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I really loved the game! It presented a very cohesive idea and I loved that the atmosphere, art, sounds, and gameplay made the idea more pronounced.  The breaking trees and death animations really help out a ton for the feel of the game. The fast pacing makes the fights feel more impactful, and the thought behind the overall scene and setting is what really strikes it home for me.

Gameplay wise it felt great, but not quite amazing. I agree with some of the other comments mentioning that it would be nice if the vfx and sfx made the hits more noticeable. I think the fights with bosses felt weird sometimes because the visuals and sound didn't line up with what I was expecting from my character or from the boss.

Let's do today then! Discord username is masadasa

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How about today or tomorrow 2/13, 2/14 at 3:00pm PT.  I'm on the boss rush discord and my email is

Sure! I would enjoy an interview. Just let me know a time and place so I can make sure I have time to meet. 

liked the direction with changing stats but the boss was way too difficult for me. 

Very cool and the teleportation was done very well. I loved the art and music also. Besides the difficulty maybe being tweaked slightly,  I loved it.

I reallly enjoyed the game. Mechanics were very well made and loved the style. I didn't figure out how to change attacks until later so it became kindof hard for me at the sorcerer.

Very cute art and pretty overall. Loved the design of the boss and liked how each head had a slightly different attack as well. Overall pretty enjoyable! I did find the ending somewhat annoying since the boss still attacked you even after you killed it.

Beautiful graphics and very interactive game. I couldn't quite tell how low or high my sanity was to tell me how good I'm playing or not. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and overall gameplay though.

Loved the idea of the timeline exchange idea. Very unique and interesting to do. Loved the visuals and sound as well. 

Love the animation, art, and SFX. The music is well done as well. I also experience the same issue with lag when I shoot.

Super pretty and visually pleasing. I liked the attacks the bosses made and the switching between blue and red state was well made. I wasn't quite sure if I was hitting the boss or not though. Super fun touch with the story interaction with the player!

I loved the idea of exchanging controls with the minions! Super fun and addicting. Ended up playing it multiple times. I think a quick tutorial or way of showing the exchange and why it helps the player would be super helpful since it took me a while to figure out. I had a bug where I died after exchanging to a minion and the game just froze.

I loved the grapple mechanic. The boss was way too hard for me I couldn't quite figure out how to dodge the boss attack while hitting him.

Good art and the boss mechanics were all unique and fun to learn! I wish the exchange was available right from the get go and some sound would be very nice.

Loved the idea of a card exchange for this game jam theme. The biggest issue for me was that the cards and boss didn't do what I was expecting it to. 

I like the idea of exchanging score for health! I did find a bug where if you play the browser game for too long, the bullets you shoot disappear. 

I liked the enemy attacks and movement, but the attack hitboxes never quite lined up with what I was expecting. 

Couldn't figure out the controls for navigating the menu screen. Can I ask how to press enter?

Thanks! I haven't yet heard anyone talk about the color change mechanic so it's nice to hear that you liked it.  I kindof rushed the color change mechanic at the very end so I was a bit worried about it. Thanks again for playing, I think my overall takeaway is that a lot of polish would go a long way for something like this >.<

I love this idea!

Teleporting is fun. I wish I could've added more teleporting tricks >.<

Thank you!

I'm starting to realize how important some of the QoL elements are. Thanks again for testing it out : )

I like the idea of the parry but I wish it had a better indicator! Great work!

Loved the story and the gameplay was very fun. I think the vfx could be slightly better to show certain effects, but I loved the gameplay and look of the game.

Super fun! Liked the move and feel of the game as well as the animations.

I did consider that at some point, but couldn't get around to implement it. I was thinking like a final move for each boss where you had to do some moves consecutively.

Fun game! Needs some polish, but I really enjoyed it. I'm amazed that the AI somehow knows to dodge? Pretty smart design choices overall.

I apparently won by jumping off the edge. The boss could never hit me. I like the idea of just staying alive to win though. Like a survival platformer.

Loved the game art design and feel for the movement. Bosses were super fun and unique as well. Maybe it's just me but I could not figure out how to exchange cards?

Very elegant design for showing health and player/enemy at the same time. Fun and addicting to play as well. More please.

I agree. Switching with objects is a great idea.

Amazing job! Boss design and flow of events felt really good! I wish it had sound and maybe some way to end the fight since it respawns after you beat it.

Amazing visuals and scenery for the game! I felt very immersed

Thought it was very cool that the sword moves with the direction you are attacking. Cool ideas for bosses as well.

I love the art and visuals! I had a hard time trying to get that 2D top down look right so you did a great job!

Fun game! I think the art palette makes things hard to see and differentiate different objects, but overall  I thought the movement felt good.

Thanks so much for playing! Mind if I ask what made the VFX confusing or if there were particular ones in mind? I really wanna know to better improve for next time.