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I didn't realize it was possible to use the clipping so much, I think it might be a delta time issue. I can only do it if I stand up in rate tunnel! But yeah, I'm planning to fix it after the jam. Thank you!

I see! My bad, hmm, I think I just expected the spikes to stop the platform.


The knockup was intended, but the clipping was not! Although I kind of like the clipping, so I'm thinking about maybe using it as a mechanic in a different metroidvania game...!

Yeah, it's a little tricky to do, but it is possible to skip the final upgrade.

Thanks :)
enemies - Yeah I agree, I wanted to spend most of the time making levels so the enemies are super simple, more like something from a mario game where you are better off just jumping past them. but I like the idea of having something moving on screen, idk maybe I will try some moving platform or bumpers or something in a another jam :)

I like how massive the game feels, like when it's zoomed out and there's a overwhelming visual from all the different types of tiles on screen! 

I did feel a bit lost and I think I found a few pickups and NPCs I didn't interact with because I didn't know how to (I think a quick fix could be to add a button icon when the player are close to them, or talk / pick up when overlapping). But I feel like there's a lot more if a player puts in the time required to unfold it!

The art style is very solid! the water themed upgrades was also interesting. I would retried it more if it had more checkpoints. here' recording at 1:15:19

I like the mood of the clock room! 

here's a recording of my attempt at timestamp 54:32

I really like the backdash, and how you can jump out of it to get a boost. 

Also the tileset looks interesting. 

I think the slime enemy is interesting how it dodges attacks by shrinking into the ground, but I would have preferred it as a elite enemy instead of a mob enemy. 

Here's a recording of my first attempt 49:49 , I also tried it a second time and killed the slime boss in the dungeon.

The characters has a lot of... character! 

And I like the mechanic when the player carries a flame and gets an ability and then loses it to unlock something. 

The jumping felt short because I couldn't jump over enemies and spikes. 

Here's a video of my attempt at timestamp: 34:14

The weapon pickups felt really refreshing as upgrades. I was exciting to know what the next one would be, the bubble one was very nice! I also like the pace braking with the NPCs. Here's a recording of my playthrough at timestamp 19:08

The setup and intro of the game really makes it feel massive! Also good use of combining different art assets. Here's a recording when I tried it at timestamp 10:03

The enemy animation and variation of enemies is great!

Here's a video when I tried it: 

Really well made tiles and sprites! The set up with the character splitting is also interesting!

Here's a recording when I tried it 2:35:48

I enjoyed using the grappling hook and the NPCs with light dialogue with options works well! And the music ️‍🔥Here's a recording when I played it: 2:19:52

The graphics works well and I like the speedy movement / jumping, although I would have liked more checkpoints! Here's a video of my attempt at timestamp 2:15:00

I really like the idea of switching between different chess pieces to change the type of movement. Although I struggle a bit with how to use the dash move. Here's my gameplay at timestamp: 2:10:39

I like the tiles and the physics based platforms! The game also has a good premise for a longer game. Here's a recording, at timestamp: 2:05:57

I really like the theming of enemies and the musical note projectiles, especially the jumping piano! I recorded my playthrough here at timestamp: 2:01:40

I like the mechanic when you throw rocks and refill your supply from piles. Although I didn't get very far. I recorded my gameplay here, at timestamp 1:57:55

tbh I always end up making too hard games, and need to scale it back after play testing it with other players :)

There's a lot of details in the background art, with all the undergrowth and plants you can slice! There's also a large amount of systems, although I have to admit that I wasn't in the mindset to explore all of them in a game jam. I also like the map on road signs!
here's a recording when I tried the game at timestamp 1:47:20

Really good hit effects and enemy sprites! I also like the song a lot :) Here's a recording of when I tried it at timestamp 1:33:41

I really like the clean art style with shadows and bloom! I did struggle a bit with the rhythm timing and the section when you wall jump with spikes on both walls got me! here's a recording at timestamp 1:26:40

I like the camera and room layout, also an interesting art style. I did manage to complete it! Here's a recording at timestamp 1:21:53

I like the background! Although I didn't get very far, here's a short recording at timestamp 1:19:19

Idk, it felt like maybe I should have looked for hp or damage upgrades somewhere else and then returned to that area. I got kind of restless and just rushed the last encounter, but the spikes always got me in the end (╥﹏╥) Anyway I enjoyed the game overall, I wouldn't have made so many attempts if that wasn't the case!

I enjoyed playing it, although I would have liked more hp or if you respawn in front of a spike pit. Here's a recording of my attempt at timestamp 1:02:53

I really like the upgrades and how they are unlocked and spread out over the level! Here's a recording of when I tried it at the time stamp 43:37

The art assets works very well and there was a large variety of enemies! I didn't get to the end, here's a video recording at the time stamp 36:21

I like how each room is framed with a single screen camera and has something unique inside.

Here's a recording from my attempt at timestamp 27:25

I managed to complete it! here's the recording, at timestamp 17:33

I enjoyed the double jump / attack ability, it was interesting to time it to get extra height!

I recorded the gameplay, you can see it at the timestamp at 07:44

Hello, I tried your game, here's the video with a time stamp at 02:11:

I'm glad you liked it! It started out as a cut corner, but when I played with it for a while I kind of liked it and decided to keep it.

There's so much I want to fix with how the runes work. Make them stand out from each other, both visually and mechanically. How they combine with rune words and find some subtle way to give hints to players about rune words. +add different environments and enemy interactions. I would still like to improve it someday, but yeah, the core system required more refinement then what I initially expected.

Silent Space

I use a xbox 360 controller

Jump - A

Dash - X

Grab wall - RB

If I remember correctly this is what it also was like in Celeste I think its ok with jump and dash on keyboard, but when you also need to press an extra button, and hold it, that gets extra complicated on keyboard imho.

I think a alternative keyboard mapping could be based on FPS controls, like Move - WASD, Jump - Space, Dash - Shift, Grab - Ctrl. Or grab on shift and dash on ctrl or right click.

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Damn, you scared me! Very well set up with the suspicious sound in the background and the keycard disappearing, and then the jumpscare. I had to run back to the beginning area, and tbh turned off the game, I didn't want to go back that way :)

Small details: I miss a sound effect when picking up keycards. It was unclear which doors gets unlocked by which keycard. One idea could be to change the light on the door to the card colors. 

The graphics are of high quality, and I like the detail that there’s a light glow around the player character when you are in a very dark area.

It works now!