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One of my favorites was Sweet Hell ( It's hard as shit, but it captures a specific aesthetic of old game incredibly well.

Short but super duper polished. All of the bosses had really fun attacks and the upgrades made the game go from really hard to really easy. I had fun!

Cool ideas here. The bosses have really interesting attack patterns. I feel like you could clarify what the different player forms do a little better, since it isn't mentioned very much on the game page.

The bosses have really cool patterns but it feels almost impossible to get hits in with any of the weapons. The melee weapons have almost no range and the projectile weapons are very difficult to control, but none of the bosses feel designed for that level of close-close-range combat.

Nice art style. There's not very much variety in the enemies and bosses, and I never encountered any coins or powerups in any of my runs.

Neat idea for the exchange mechanic. It's pretty easy to spam the attack button and destroy projectiles or quickly kill the boss before the health draining became a major concern. Adding in additional attacks that can't be destroyed, like melee attacks, would be a good counter to this strategy. I like the grappling mechanic as well, there's probably a lot of ways that could be expanded on.

The player's hitbox is a bit too large to dodge attacks at close range, which is unfortunate since you start with only a melee weapon. The dash also doesn't seem to do anything. I like the boss' attack patterns, I really wish I could see the rest of them.

I really like the blend of 2D and 3D. The bosses were pretty fun; I had trouble with the third boss for a while because it isn't obvious that the player can stand on the speaker as a platform. There's also some delay with the slam and jump that make them a bit difficult to control.

Verry silly game! I'm pretty bad at Guitar Hero-type games so I didn't get that far but the game really oozes with style.

Don't sell yourself short, actually finishing your first project is a victory in itself. You've got some good stuff going here too; I love those little slime guys. Adding more upgrade types and telegraphing enemy attacks would be a good place to start building on.

Really cute art and animations! It didn't seem like there was any way of winning, though, since the boss would just keep attacking even after being killed. It also might be nice to add some i-frames, since the fire breath attack from the top head can stunlock and kill the player pretty easily.

I liked the shop mechanic, but the item descriptions were too small for me to know what they did. I wasn't sure if I could damage the boss either or if I just needed to outlast it.

I liked the different playstyles each character had. Having health carry over between bosses makes the game pretty difficult; I feel like increasing the amount of health healed by the potion would make things a little easier.

Neat little deckbuilder. It's definitely more balanced for multiplayer, and some of the mechanics aren't really explained, like the different types of resources and how cards spend/gain them. It's also a bit difficult to plan out moves when the game is in real-time.

Very silly little game, not too difficult. I loved all the expressions!

The gameplay and sprites are very glitchy, and as far as I could tell the boss is unable to take damage and the player is unable to die.

Really cool mechanic and great presentation, but the difficulty ramps up really quick and I'm not a fan of having to start over from the beginning after death.

Really fun bosses and attacks! I loved the exchange mechanic and how the player could mix and match builds. Adding some music and sound would really make this game good.

Interesting idea but the inability to look up/down and lack of crosshair made the game feel really awkward to play.

Fun game, good place to build on further. The music and sfx are good but very very loud.

Fun little game, love the visuals and cartoon aesthetic.

Short but fun, I liked the how the spare/destroy mechanic worked.

Fun little roguelike. The music stopped playing for me after a little bit.

Not bad, but it doesn't really feel like a Boss Rush. 

Dating parts are pretty fun, but I had trouble with the fight sections. The player's hitbox is pretty big and moves very slow, and a lot of the projectiles are hard to see against the background.

The controls are really weird and floaty, I'm not sure why the arrow keys weren't used.

Nice ideas here, but the boss and attack hitboxes seem way larger than their sprites, and it isn't very fun to wait for the enemy to stop attacking before you can hurt them instead of being able to damage them constantly.

Cool ideas with the swapping, but I found it hard to keep babysitting the bird during the fight, especially since it can't attack.

Super stylish but really fuckin hard. Dopefish lives btw

Fun bullet patterns, and you had some nice quality-of-life features. I didn't really see the exchange mechanic outside of the game description; it felt more like a space shooter but with AI girlfriends as the sprites.

Cool ideas and I love the claymation! However, I had some issues with the controls, especially with the leap attack, which felt very unresponsive and would only occur after clicking more than twice. The "Load Game" option also didn't work for me.

Super fun! There may be only one boss but it has a lot of attacks that interact in really interesting ways. I feel like adding different types of projectiles with different properties would be a great place to start expanding on the mechanics.

I wasn't able to damage the boss because of how often it jumps around the map; the bursts of steam don't last long enough to damage it, and you can't interact with them when the boss is nearby because its kill hitbox overlaps with the button.

Pretty fun! I like the variety between the different enemies, but I didn't realize the rook also had health until I exited the game and saw the health bars. 

Fun OMORI-style turn-based combat! I had a lot of trouble dealing with the bosses later on, since it's very easy to lose health and there are very few opportunities to heal. I feel like losing a turn to switch to another character gives the boss to large of an advantage; being able to control all of the family members at once might make the game easier.

Really cool stuff! RTS games are usually way too complicated to build for a game jam but you did a great job with it. 

Fuck you I beat it

The lengths that you went to emulate an unfair Amiga game were next level. Untelegraphed attacks, unresponsive jumps, platforms that can only kinda be jumped through, the works. This looks exactly like a game that would be featured on some AVGN vid from 2009, and I mean that both as a compliment and an insult.

Cool theming. I think the amount of knockback the bosses attacks deal is way to high, to the point that they can very easily stunlock you if you jump above them when they attack.

I feel like the player's health drains way too quickly when guarding, to the point that it's usually safer to just dodge the attack.

Super cute aesthetic, super fun gameplay. My biggest complaint is that the hitboxes for some of the bosses/attacks felt a little too big, but everything else is damn near perfect.