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Really nice game, both thematically and gameplay-wise.

Having the same issues.

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Win 10 and Chrome is what the game was developed on, so it may be issues with work-related restrictions, or an unsuitable Chrome version.

This is the line that errored, when canvas.getContext("webgl2") couldn’t get the context.

This table here details compatible browsers, which I will add to the page shortly. If you are on Chrome 56 or older (chrome://version/) then that is likely the issue.

Really nice art, definitely has lots of potential with a solid start!

The arrow key controls felt strange initially. Maybe an alternate control scheme, such as clicking to move, or another set of keys would be better?

Gets challenging very fast, but really fun! The mechanics complement each other nicely.

Really good puzzles and entertaining dialogue. Love the style overall.

Perhaps there could be multiplayer too?

Very smooth and enjoyable gameplay, even as someone that has never played Yahtzee before.

What browser are you using?

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Really nice concept and execution. The locked, absolute window size causes issues with a lower screen resolution (1366 x 768), though.