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The Staring DaggersView game page

The Staring Daggers are a relentless force that can only be halted when you stare back.
Submitted by Ferhanzo — 9 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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The interesting concept, its like weeping angels or SCP-173, sometimes it gives that horror feeling like something behind you. I like it.

What about to add a sound to daggers that they can constantly produce, so you can hear that something is flying behind or at right/left?

my record: 158

btw, godot is cool, I also used it for my game

Submitted (6 edits) (+2)

Nice little concept, makes me think of Sayuka (Freezes time and throws daggers), in-fact it somewhat has a bullet-hell feel. I'd love to see it expanded on.

Quick Thoughts

  • Took me a moment to figure out how to play.
  • Noticed a little bug: if you look at your feet, the daggers get frozen and can't harm you.
  • Wish the audio made it a bit more clear as the daggers approached, not just when they're next to you.
  • It would be interesting to see how it'd play if you made the daggers move like seeker missiles (dodgeable) and added breakable cover objects
  • Consider having a visible object (eg. a character), spawning the daggers to make them a bit more predictable.
  • Also, I found myself mostly staring at the sky, adding traps  on the ground (or simply pitfalls) could add to the challenge.

Thank you so much for playing! I don't even know what to say, so right now I'll just say that I greatly appreciate your feedback!