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Hi Narendra thank you for your comment!

Yes that was the original concept. We wanted to have ragdoll based swing attack however we ran out of time, most of it was spent getting ragdolls to work! However we all learnt something new thanks to this entry!

Hey thank you so much for the kind comments! We tried to create a familiar setting using a Sokoban foundation with our own twist, adding an extra layer of puzzle solving mechanics. We wanted to keep it simple and recreate that retro feel from old school games. We are glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing our game! We are glad to hear that you like it :D

Thank you for playing our game! The Sokoban mix and match idea didn't come to us straight away. The original idea was related to party members you discover in your run in a dungeon crawler type game that will help you survive for a longer period of time. We were able to extract some of the original idea and it shows in the final submission.

Thank you for your feedback, we are delighted to hear that our game is both fun and educational! If you can record a snippet of what you are experiencing and your system hardware in the comments we can try and debug this issue.

Thank you for the feature! 

I really like the concept of the game and the gameplay. That shark sound did its job and scared me to death! It is great to see fellow Maltese jammers :D

I really like the concept of the game. It can have lots of potential. The visual and audio is quite good, with a little more polishing the gameplay can reach its full potential. However like I said, really great concept and a great idea!

I really like the concept of the game especially cause it reminds me of DnD. It has replay value and I wonder what other options I could have chosen in order to lead me to different paths in the branching narrative story. Well done!

looking forward to trying out the update! great work so far :D

This is a really great programming flex, especially from a solo developer. From a game design point of view, I would have loved to see some hints or some sort of tutorial in order for players to get an idea on the rules of the world.

Looks like a great game, given its unfinished status I can say it could be a potentially fun game with the switch character mechanic.

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Doom for kids! It is a visually stunning game that requires some finishing touches however I really like the concept reminded me of Full Metal Furies

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Viva Maths! Thank you for the kind comments we really appreciate all the positive response so far.

Someone who appreciates culture I see! I miss Trigun it was so good!!

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Thank you for the comments! It is true the design comes all together at the end of the game; providing more options however the solution is very simple. Glad you liked it!

We are glad that you enjoyed it!

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Thank you for your comment, we are glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for your feedback!

I really like the artstyle however I have some feedback on other parts of the game. I see what kind of game this is trying to be, however if there is like a fast forward feature for battles that would be great in order to engage the player more.

I really like the concept and especially the generation however there needs to be some balancing in the AI difficulty. Sound could also be reduced a bit cause in my opinion it is a bit loud.

The concept is really cool however I would have liked to see some instruction on what to do and chase. I discovered I could drive by chance. I would also suggest adding some more sound effects and background music.

I really like the concept and it was a nice experience.

I really like the swap concept between real and mirror world. 

Thank you, best of luck to you too!

Thank you for your kind comments!

Really great game like the concept a lot and would love to see more levels!

This is really polished, and planned release well done!

A different but interesting game. Quite unique in every aspect and I like how everything fits together nicely. This surely deserves more attention, narration is quite good and fits the theme so well.

I really like the card mechanic, however there is some polishing stuff that needs to be done for instance moving at insanely fast speeds.

The mechanic is interesting. I would have loved to have a skippable cutscene once you see it for the first time however it is a really great game!

Quite a simple but impressively fun game. I would have liked the camera movement to be a bit slower and perhaps smoothened but other than that it's really good.

I believe the concept is really good however in terms of level design and progression it has a steep learning curve. In my opinion in order to balance it out, introduce the player to how the game mechanics work with a incremental difficulty increase puzzle in each level. This should visually engage and show the player how the rules of the game work.

Sometimes it does get a bit hard. The controls and mechanics could be made clearer however the concept is cool.


How do you make transition between era? It's a really cool mechanic!

Thank you for the feedback, we will push updates once game reviewed by panel!

This was really fun, like the Western setting!