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Thank you very much! Unfortunately not, at least not in the near future. These free projects are fun but not very sustainable :(
Never say never though, you can keep following me everywhere, I'll be resuming posting works eventually!

Hi there, thank you very much, it means a lot to me,  and thanks for the donation! I'll be sure to check it out :)

Sorry to hear that, we are aware of the problems you talked about, but we don't want to touch the game after submission cause it wouldn't be fair to others.

Thank you very much! :)

Easily the best I've played so far. Graphics, animations, voice acting, the feeling was top notch. Only bad thing is the movement, right and left direction are a bit confusing being tied to the mc and being top-down, I ended up only going forward and using the mouse for left and right. Other than that, good job!

Nice little game, fun to play, simple and effective!

I liked the idea, but the mc slides a lot on the ground and at the beginning all enemies just launched themselves all at once at me lol, but maybe that was intended

Theme is on point lol, a pity for the background and the bugs particles

Unfortunately the fact that the shooting direction is dictated by were you are moving is troublesome, I had to quickly face towards the enemies and then go back, it was a difficulty enhancement lol

Sorry for the controls, we are aware that we could improve those but updating the game now would not be fair :) But thank you very much for your words, hope you had fun!

Thanks! Sorry to hear about the controls, we know how to fix those but we cannot since that would be unfair.

Thanks :)

Thank you! :)

Music Composer here! Thank you very very much, I'm glad you liked the game and the soundtrack <3

Could have been interesting with the setting and so on, but you can't read the texts, and it is a little confusing exploring with this black and white

Didn't expect the twist lol, there a was a problem in the transition from the "game" and the real world with the camera movements and stuttering :(

Thanks for your kind words :)

Thanks! We're happy you found everything well tied together :)

Thank you very much, glad you liked it!

Nice graphics and theme interpretation, but the controls were hell :/ couldn't play it very smoothly

Super mario clone but with a crazy work on graphics, gameplay is basically the same so it works, theme interpretation well, on point. Not really innovative for obvious reasons, but good work overall!

Graphics are very cool, there's even cutscenes so great job! Didn't feel to engaged with the gameplay tho, those minigames are hard to innovate lol. Great twist on the actual story and theme. 

Very polished and very fun to play lol. I'd actually play this if it was a bigger game!

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This is a brand new RPG and Adventure Music Pack by Francesco Fabrizio. The Theme of this Pack revolves around Dungeons! If you're looking for music for any dungeon for an RPG or a Roguelike, these tracks are for you!

This time there are two version available, a "Lite" one, completely FREE (Download demo button), made of 3 tracks; and a Full one, made up of 11 tracks total (3 from Lite included) of 1 minute each!

All of the tracks from both packs are in WAV format, SEAMLESSLY LOOPABLE, 48kHz.

Full Ensemble Orchestral Music for RPG and Adventure Games inspired by the green hat swordsman :)

Hi! Thank you for your kind words. You can use any track you want for those games, no problem :)

This is the first 8-Bit Music Pack for RPG and Adventure Games by Francesco Fabrizio. 

Inside the Pack you will find 10 tracks in WAV and MP3 format, with most of them in two versions, a Loopable one and one with the tail end. A few ones are already considered to be loopable AND with tail end.