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I seriously doubt you know what you’re talking about if you think AI might nuke the world. What is going to happen is that one day, it fails, the overgrown babies that comprise the future will be unable to cope and cause the human race to go extinct.

Okay so you have a point. I don't know what I am talking about. But mention overgrown babies that comprise the future and I now know that you don't know what you are talking about either.

Maybe we should just find out each other's postal addresses IRL and dig a deep pit and fight to the death. It may help the world once you're gone and I'm in prison. When we're both where we each belong (you, six feet under, and me, in solitary confinement) this world will be a better place.

Do not include me in your we. If I had the chance, I would kill everyone responsible for its creation.

I see that as a threat. When I feel threatened, I fight. You want a brawl? I don't want to spill blood in this forum. If you wish to fight me, come find me IRL and I'll help you find your maker.

you don't trade away your own intelligence by using AI; you enhance and augment your own intelligence by using AI

Just reading the title of this thread, without any further context, I was going "yay!". I could love having the mass mail server malfunction by going down at some point. I get enough junk emails already that this is welcome news to me. Now what were you saying again? (Rhetorical question.)

AI art is theft mainly when it involves non-fungible tokens, which are a type of a Ponzi pyramid MLM fraud scheme.

That's my opinion. Go get your own.

If you're so offended why not just move to Florida already? The other perks of living in the sunshine state include nonstop access to Disneyworld, EPCOT, the other movie theme parks, Legoland, and the ability to watch a SpaceX rocket liftoff into the early morning sky every once in a while, but on a regular basis, and not live streamed on YouTube but IRL... if you live close enough to the space coast.

AI-generated boudoir photography shoots will be awesome. I assure you.

AI isn't the threat. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. When you have bad kids becoming criminal adults, you don't say the kids were always the threat... who raised the little shits, eh? You have to look at the progenitor, not just the creation.

We are the progenitors of AI. If AI is going to go bat-guano deranged and be a woe unto us all, well, we brought AI into existence. Maybe we should consider why we are bringing this AI brainchild of ours into the fold and what we can do to be a good role model to it, so it doesn't nuke the world to smithereens just for the fun of it.

AI is just a tool. It has no purpose whatsoever other than that which you give it, in order to achieve some objective that you determine. Thus there is no good or bad purpose for AI. Your use case dictates the ethics of using such a tool. If you use the wrong tool for the wrong job, that's not the fault of malicious AI, that's all on you, bud.

By the way, that 3% of browsers mainly consists of web crawlers, spam bots, and Lynx. Not to be rude, but just to let you know, your argument doesn't hold water.

Sources: I am a former cyber security technician & web hosting datacenter systems administrator and I know what I am talking about.

Hi, I'm a certified housecat. Not really though, but you know...? I don't know where I am getting at here. Anyways... nice to meet you, K thanks, bye!

unwarranted waste of page space

sounds sketchy. how many viruses you go over there eh?

an exo-colonist is an off-world space colonist

also, you have to study long & hard, and do residencies and other cool things, in order to become an oncologist. if someone can be licensed as an oncologist as a teenager, it tells me 3 things:

  1. they are a super genius
  2. everyone on the state licensing board needs to be shot for their gross oversight
  3. the system has clearly failed at some point

you have to be an adult to get into medical school in the first place. teenagers are just not psychologically mature enough to become licensed doctors

also, in case you have a certain rebuttal at the ready, this ain't the 1800's anymore; we're now in the 21st century and people take longer to grow up, so... no, that argument won't work here. case in point: you still play video games!

you clearly need to replace your keyboard

gender isn't locked-in in the real world (you can always get sex reassignment surgery if you want it and can pay for it) so why would it be in a video game, eh?

I second this, we need a Linux version. And a BSD version. And an AMIGA version. And a web browser playable demo version. Please, please, please!

if you call yourself an artist, even a humble one, you clearly are not an artist. "artist" is something you earn as a privilege for other people to call you, not something you can be entitled to call yourself. if you do consider yourself an artist, I suggest it is time you grew up and got a job

why would you want to do that? you a bootlicker or something? c'mon let's defund the police. all cops are bad. don't you punks ever learn? those pigs shoot unarmed black teenagers for fun and profit.

just sayin'

well, at least here in America, they do

yum, get in my belly

it's a very bad sign if you are launching projectiles and you don't know where they are going to go

no it's actually called omfg (but just leave out the "om" and everything will be fine)

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get a smaller screen rather than asking the devs to cater to your special needs

as andrew tate once said, the world doesn't owe you squat; you need to go earn what you think you are worth... in hindsight I don't think it was cobra tate who said that... anyways...

it's just you; maybe skill up or something

the magic word is always "please" and you say "thank you" when you get what you wanted

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the pc port will be available once Russia leaves Ukraine alone

well done, not did

use proper syntax or die

go feed yourself

unexpected mechanics make for a really good game, surprisingly! :-) <3

brutal - I can't even get past the first level in 3 tries or less

I wasn't expecting three homing missiles! And the music may be a bit too annoying after a short amount of respawns. But overall, it was not bad for a first try. ;-) Keep up the good work. You'll eventually be a pro at this.

here's some beano

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Band of Brothers: it's a World War II military FPS game - oh wait - they already made a game about that. It's called the original Call of Duty.

Ditto for Saving Private Ryan.

I'm Nate. I'm a certified housecat. Not really though.

why was the last line struckout?

Does it have to be a video game? Board games or AR games are not permitted for submission?

So pro tip for the masses: don't do a game based on Top Gun: Maverick. Not only does the original Top Gun have a buttload of video and board games already licensed from it, but you'll probably attract unwanted attention from the Paramount Group if you make a game about the latest iteration in the franchise.