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Fist Full of Shrimp

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Wow! Just wow! A polished and complete experience. Entertaining puzzles and voice lines. Really impressive work. This is definitely peak juice. 

Only through crushed dreams can we move forward. Thanks for playing! lol

I feel so refined and elevated after this experience. My being has transcended my  mortal coil as I was able to express my inner emotions through the creative arts. After receiving an evaluation of my art for 63 millions, I knew I was a Douche. 

I loved it. Hilarious take on the theme and fully implemented experience. Cheers for making me feel like a true douche artist.

Someone else rated this moist and I have to agree! It's cute, fun and presentation is top notch! Not to mention the audio design is great too!!! You're a contender for the top spot for sure! 

You and I definitely have a similar sense of humor! Loved everything about it. Incredibly well polished experience from start to finish.  It would have been nice to have more variety in widgets and what you have to do to degrade them, but it probably would have taken away from how polished this game turned out to be! Thanks for such a fun and great entry!

For your first game, you put in some heavy work! Congrats on getting so much in such a short amount of time. It took me a minute to figure out I needed to click "D" to get driving. That toilet paper burns up quick! Keep doing game jams an pumping things like this out. It was a blast!

This is ridiculous! Probably one of the most polished VR game jam games I have ever played! The UI work is fantastic, the gameplay is fun, sound design is prime, and slapping to buy things is the only way the way I wish to purchase things in the future. 

You're easily in the top of this game jam! Congrats on an amazing entry.

Super impressive all the way around. Voice acting in a game jam is always a big plus! The art and full game loop are terrific. To be able to pull a team together and accomplish so much in a week is something you should all be proud of! Congrats on this!

Awesome work! Loved the feel and impact when shooting the guns. The rocket launcher could have used a little more punch compared to all  the other guns. All around great submission! Congrats!

I had dreams of doing so much more, but they blew up just like those childrens'. Ended up with Covid during development and worked enough to at least publish a prototype. Thanks for playing!!!

They totally deserved it! Did you see those sad excuses for flamingos? Thanks for playing!

Those kids needed to learn a lesson! Thanks for playing and teaching those kids that dreams are not enough in this world!!!

You're not wrong. I wasn't in the best state of mind when I submitted and organized everything, but will definitely do this in the future! 

Cheers! Thanks for playing and enjoying crushing dreams.

Absolutely loved the concept and the movement system. I did struggle to get movement to work easily with having to bend my head a bit, but still enjoyed the idea of it. The idea of coloring your world as you walk through it is top notch! 

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This game is perfectly scoped for a game jam. You found a unique mechanic and polished it to perfection. The aesthetics are clean, the audio compliments the setting well, and actual mechanics of answering questions worked flawlessly. I wasn't able to escape yet, but may give it another go with the hints when I have more time later.

Some things to point out, I didn't notice the walls closing in until the 3rd or 4th wrong answer. It needed a bit more of a visual cue to grab my eyes onto the impending danger.  I'm sure you would have thrown something in if you had more time based on the polish of everything else.

This is a great entry! It really has me rethinking my next game jam to be more focused and polished with my execution because I love what you've done here.

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words!

I'm glad the maze seemed to be working well.  When play testing it, having to go through it again seemed more of a waste of time instead of a challenge. 

Cheers! Also congrats again on your great entry!!!

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Thanks for playing and the review! 

You're right about the contrast of the second hat. I've had others struggle with it too. It definitely needed more contrast. Something to keep in mind for my next jam.  I'll try your game out as soon as I can!


Yeah, I was pretty upset about the controls in the end. I should have prepped for the  game jam and hammered out teleporting with the thumbstick. I'm glad you enjoyed the story and voice overs! I wanted to express my frustrations with a certain social media app that I've had deactivated since 2019 that forced me back into it when I got an Oculus. Thanks for playing!!!

I believe it was the wall between the 3rd and 4th room. I wouldn't stress about it though. I was trying to clip through it on purpose so I could see the rest of the game since the whiteboard wasn't working.

Really impressive what you were able to pack into a 72 hour game jam. The environment is top notch. I don't know if I missed the note, but I didn't know I had a backpack for a good half of the game. Luckily, I accidentally stumbled into it when I needed it most with the ladder. All the game mechanics work well! I think this is a great submission. Congrats on solid work mi amigo! 

I struggled like everyone else with the whiteboard. Sorry it ended up being buggy, but the idea of using the whiteboard as a puzzle was great. The first two puzzles were also solid. I was able to complete the game by clipping through the wall. The ending computer was awesome! Solid work!

I love that you explored the swimming mechanic for an escape game. Sadly, I have weak VR legs so I wasn't able to play it for too long. It did seem to work properly though! I did find that there was a lack of direction in the game itself. I did watch your postmortem about the game, so I knew to jam the blades with rocks, but without watching that outside resource or watching the movie, it'd be hard to figure out what to do. The feeling of being in a fish tank with a larger room around you was really cool. Great work trying out new mechanics! Cheers!

I experienced the same strange clipping others had problems with. I picked up a staff and then went zooming across the world! Ignoring the collision interactions, I think the environment set up is really cool. I'm digging the psychedelic wizard tower. I think players would have greatly benefited having a little more guidance. It's kind of hard to tell what you should do in the tower. It's a great start and it just needs some signs telling players what to do. Great work!

I think the idea here is really cool. I love the idea of drawing runes in the air to open doors. I don't understand the gun with an eye, but who cares!? It was dope too. I did end up dropping the gun and was unable to pick it up due to lack of crouching abilities in the game (mine also suffers from this). I was unable to open the door by drawing the ruin. I gave it a good try, but no success. Regardless, you should be happy with this. It looks great and you nailed a solid chunk of mechanics. It sounds silly, but the UI text when drawing ruins was uber cool. It's solid work for your first time doing a game and coding! Keep it up!

This was a solid and complete package. Fun having the timer countdown to add some urgency to completing each room. I think your execution of this was great. I did struggle with getting some of the keys. I seemed to be stuck too high up to reach down and grab them. Besides that, I think you found a great balance between how much to develop in 72hours to provide a complete experience. 

It's a great entry! Cheers!!!

This is by far the most polished and complete experience I've had in this jam. I think your introduction to different mechanics had a great amount of pacing to it as well. The particle effects were stellar, the design was compact and on point, and... I don't know what else to say. I really loved every bit of this and you should be incredibly proud of this. 10/10

Holy crap this is so polished and well put together for a game jam! The controls were great and the puzzles were really cool. So far this is the best implementation I've experienced when it comes to hand interaction and puzzles. Loved the aesthetics too! I did have problems getting it to work with the apk file, but the pc version worked just fine. You're an inspiration for what can be accomplished in 72hours. You really make me want to step my game up! 

Thanks for a great entry. I'd be shocked if you weren't in the top of the pack!  

Movement was well implemented, but I did find the mannequin to be a bit fast... either that or I'm really bad at gorilla tag movement. The audio design was incredibly impressive. Those steps coming for me were creepy as hell. Also the loud *THUD* and dead screen was hilarious to me. I wish there was more of a story incorporated to this, but with 72hours there is only  so much you can do.

It's a great entry that scared the hell out of me. Congrats!

This is great! This is the kind of out of the box thinking that makes VR so much fun. Kokutouchichi mentioned you should consider running with this, polishing it and releasing it. The idea is solid through and through. You may want to consider changing what you allow the main camera to render. I ended up having my vision blocked a few times because it was rendering the body.

 This is a great concept overall! Congrats on a unique and great idea!

Really cool showcase of what HexaBody and Hurricane can do in the right hands! You were able to cram in easter eggs too? You are crazy! Really fun experience with a fun variety of different tasks that a super polished. I will say this  though, I super suck at climbing!

Congrats on a great entry!

Wow wow wow did I love the atmosphere of this game. I don't know if you've read the book House of Leaves, but  it definitely gives that feeling of  non-euclidean horror. For it being your first 3D AND VR game, it is very impressive.  There was a bit of a struggle finding a green key for me. I spent a while trying to locate it, but was unsuccessful. Overall, great entry that was able to give me goosebumps with only shadowy hallways. 

Great work!

The first spider/bug that came up to me got a sword straight to the face! I enjoyed this game's combat mechanics a lot. I was confused about the different colored squares. If I had to guess, maybe you were hoping to add in different elemental damage and those were place holders? I might advise scoping things down a bit in the future. This game felt like it had so many fun ideas jammed into it and there was no time left to get them all in or polish them.  Besides that, great jam entry! Big turtle boss is dope!!!

I have never played gorilla tag so I can't compare how well you executed the mechanics that are similar to it, but I found it to be pretty fun. It does appear you can skip a good chunk of the course by slamming both your hands down and launching yourself. Not that that's a bad thing. I had a ton of fun doing it! Also the dancing monkeys are a vibe that I can get with.

Overall, it was a great prototype for a game jam entry and exploration of gorilla tag movement and climbing. It would have been nice to have more escape elements to it besides climbing obstacles, but hey! It's a game jam and there is literally no time to do anything. Just getting a solid prototype out is amazing! 

Congrats on this... and those dancing monkeys. 

Visuals and audio are well polished and put together. The concept for the game is also great for an escape room. The creature watching up top is amazing! 

It may sound stupid, but I'm a fan of the menus and intro tutorial too. It just gives it a few more degrees of polish that you love to see in a game jam game.

I did struggle with trying to unlock my feet. I don't know if I got the puzzle wrong and should have hooked the key onto something to reach that low, but I was never able to unhook my feet when I acquired the right key.

Congrats on a great entry!!!

Glad you liked it! You are 100% right about the time constraints. There was supposed to be one last room and puzzle to access the computer, but time moved way faster than I could develop.

You wanted to make a game that was about disappointment, but instead made a game that was my spirit animal... oh wait... oh no.

I just want to say that it is amazing your 11yo son made this with help from your friend. The art is great and theming is perfect. Big congrats on a great submission. 

Loved the puns! It was relaxing and cute!

Da. I thank you for the warm coco and blanket. Voice acting was fun to listen to! Thanks for the submission!