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This is a gorgeous looking set of tiles, great job.

What can I say, some men just want to watch the world burn XD

Well thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the project.

Ahh I see, that would make sense :D might try it again this arvo, I can’t let it stand being beaten by my food XD

Yeah I couldn’t get a proper tutorial in either and ended up just attaching some hopefully helpful text to some NPCs, not sure that was a great success though XD

Ah you mean that the damage was hurting your uninhabited body? I thought I had disregarded that entity from damage logic, but perhaps my fix for that only applied to the melee attacks. If that’s the case then knowing that should make it an easy enough fix.

Yeah it can be a pain sometimes, I had similar issues whilst trying to sort out viable resolutions with the pixel-perfect camera. Glad you managed to find a fix for it though.

Haha yeah I had tried to slow the skeleton down to encourage not running through rooms but it turned out to just feel so slow that it wasn’t fun. I think in future I’d focus on getting in mechanics that I didn’t get to this time around, like cracked walls that need to be blown up by the wizard to open some pathways, and things like that to really make use of the individual character types. But that meant allowing enemies to leave their rooms which I didn’t get time to sort out :D

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it.

I found it crazy difficult but that’s mostly because I’m not any good with platformers where there’s deceleration to the running, I’m far more a snappy start/stop movement kinda player.

Not sure if I misunderstood the instructions at the start, or if it’s a bug but the instructions suggest you can hit the sauce twice before you die, but it seems to kill me first time.

That said it was fun to run and jump around, I really liked there were multiple different routes to take from the start that was really cool, and I like the art style, though I agree with Jack the intro text was a bit hard to read.

All in all, a nice platformer despite me being awful at it XD, Well done!

Very fair feedback, I got excited about and caught up working on some of the under the hood systems the project has. This unfortunately led to not putting enough time into the design side of things when it came to the various combat abilities and bug testing around them. Having the mage be immune to their own explosions is a good quality of life change I could make, I’ll try to find some time after the Jam to push some of these kinds of changes to a new version, but I’ll probably hold off for a little bit so that people can play and review the game as it was at the time of submission.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback.

The only real bug I came across was the one Jack pointed out, It looks like when the bullets spawn the collision pushes them out of the turret sideways, so whilst the turret is aiming at the enemy, the bullet misses and it just sits there firing endlessly.

I also would have preferred a higher camera angle but that’s a personal preference for more easy selection of tiles.

All said and done though, a fun little game, I enjoyed the chaos as the tanks show up and everything starts firing wildly at each other. Could be a really fun little tower-defense game with some further development.

Great job.

Thanks for the kind words. It’s a shame I got carried away with some of invisible ‘under the hood’ systems as there were a bunch of graphics for mechanics that sadly just didn’t end up making it into the game.

I’d love to see this with the rare effects to see what they would bring to the game.

Overall whilst a simple game it was still fun to just try and flip the ball around. However it turns out I suck at pinball XD

Keep working on this it’d be fun to come back to and play further down the line.

It took me a really long time to work out the controls as the shift key didn’t seem to do much at first, but that may be my keyboard as it soon started to work just fine.

I love the puzzles in this, although the ability for the diglet-esque creature to carry things took me a long time to figure out since the game established his ability prior as moving under walls, so I wasn’t expecting a second use.

That said the combination of possessing different creatures to get through the puzzles is great, I did something similar but it doesn’t have nearly as much purpose as it does here.

Great job, well done.

As Zment pointed out there’s a bit of a lack of knowing what’s going on besides endlessly exploring screens. So I wasn’t really sure if there was a goal per-se.

That said it was really fun to run around and shoot things, I loved the little dissolving call effect on the projectile.

Also knowing this is a custom engine that you’re making is impressive to. Besides mirroring the points made by Zment the only other suggestion I would have is perhaps a visual indication on screen of how long the current random influence will last, but that may have been omitted intentionally, I found myself walking face first into a few enemies because the slowdown ran out when I wasn’t prepared.

All said and done though, great entry, fun to play with and very impressed with it being a custom engine. Great job.

Love the mechanic of the tarot cards giving you different abilities. Graphics look nice although the camera did lead to a lot of vertical tearing on the tiles.

Platforming felt good, although a little bit of coyote time on the jumping would help with some of the wider gaps. But otherwise still really fun to run around in and play with.

I didn’t manage to finish but I did enjoy playing what I did get through, great job on this one. Would love to see the mechanic expanded with more cards and abilities there could be a really cool platforming / deck-builder game there.

It took me longer than I want to admit to realize I could walk off the main path :D once I worked that out I finally got past the first level.

I liked that the second level had various routes so when I ballsed up and missed the axe I still was able to get past.

Difficulty definitely could have been a little slower of a progression, it drops you right in the deep end, but it was still really fun to play. Great Job Mottzy

The madman only went and did it, 3 whole jam themes/restrictions in a single game. Hats off to you sir.

The Gerblins came out looking amazing, as does the rest of the prison art. Nice difficulty curve, and it always felt like my fault when I borked it up and got one of my prisoners skewered by an arrow.

The dragging each character individually is a cool idea and adds some real challenge when the party starts getting big.

A really fun little game, great job.

I worked out what was going on quickly enough, and I love the idea of combining the mastermind mechanic with the dungeon crawling I think there could be a really cool almost rogue-lite game in that.

I did really struggle with the enemies though, the angles they came at me from made it really hard to shoot as they would go just above/below my magic and in some cases I’d be unable to jump them because of platforms. Because of that I didn’t get too far, but if i understand the gods hints then I did get at least 2 gems right before giving up.

Controls were a bit floaty but as I’ve noticed from a few games that’s just a personal preference. I also really liked reading about your self imposed 128x128 limit. Those sorts of challenges are a lot of fun!

Great job!

Think I broke the end screen by yeeting WV and myself off into the vast unknowns :D.

I mean this was just a joy to play, nice simple mechanics, clean implementation, some good polished game feel, and some really nice levels. Only negative for me was that the duck movement controls felt a bit floaty, but that’s a personal preference for snapier movement.

Overall this is just a great little game. Hat’s off to you all.

Fun little game, I did fall a lot of the time though from just slightly mistiming my jumps, I think some coyote time and or pre-jump leniency would make the controls feel super crisp. Cute and consistent art style, Only managed to get a few crates, but still a fun time. Great job.

Clearly I should stick to the day job, as I’m no good at fishing :D. Great little game, love the art style and aesthetic to no surprise.

Did get a bit buggy after a few fishing trips where it would start telling me about a catch the moment I fished instead of at the end (possibly showing for the fish before since I had one that didn’t seem to trigger). But besides that it worked great. I even tried to fish up the mimes and cowboys but they were having non of it XD

Nice job Vault.

Controls were a bit hard, but not entirely sure how I would handle controls for this game so I can’t really hold that against you. The game itself was fun to play, the graphics were good, it was a super juicy experience. Great job!

The shooting mechanic was very interesting, I’ve never seen a shoot-up then fire are target system before so that was quite fun to play around with. The platforming was good, the camera felt a little too slugish for my liking but that’s a very subjective thing. Had a fun time trying to work out what paths I could take given the jump heights, and i really liked the art style. The only thing I came across that felt like a bit of a flaw was that if I wasn’t careful when jumping up to the surface, my character would immediately fall back down, treating it as the end of that run and making me run back to the other one. Great job though, well done!

Thanks for the feedback, the camera has definitely come up in some other feedback too so there’s certainly something to be done to improve that. Thanks for the feedback on the game though,m I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be playing a few games this evening so will pop yours on the list.

Ah it was your first game, I didn’t realise, welcome to game development!

Nice little platformer. Most of the points I would make have already been raised in other comments like the lack of need to leave ghost mode, and navigation being difficult due to the large sprawling area. Otherwise the only glitch I encountered was sinking into the floor when dropping from a large height which led to me having to restart if I couldn’t die.

But a fun little experience, controls felt responsive enough, style was consistent. Good job!

I had considered some form of map, but wouldn’t say I’ve considered if I have a preference of it over a more memory based approach. To be honest though in this case there just simply wasn’t the time once all was said and done. I’ll be sure to check out your project at some point, be interesting to see other peoples takes on a similar concept.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game :)

A fair comment, the current settings were made so that when falling the camera would show more of the area below the player so you weren’t falling blind. However it does result in the behaviour you described. The camera has separate ‘look head’ scales based ont he characters velocity on the horizontal and vertical axis, so perhaps I just need more time to balance those and dial in on better values.

Thanks for the feedback Glad you enjoyed the game, I’ll be sure to give yours a look.

Yeah the lack of communicating the double jump has been mentioned in other feedback too so you’re not alone on that one. It’s definitely something that slipped my mind having just gotten too used to it being there, once updates are unlocked I’ll do a patch at some point to fix minor bugs and improve the communication of the double jump.

Thanks for the feedback though, I’m glad you enjoyed playing the game.

Well thanks very much, I’m glad the effort shows and that you enjoyed playing it.

Thanks for the review, glad to hear you enjoyed the game.

“Ah they tried to trick me to swapping back into a human….. Oh I needed to be a human didn’t I” Wonderful moment to watch that :D Thanks so much for recording the play through, It’s really a great thing to be able to watch people as they play, see how they follow or don’t follow direction and get their train of thought as they play.

Glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for the kind words. It’s my first time trying a proper project in pixel art style and my largest amount of pixel art done for a project, so It’s really appreciated to hear people like it. There definitely are a couple small bugs but fortunately you don’t seem to have come across them.

I’ll be sure to check out you game this evening after work!

Oh boy, well that was an experience aye. Fun little platform game, some nice mechanics with the pillow and the replay shadows.

The art was awesome, nice detail, some great depth with the faded backgrounds, and generally just felt like a really solid experience. Very nice work indeed, would recommend!

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Fun little platformer. I did notice is that the camera favours putting the character quite low in the frame, which often leads to making blind jumps back to the ground level without being able to see potential hazards. Great job though, I loved the spooky theme to it all, and I love the trees in the background.

Haha fun review to read :D sorry to hear you didn’t get to the last lever. It does require some platforming though for sure. A sneaky tip, when you’re in the big tower room, if you go to to the floor where you turn into a ghost, drop off the side and hold left to get back into the halway, you can then take the stairs all the way to the top where it’s a little easier to jump across to the lever.

I’m glad you enjoyed the game. And yes, our heroic spirit walking character is willing to suspend all disbelief and take the realization of a machine that turns him back and forth from ghost to human all a days stride. We could all learn a lot from his reckless abandon :D

Sorry to hear you didn’t finish it, I’ll admit there’s definitely room for improvement as far as guiding the player through parts of the game, not being a designer I just had to kind of wing that part and do the best I could. But it’s something I’ve noticed from seeing people play it, and so definitely something for me to try and work on in future projects.

Glad you enjoyed the game though, thanks for the feedback :)

Haha thanks for the kind words. Beyond functioning as a sort of ‘score’ they really didn’t have a purpose to be honest. I had ideas for how I wanted them to serve more mechanical purpose, like a kind of fuel allowing you to become a ghost instead of the machines, but by the time I developed that Idea, I didn’t have the time to implement it in a way I was happy with and that felt balanced. It’s definitely my biggest regret in terms of self assessment of the project.

As for the large space, it’s all just a benefit of a tilemap and large brushes, made creating rooms a lot quicker than having to place each tile individually.

Glad you enjoyed the game :)