guess~

Thanks again!

Hiya there, don't worry your English is perfectly fine!

Each chapter will be a separate game and sold separately, that's correct! But I believe that each chapter will be more than worth it and full of content. I'll also be offering a demo for each chapter too just so people can be sure.