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Hydras QuestView game page

Bossrush 2024 entry - hydra goes on a quest
Submitted by madmarcel (@madmarcel) — 9 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
ART / VISUALS#683.8003.800
SOUNDS / MUSIC#1652.8002.800
BOSS DESIGN#2162.4002.400
USE OF THEME#2841.8001.800

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Game's take on the theme
The hydra end boss exchanges roles with the player

Did your team create the vast majority of art and music during the game jam?
yes, art is all mine, music is cc-sa-by

Did your game use PlusMusic?

Did your game use Playroom?

Did your game use generative AI art?
Absolutely not!

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Hey there, I am trying to get other to re-submit their reviews for my game if was deleted and removed from the Jam on accident based on a technicality which was solved between the Jam Host and a particular asset used in the game...please if you have time, energy, and/or generosity to re-saved your ratings/reviews for the game. I am going through and re-saving yours given my browser kept your rating saved data on my end...but it looks like I lost all 73 reviews and ratings from my end....  :( best of luck to you in the Jam 

I don't remember anything about this one too much about it upon 2nd review, the art was good by the gameplay was pretty standard which means it was nice but nothing that stood out I guess... 3.25/5 is where I stand.... best of luck to you!


Good art, but the gameplay is of course a little lacking. But still good job


Really cute art and animations! It didn't seem like there was any way of winning, though, since the boss would just keep attacking even after being killed. It also might be nice to add some i-frames, since the fire breath attack from the top head can stunlock and kill the player pretty easily.


The art is really good. The music is amazing as well. The controls were great and so were the animations. Good Job.

If you are interested, could you please play my game too. I would really appreciate it.


Charming art style and really polished experience. Great job!


absolutely loved the art and music in the game!:)


Very cute art and pretty overall. Loved the design of the boss and liked how each head had a slightly different attack as well. Overall pretty enjoyable! I did find the ending somewhat annoying since the boss still attacked you even after you killed it.


the game was cute and had some smooth and pretty animations. i had some overlapping audio after dying a few times and i feel like the fireburst from the ground gives the player noroom to dodge if you dont know that its coming. so beating this boss at first try seems impossible since the burst also stunlocks you and at this point its basicaly a oneshot.

after dropping all 3 heads down the boss just kept shooting and the game went on i dont know if thats a bug or if you didnt managed to make an end. 

anyways still a nice game well done :-)


Cute protagonist.


Nice game. I love the music :D


I like the boss shooting effects. The art came out well. Shooting the boss was a little difficult. It's a challenging and fun game!

I'd like to invite you to play my game if you're interested.


Fun game! Movements could be smoother, and there's a minor audio issue after a few deaths. Good job overall!

(1 edit) (+1)

It was like peeing infinite magic... it was fun and retro and also right to the point action. lol given all that it was about 3.25/5 for me. Good job!


Flame one shot me...

dead hydra also fire at me   WTH  lol.


Pretty fun ! I feel that the health bar does not update when it should, and would love it it the player had a bit more i-frames so you don't get stunlocked by patterns !
Very cute artstyle !


some feedback, you dont die when your supposed to, players jump is too high for the zoomed in style, also wheres the theme?


Still working on all that. Thanks for the feedback 😃