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Great graphics, reminds me of castle crushers!

Have you considered to allow the player to run and shoot? since it's a "run n gun" :)

Nice vibes! and It gets tricky to aim with fast moving enemies x slow projectiles.

one suggestion: automatically pickup the upgrade.

Also I think I got negative bullet speed, so the bullet would travel in the opposite direction XD

Mind bending! English translation requested :)

Thanks for the playthrough. I noticed a bug with the inventory, I will look into how to fix it. Thanks!

Thanks, it looks interesting! I like how the map is large and unfolds.

Interesting with the story framing + puzzle. Also interesting that you play each puzzle until you decide to move on to the next, aka no fail state!

Top tier visuals and good level design.

Some areas for improvement: 

  • It feels a little too harsh to lose a level when taking damage, maybe make a pick up that bounce around like in Cave games?
  • Why do I lose 2 hearts when getting damaged?
  • Feels like the boss is way too hard without the 10s beam. Tbh it’s a little too much to not shoot for 10s in the level, feels like the game becomes less interesting when using it.

Good art and effects, I especially like the water background, how it moves forward and to the sides. 

I miss a smart bomb, it's good as a palette cleanser for when the screen gets too crowded. 

Good idea to add free continues in a game jam.

Overall solid entry!

Good graphics, I especially like the player shooting effect (but yeah I would prefer without screen shake, because I would hold down fire all the time)

I feel like the player should move faster when he is riding a bike!

Good graphics and effects, also I like the font that pops up, and the sound effects to it.

Player starting movement is too slow. Enemy collision feels too small.

Good visuals, effects and all mini games fit together. Some themes are interesting interpretations, like the fruit / basket game. 

tbh I feel like there needs to be more "meat" in each mini game, ex another enemy type. shoot x, avoid y, pick up z.

Top tier visuals, and tbh completed it on my first try, so not too hard.

Some areas of improvement: 

Great mix between wario ware, super hot and shoot em ups!


I like the icons and how you get to pick which pop ups to remove, ex if they spawn more bullets you want to pick them first. Although it's a little hard to see by the visuals what they are going to spawn. 

It also fits that you get a blue screen and have to reset.

I think the next wave could spawn faster.

I like the concept of how the player has a big bow and shoots arrows. 

It was a  little confusing with the shifting, I'm not sure how it affected gameplay and at first it was unclear when the level changed or shifted.

Wow you made a game that’s only 10s second long! I think there could be sound effects and visuals for when you run out of time, I first expected that I got hit a couple of times.

Also the song is great, also after 10s, I think it would work if you don’t reset the song when the player dies.

Surprisingly “one more try”. There’s no highscore but at best I almost got to the stage with 6 enemies.

Coherent visuals, there could be more effects (enemy death, player death, nuke explosion).

The nuke is an interesting idea, but it feels a little too passive. What if it charged all the time, but when you don’t shoot it charges faster?

The dodge mechanics work well, I have never seen a dodge where you stand still in a bullet hell (you usually move, but then run the risk of colliding with different bullets, which is annoying).

The mix between enemies and boss fights works well. 

Some points for improvement:

  • The boss felt a little too grindy. 
  • The player movement felt too slow without any pick ups.
  • The music played twice in the tutorial, and wouldn’t loop in the main game.

The game plays well over all, cheers!

Great tutorial.

I  got multiple rounds when I lost because no, or only one, time pickup spawned. 

Asteroids works well in a bullet hell. 

I like the combination of building towers and avoiding bullets. I feel like enemies could die faster when hit by turrets.

The music is great! Feels like there's too many waves that spawn the same enemy type.

It feels satisfying to press space and boost around enemies, would be cool if you could run over some weak enemies. I also like how the tank changes visuals when you toggle between weapons. 

Some nitpicking: 

  • Screenshots, gameplay recording on the game page?
  • Visuals for the edge of the level.
  • Mini map - I expect the player marker to move around on the mini map. If it’s more like a radar I think it could be clearer if it was round.

Overall very playable :)

Nice art style and I like how some enemies turn into bubbles that you can collect, the player gets an incentive to move into the screen. Sometimes there's almost no enemies on screen. Also I miss a smart bomb.

Thanks, good point, I think I will add a warning sign in the post jam version.

Thanks, yeah, played a bunch of Downwell lately!

It helps a lot to watch gameplay recording. Thanks for the video!

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Submission Information

Game play video [link to a video] -

Team [Who did what?] - Christoffer with some help from Philipp and Leo

Contact email -

Tools and resources - Construct 2, Inkscape and icons (see game page)

How long was your development time in hours? - ~30

How does the game fit into the design constraint "Board Game Ecologies" - You play as a divine being that is responsible to take care of the nature in a local region. You try to balance the nature and your strive to gain divine power.

Great game! I really like how you explore and find different riders but can't pick them up when you already have one. So it feels positive to lose the current rider and go back and try one of them I found earlier.

This is crazy! (in a good way :) ) Like building long chains and luckily connecting them with bridge cards that jump colors, to finally run out of space when I never get the last color card that's suppose to start the chain...
Great game! Some ideas:
- scripted puzzels that can act as tutorials, and
- a open game, where you can move cards and stack them on the side to try out different paths.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I have started on a post jam version of the game that can be played here:

The current version has these changes: 

  • Health GUI on units and castles
  • Sound effects
  • Upgrade text

And I have a couple more on the to do list!

This game was pretty interesting! I'm a fan of wario ware and most mini games were interesting and it got a lot more complex when trying to play both at the same time :)

I like the meta framing when you walk around super zoomed out screens and encounter different enemies.

Some nitpicking:

I was a little confused about the two screens, after some playing I think that the left screen was protection and the right one was dealing damage. I think it can be clearer ex with a text label or with shield / attack symbols. I also think that it could have been nice to see how much health the enemy has.

It was also a little unclear if I completed some mini games, so a win text or some effect could help here. I also was a little confused about the walking character at the bottom because it looks like its in the level instead of as a timer :)

That said I think the game is great and I would like to play more of it :)

I think it would feel better if you half the hp or double the firing rate :)

Great effects on this one! I really like the feedback on the units, how they are greyed out when they attack and how the enemies get red when they take damage. Great feeling walking all over the map with an army of skeletons :)

I'm not 100% sure about the strategy part, feels like if I attack units, even if they kill something I'm going to gain them as new units.

The game was very easy until the knights came and just killed off all of my skeletons and I lost :( Great anyway :)

Great game! It works well with the combination of the overworld and the combat with similar controls in both but different goals.

I like how you have to protect the hearts in battle, I first tried to pick them up to gain more health. But it's a good thing to protect them, like how you need to pay attention to not bump into them.

It feels a little fiddly when there's a 1x1 hole you're trying to fit into from a corner, kinda wish that the blocks have a circle collision in corners.

It's a little slow to aim around. Maybe if there were mouse controls, or if it was possible to hold shift to change angle faster.

Destroying cars: 3 shoots feels like a lot! I don't think it requires a tutorial, but you could have more feedback when you hit a car once, like flashing, and or have a damaged sprite.

The crops felt like it was missing, but yeah it would have been cool to destroy buildings, and like craters on the roads from shoots!

This was great!

I like that you can both shoot and deal contact damage. I got to 7km, and turned it off there, didn't feel like it got any harder. 

some details: 

  • would have liked to run over the crops so the graphic changed.
  • I wanted to be able to shoot the cars before the enemies get out so you get a combo bonus. 
  • I saved up a lot of ammo, so it would have been great if the extra added a score bonus or something similar.

Cool concept! Some notes: 

The controls felt a little too complicated, ex I think something like, arrow keys to switch characters, space to activate abilities, would have worked better.

I expected the shield guy to block when he's standing on the front. Also that the dragons attack would only deal damage to the front guy.

I played the web version and the first song had 0 notes the first time I tried, fixed it when I switched song and back again.

The font on the "perfect" text is not super readable on the rail background.

Feels like enemies have a lot of HP. 

One chicken landed on top of the character and it stayed there, kinda glitching and it was hard to shoot it!

Great! I remember playing the labyrinth board game as a kid. Not much to add.

Maybe it got a little too simple when enemies were static. Maybe if you have an enemy that can move around tiles, or two player mode.

Some enemies that patrol, or ghosts that can walk through walls, or bats that fly and aren't affected by the tiles movement.