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That's impressive - was it still managing to run wth all those resources?

Thanks for playing.
Do you know what happened or is it repeatabe so I can fix it?

Thx for playing.
Sorry about that - assumed wrongly Nijos were the same person.
Have put the score back in.
I tidy now and again  to give others a chance to get on the leaderboard.

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Thanks for the  comment - yes, using Audioclips no different from playing them on other platforms.

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Ninja barrel jumping platformer.

My little homage to my 2 screen orange Donkey Kong from way back when.

Collect, Time and Runner Game Types with three difficulties to choose from.

A choice of different ninjas with varied stats can be unlocked including a customisable stats ninja called Red.

Local achievements and local high scores can track your progress.

Browser or dowload for Windows:

Cool - got a little stuck towards the beginning as not always clear enough what to click on but got there in the end. Cheers

The theme is a big more vague than I expected - SPIN ? 

I'll have to see if anything inspires me or decide stick with other current projects.

Have fun.

Wow - impressive demo.

I'm afraid my knowledge of audio doesn't get much past using bfxr to find something not too annoying.

Not done a jam before and I'm really not committing to anything till I see what the 'game' will be!