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Thank you so much for playing! I don't even know what to say, so right now I'll just say that I greatly appreciate your feedback!

This is such a creative take on the theme!

I thought the jump sliding was really fun too!

My only complaint is that the dice's rotational directions could be clearer. There were times when I didn't know what direction the dice was going to rotate the level! Maybe placing rotational arrows around the dice that say what direction the dice will rotate the level would help.

Aside from that, I enjoyed it a lot! 

Thank you so much! 

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I think the concept is interesting and is a great take on the theme! However, it just doesn't work, at least as a single player game, as it's not mechanically deep. It's just a game of chance which isn't very fun. You could make it so that the player has to look closely at the glass to see which one is fake, and they would have to complete it in a certain amount before all the grass breaks. Whatever the case, there has to be some player agency or it'll just be a guessing game.

Also, during a game jam you should focus on carefully building and polishing a few levels instead of rushing a lot of levels. You can add more after the game jam if you like the idea.

Still, I think you did an amazing job and I hope you make more games in the future! :D

You nailed the disturbing eldritch tone with the narrative, visuals and sound! However, aside from that, the game doesn't fit the theme as it's just generic RPG battling with pretty repetitive gameplay. Wish there was some strategy! If you were to turn this into a full game you would need to get a main mechanic that enhances and brings out the creepy tone of the game! 

In my opinion, the main takeaway from this jam game is to shrink your game's scope because it feels too big, like you were trying to create an epic meta-narrative but ran out of time! Jam games should be short, sweet and polished playable ideas that, if works, could be turned into a full release post-jam!

Still,  I think you did a good job!

Thanks! I played your game too! I think it's really fun and hope you make more in the future!

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Although the main idea of switching between planes isn't that unique, I love the mechanic that lets  you go inside a wall to fling yourself! It adds so much more depth to the game! My biggest critique is that in my opinion, it's too hard for a jam game. People are going to quit before they finish it, making whatever work you did afterwards pointless. That doesn't mean you should make it "Press x to win", it means that you should show your take on the game jam as neatly as possible. Everyone wants to play everyone else's games so if they play a game and get stuck they're going to switch to another game. That doesn't mean it's a bad game if it's hard, it just means less people will play it to the end! Aside from that, it's an amazing game with gorgeous visuals that could be turned into a full release! Hope you make more games in the future!

Surprised how much you were able to put in a week! Great retro-style art but some things are a bit unclear like when the tiles will drop and I didn't even notice the projectiles at first and got confused on how I died, but those are just some minor inconveniences. A great game that could be turned into a full release with polish and more depth!

Thank you so much!!! I played your game too! It was very lovely! I hope you make more games in the future!

Rated! Thanks for playing!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

A short, polished, and fun experience. A great take on the theme with controls that feel good and precise with easy-to-read visuals! A weird idea that could be turned into a full game!

This is what a jam game should be, short, sweet, polished and interesting. It doesn't have to be perfect or even work. It can be strange and weird and if it works you can turn it into a full release! A very good game with great visuals and a very funny idea!

 A cute game with nice art and a very funny concept! I loved the fact that you could understand what the characters are saying just through pictures alone! A great entry for the jam's theme!

Although the game has some glaring design issues, like how it isn't easy to competently take advantage of the fake attacks, or how the movement is a bit stiff, I had a lot of fun playing and definitely see you improving to make more games in the future!

A very creepy game with incredible art although I think the game is kind of simple. In my opinion, a way to fix this would be to have a short (around a few seconds) timer for each person and if you don't do the necessary thing in time you fail with a roughly minute long timer for the entire shift. It would've given it more frantic and quick gameplay where you have to look for hints of paranormal stuff as soon as possible and hope your eyes aren't pulling tricks on you. Aside from that , this is a great first game and I hope you make more in the future!

A wonderful concept but if the controls were more precise and easier to use this game would be much better. In my opinion, you shouldn't worry about the game's length and increase the difficulty. Game jam games should be short, easy and sweet. They're playable ideas that could be turned into full games, or you could make funny gag games. I could imagine a game like this but with a few more characters, each with their own abilities and being able to see through different illusions and you have to use each of them to help the other. And if the idea isn't sticking, you can move on to the next one. I think this game is really cool and I hope you make more!

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Thanks!! I'm really glad with how it turned out! Your game was cool too!

Thank you for playing!! I worked very hard on the game's invisible music so I'm glad it was worth it! 

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Good story with funny twists. I thought the guy taking your mouse away was really clever! An amazing game considering it's your first! I enjoyed it a lot and hope you make more!

Thank you so much! Your game was great too! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

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This is a rail shooter/infinite runner where an alien shoots flyers at people to prove that he is real.

U.M.Pe: Unidentified Myth Prover

It's very short. Hope you like it!

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This is my moongame (game in alien) 

U.M.Pe: Unidentified Myth Prover

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Great game with a really good idea but I think the controls could use some tweaking. It got really annoying when I had to cancel my anti-gravity and type it again because I couldn't move while I was in the air or die to a spike because the movement was kind of slippery. Except for that, it's a really good game with nice visuals too! You could do a lot with this concept!

Liked it a lot. Traveling through the maze was a bit confusing but maybe that was what you were going for. If not adding clear landmarks would've helped a lot. Other than that, it's a good game!

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Very cool spin on the "choose your own adventure" genre! The story was interesting too! Hope you make more stuff in the future!

What a wonderful little game! With lovely art and music too!

Same here. Looks like we'll just have to wait.

eye opening but is there an ending?

This is a wonderful first project! Very short and simple! Hope you make more stuff in the future!

Woo I did it! It took an hour but I did it!

Yes! The gag was the most important part of the game!

Really well made and polished. Maybe in a full release there could be other characters that also want to help you and give you different ups and downs. Great game. Well done!

I can't believe the art was made in 2 days, it looks amazing. I really like the concept. Maybe each character can be strong against a specific enemy kind of like Pokemon types. Great work!

This is a great game. I really like the style. You should add on more levels and a few extra features and make it into a full game. I really enjoyed it.

Great concept! I like how it fits with the theme. The level design is great! So is the art style. I really enjoyed it!

This is one of the most unique ideas I've seen so far. The art is AMAZING! The hit boxes could use a bit of improvement but still. You should make this a full game or at least put this mechanic into a game your making.

The game is great though I feel like there could have been a bit of polished here and there in the collisions and art. Expect for that it's really good!

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Great game! The music is great! So is the level design. The lighting and art was really well done. Play my game too if you got the time!