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Browser version not loading for me

Is there an apk version so I can run the demo on my oculus?

"Status effects all now degrade by 1 each turn"
This really hurts the regen wand.
I think the mana bundles need to increase as 1/1 just dont hack it....
Or the regen wand needs to be at least 2....

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Thanks for the playing and I appreciate any and all feedback.
I've not played the other game for years or possibly decades so the game is based mainly on my memory and test playing.
I did a quick look online for percentages where I happened to see that it probably started with a clear first shot so quickly put a button option in. I didnt go as far as to see if it should be a 0 or not (though did wonder) which may have taken a little bit more of a effort to implement!
And with Reset and Undo options I thought that covered things enough to be playable.
I see I'm still top of one high score table! For now.... I like  a challenge ;-)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
Fair comment that level may take too long to do - always tricky to judge.
Moving characters on shoulders is part of the game play / puzzle on how best to do it.... ;-)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
Originally the Undo option was a secret and put in for me testing.
I realised I used it a lot so why not put it in.
You are punished with a time penalty if you do use it and of course you dont have to press it on death.
Next time Im in the game I'll check the messages and see if I can make them clearer.

Getting someone to play and actually watching them is very useful indeed.
With hours of testing you can get very good at a game and what you think is easy isnt for beginners!
It can also show what you know in your head but have not explained to the player clearly enough.
Good stuff.

Looks nice and kinda works.
Does need a byline at the start to say what to do:
"Collect coins, buy upgrades, avoid bones, get to the top"
Felt it needed something more to do but not sure what...
Good effort for first original game - well done

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Can you win any of the games?
I kept dying (on the first two) and it became a little too repetitive to try more than a couple of goes before moving on.
Did look good.

Looks pretty nice.
Wasnt sure what to doing in the begining (ran into the nearest pretty lights) and found the cacti hard to spot.
Once i realised the money collected just looked up Wiki thats what I did for the next one - Dusty Miller and with the list in front it doesnt seem much fun or I'd learn too much, especially as the end screen implied there were 1000s to find...
I think I'd prefer clues within the game or terminology explained
And I think currently it would get pretty repetitive very quickly.
Still a good effort

Quite tricky and some easier levels may be useful for those struggling.
I would have prefered a full screen version to be a bit more immersed r did I miss a button?
And a more obvious petrol guage preferably colored as running out.
Good stuff

Thanks for the feedback.
Walk speed  is interesting especially asUnity WEBGL builds can speed thinks up a bit.

Ooops! Thanks for the feedback - not happened to me (for a while at least) I'll keep an eye.

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Thanks for the feed back.
Fair polish comment - the clowns and collectables are all 3D from 2 places and the background and background objects are 2D from another (i think there were from the same place). The 3D bits can pop more with the lighting.
Definitely bear in mind in the future but it can also diferentiate between active 'useable' items and background stuff.

Thanks for laying and for the feedback.
There is a button on the menu screen (bottom right) called 'Random Start'.
It's defaulted to off but if you switch it on it opens a start square for you - sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much!

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Looks cute
but on first play I didn't see the point or skill or story?
It needs something within the game to say what you are supposed to be doing and how (I'm not good at reading stuff below a game I just tend to play.)
I wasnt sure what or why I was clicking on the bottom things till playing again when I see they are related to the coins.
I then moved it to my touch screen and it played  a lot better and now I understand more what I'm doing.
It does need a full screen option as its a bit cut off on my smaller screen.
If I play a few times then thats good in my books (but I so very nearly didnt)
One more time to beat my prev score....
Well done

[Edit] Just spotted you can buy your hearts back - that made it a bit easier and once youve maxed out there is little clicking needed doing.
The shoot speed seemed to go from quite slow to very fast and not sure when it happened as I was busy clicking on everything and upgrading like crazy. Gave up around level 11 as I seemed pretty invincible!

Looks and sounds OK.
You need to be able to see where you are going to hit the ball unless I was missing controls to do that.
An inline map may help or to be able to zoom in and out a fly around?
Blindly hitting isnt much fun or skillful.
Even worse when you dont know where your ball is behind a wall.
Has potential.

(Using  browsers version)
Went into the menu screen and the bottom was cut off in full screen mode so couldnt see the exit.
In the  game itself couldnt jump high enough to get on a platform.
Dont forget to test your games everywhere BEFORE you release it!

I liked some of it though I dont have the patience for the repetitive bits.
Nearly gave up on 1st red (struggled to jump without hitting red) and did on second red.
I had to reset on going up the red barrier as I died too high and couldnt get to it subsequently and by the time I got that done and then would have to keep dieing on the final way to the door was too much.
May be an 'Undo' if you feel you've mucked up rather than a full reset?
And may be only a 3 or four deaths needed for a level to get completed?
I also prefer a separate jump button option than just using the keys (and I wonder what or where S does something!)
As mentioned by others it does need some noise.
Good effort as it does have potential

It works, looked nice and I played it more than once.
Wasnt sure if I was supposed to hit the target or destroy them
And wasnt convinced all my shots were scoring....
Still good effort

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Great, thanks for letting me know and about the issue in the first place (no one else did!) and for trying again. Appreciated.

Different and looked nice.
I got to 70% from 48% or so survival before stopping.
I'd like it to be more obvious who is dying and who is surviving and where.
Its definitely missing sound and sound fx.
And I'd like the help screens to explain what each option was and was doing, their benefits etc
Good job

Hopefully I've fixed the back end now so if you have time to try again that would be great.

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I played it a few times so that says something.
As coop says you need to loop or restart the music for replays
And should be clearer you have to click on the asteroid to fire.
Good effort

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OK - not sure where its going....
Collected everything in the supermatket then headed back to the tills - did I miss something?

The game also needs to give hints on keys with in itself as I had to escape out to find I was supposed to use z or m to continue when the speech 1st started

That was alright.
Could do with some background music.
And start off a little quicker.
Thankfully you didnt need all those coins to change weapons.

Well done

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Why is FitzGerald in the Murderer Column?

I thought he was dead?

Shouldnt it be Elliot?

Post accusation when wrong would be nice if what you entered before was left.

I dont have  a clue who did it

Started again using Chrome got to act2, did all the locatons and interactions again, was about to give up and did a final click.... 9:00pm... and Act3

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Surprised the snipers moved and the tanks didnt.
Quite slow on my lap top with lots of stuff open..
I think it needs to start smaller with fewer options and build from there so you can see what each bit does.
Good effort.

OK ! It worked and I played it more than once


Simple but it works - got through 3 - where was 4!!!

Simple but it works

That was nice.
Couple of things I'd change:

  • Esc takes you out of full screen in the browser then you have to do it again to get the menu up - may be have another key option as well
  • I noticed level 10 was open  after i'd finished 7 (I think)
  • The messages were overwriting themselves especially with the ESC to levels up which stayed when I had completed the level or if I needed to restart on being spiked.
  • May be small thing but Id prefer my character to pop a bit and not be the same colour as the blocks as it would sometimes feel stuck when it wasnt

Good effort . Enjoyed it.


I think that is better - some may now complain too quick of course!!

Yes Act2 I just rewound - ive been to all three floors and 9 places and all end with change location  again as far as I can see