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great! must spin mine round and try it sometime!

Good start for a game
The water plants moving with the character spoilt the parallex of the backgrounds.
You need to put instructions on the screen or at the very least the top of the  description as I had no idea about x when i 1st played.
I managed to portal then sounded like dying  in one dimension but continued in 2nd but when back to the 1st I was gone......
Good pontential so carry on with it

Good start to a game
Wasnt sure what the 3 was for and it didnt seem to count my carrots.
Was there a way out on level 2.
Nice effort


very nice well done

Well done for getting something working

Thx 4 playing - fair comment - they were a late addition and can be hard to tell apart

A good start to something.
I did, after a few confusing goes, manage to catch and release a few fireflies!
Is there a win scenario or do you just loop forever?

Ta 4 playing - agreed - needs to build difficulty better - and a meet n greet tutorial would help too

Neither - just a time thing - lots of games in the jam and I try to look at as many as poss in the short time I have - may well come and play more when time allows

Nice idea.
I did find it too hard  and on 1st level kept getting snail stuck with seemingly no way out and having to refesh. I did get thru 1st level but felt it was more by accident than design (I just clicked the red button an the snail did the rest).
May be some camera movement so you can see things from different angles would help.
Good effort

I understand with the mysterious as thats part of the game.
However I dont think the early levels were easy and doable (especially as webgl can be more sensitive)
You also have to remember you become an expert at the game during testing so what you find easy with hours of practice - others may not.
If you can, its always worth making someone new play the game, (with out telling or helping much), and watch what they do, understand, accomplish etc.
I dont play a lot of pc games so can find controls with mouse and keyboard trciky which doesnt help!
Game designing is hard and the trouble with game jams is there are 100s of other games to test so attention needs to be grabbed quickly or i move on to the next.
I will try and come back and play when I have more time

Liked the concept and the look but struggled with the controls.
A tutorial level thats easy so you can get used to whats going on when moving and jumping may well help.
Stilla good effort

Nice concept but I found it quite hard with the changing layout between games..
May be have an easy option thats fixed and a hard one that changes.
The (great) background may be too loud and busy for the game or I am just old and losing my sight.
Still well done enjoyed playing it even my best was only 11.96 seconds!

The front page and game dont quite link up but you got something working though I nearly missed the spiritual plane game as I though id died and was reading thepages blurb to see if i missed somethign when it started

I struggle too and that does need improvement so the player  feels slightly in control or at least getting better but takes a long time to implement, test and get right!

Hi Scores can be useful for a bit of replayability

I struggle too and that does need improvement so the player  feels slightly in control or at least getting better but takes a long time to implement, test and get right

Changing the perspective - or dimension - kinda fits in with the theme - well at least what i thought anyway!!  ;-)

Ta for playing and no worries about the scores - thats the designeders fault (me) not you - I should be more clever with the saving but there is always a chance people have the same name so tricky to do. I do have a flag I can set manually to 'archve' off scores -so all good

unlike the others i found the fox quite annoying and hard to control especially in 3d.
No surprise that i liked the 2d and 3d swapping.
Certainly has potential

Pleasant enough for a short while

nice - well done

Mouse oversensitive in WEBGL so you need to slow it down whne building for it.
I didnt know what was going on so needed more of an explanation what to do (something like a tutorial)
I did get there eventually and passed level 1.
But as I found the controls tricky I gave up with 2.
Was a nice little concept and with some tweacks could work well

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I got a bit lost and confused in the maize and ending up blobbing around in circles for a while. Did find the entrance to the second room eventually.
Liked the only having a couple of appendages at a time but more need to happen sooner as I lost interest quite quickly.
Certainly has potential

Niccely done - got to level 5 before moving on

Needs more help as didnt know what I was suppose to do.
In 3D mouse far too sensitive - but webgl can sometimes do that.
Went into 2d on second game after readig instructions but again struggled to know what to do.
Needs  a tutorial.
Still has potential

Nice idea but it  I found it too hard.
I think you need to build the dificultyin the game from very easy to getting harder.
So start with one enemy, then when they are dead may be 2 and so on so the player can feel they are progressing and improving. Remember when you play the game a lot you get good at it. Always worth sticking some on whose not played  and watch them play .
I would also prefer all keyboard options as found using mouse and keys in this sitation tricky.
Still good start to a game

Nice start to something

Nicely done though was a little confused to begin with but once I got it twas fun got to level 6 on normal

it worked - got to 12 but had to guess controls to begin with and needed more things to do


Browser version not loading for me

Is there an apk version so I can run the demo on my oculus?

"Status effects all now degrade by 1 each turn"
This really hurts the regen wand.
I think the mana bundles need to increase as 1/1 just dont hack it....
Or the regen wand needs to be at least 2....

(1 edit)

Thanks for the playing and I appreciate any and all feedback.
I've not played the other game for years or possibly decades so the game is based mainly on my memory and test playing.
I did a quick look online for percentages where I happened to see that it probably started with a clear first shot so quickly put a button option in. I didnt go as far as to see if it should be a 0 or not (though did wonder) which may have taken a little bit more of a effort to implement!
And with Reset and Undo options I thought that covered things enough to be playable.
I see I'm still top of one high score table! For now.... I like  a challenge ;-)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
Fair comment that level may take too long to do - always tricky to judge.
Moving characters on shoulders is part of the game play / puzzle on how best to do it.... ;-)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.
Originally the Undo option was a secret and put in for me testing.
I realised I used it a lot so why not put it in.
You are punished with a time penalty if you do use it and of course you dont have to press it on death.
Next time Im in the game I'll check the messages and see if I can make them clearer.

Getting someone to play and actually watching them is very useful indeed.
With hours of testing you can get very good at a game and what you think is easy isnt for beginners!
It can also show what you know in your head but have not explained to the player clearly enough.
Good stuff.