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Just got around to playing this, what a fun deviation from the usual games! I wish there were more powerups so that the dice would actually change up sooner into a match. Has anybody actually gotten to a 6 die before?!

There is a lot of control being offered to the player without difficulty to compensate. Like the bad and good spaces seem like good ways to augment the player's strength but with the ability to choose where you land it only really adds a reason to change up rolling a 6 every time as you target good spaces and go over bad ones. Other people commented on the way this game strays from the dice theme which I agree with even despite having randomly generated levels. An easy fix in my mind is to have the worm start at a random number every time and force the player to adjust their number on the fly which might address the awkward difficulty situation as well.

Can't say I have played a game like this before though and its strengths of balancing calculated moves with a rush to move forward are so satisfying! Such a winning formula with many ways to expand it if you were to update or target a full game release which I'd be excited to play. You already have tons of great art assets, lighting effects, and overall polish to work from which is quite impressive as a jam game. The worm character is so charming and a natural fit for a theme so heavily tied to numbers 1-6 as well as your gameplay requiring constant grounded forward movement or crawling. The variety in blocks also surprised me as it felt sufficiently random for multiple playthroughs and led to fun experimentation in the 2-10 minutes that most people will give a jam game.

Adding a score at the top is such a great motivater in these endless games that I wish more people included and while I don't understand entirely how it was adding points, it was an exciting experience to roll and then get to watch the score go up as the worm automatically moved forward. That score counter made the waiting portion of the game actually fun and felt like a subtley genius addition to your concept.

You did a great job overall and really impressed me as a somewhat experienced jam dev!

I'm not too great at bullet hells so keep that in mind with my comment. I found the controls to be overly responsive which I do understand is important for split-second dodging but there would be moments where I want to micro-adjust and end up throwing myself into an adjacent bullet because I shoot off so quickly. In that same respect, I was always able to outrun and dodge bullets assuming they didn't spawn on the sides of the screen, and catch me by surprise. The difficulty seems to be a beginner trap though, as with practice the levels become easy because you will learn the patterns and have hearts to spare. The buffs being random is interesting, but I question if it really shines in this game where you can choose your level and reset the buff with just one button. If the game had consistent progress with moving on to new levels with old buffs it would make for a fun roguelike experience of seeing how far you can make it with greater and greater effects placed on you. Overall had a ton of fun and liked the game feel

Wow, I really struggled with the speed of those dice! I am playing on a touchpad so I'm gonna offer lots of understanding for that as a point of difficulty. This is such a frantic experience fitting for the customer-serving genre of games. It's a lot of fun to do quick math when you are getting close to the number you are aiming for and that ability to re-roll dice does wonder for finding that exact number you need. Loving all the control and player agency on offer here, there's truly no mechanic or BS to blame for your loss in this game even despite the random numbers. Some indication of when a customer will leave or when you match their number would do a lot for the game feel and polish. Loved the concept and was impressed with its well-designed gameplay!

I am really digging the concept of throwing dice to hit enemies OR to roll for random effects. I think it adds tons of meaning to accuracy, holding fire, and rolling before entering a room. It's a genius concept in my opinion because it can add a defensive element to the shooter genre that just isn't explored by it's many many games. I feel as if the enemies in this game being really fast/small and how walls will disrupt your trajectory in unexpected ways kinda hinders the idea from really glowing because you'll naturally miss a ton of shots and end up with random buffs no matter what. That combined with limited dice ammo feels annoying when it comes to the early difficulty of the game even though it has great intentions in the overall design. Offering multiple dice is a natural step forward too, but I didn't get any explanation on their effects so naturally, I just aimed them towards enemies and hoped for the best. For all I know the bomb dice could always be debuffing or damaging me and I wouldn't know any better when I die 5 seconds into a room just trying to frantically throw my dice. In that same respect, there isn't much control in terms of choosing what die you want to throw next because you can't cycle or toss out unwanted dice. That addition would bring out strategy already lying dormant in the game unused. Overall I felt like the pace of the game was fast and aggressive but the strategy and design were asking for slower methodical play, curious to know your intentions as the developer. I am absolutely in love with the concept, game feel, and overall art style even if the gameplay can feel conflicting with its ideas. Great job!

For a randomly generated dungeon setup, I liked that you allowed the player to time when they hit the dice so that a speedrun could toss RNG out the window. A big complaint with games in this jam is the lack of control but you offer the alternative without losing the fun factor. I would have liked to see more added in terms of abilities, dice implementation, or maybe a boss fight at the end to give this game more meat on its bones. The platforming itself controls well and the level design is considerate of the physics and each room I played was interesting. All around good job!

Wow, we greatly appreciate all the praise and criticisms you offered here. The "endless" nature of the game is not all that and you are right about it lacking a boss battle in the jam build. Our priorities were aimed towards executing the concept while the difficulty and content being made with a 3 minute playtime in mind. The player visibility and hitbox sizes will almost definitely be adjusted in a future update if we make it. All around you made great points and observations which makes me really happy that you wrote it all out for us. Thank you!

Definitely, something we just didn't consider in development but luckily it can be a fun and exciting experience to roll and see what happens. We'll include this in an update if our team decides to work on it more!

This game was definitely the most unique concept I've played in this jam. It's such a fun balance to worry about enemies but then also keep track of the die and attempt to catch up to it. The platforming feels somewhat jumpy and the lamps could use some sort of better indication that they aren't just background elements. Polish those elements and I think you have an addictive formula that you could apply to different room types for a fun challenge every time. This also might work really well as a coop experience allowing one person to fend off enemies as the other chases the cube. I see tons of potential for fun with this concept and really enjoyed the game, great job!

I love the ideas and thinking you had while playing our game and we'll definitely consider these things if we do release an update. Thank you for your detailed comment!

We definitely were tempted to change the dice throw, but when we started experimenting with diagonal throws and bank shots off the wall/enemies, it was just too fun to get rid of and added a nice sense of mastery to the "unruly" throw. Did you ever try those tricks while playing and did it make any difference for you?

What sorta ideas did you have? I was thinking how tricky it would be if you cut off rightward rotations or maybe scrambling the die after every correct answer could be interesting ways of adding difficulty without breaking the simplicity of the game.

I think I would have preferred more diversity among the random weapons to make it feel like a true roll of the dice. The dark atmosphere and multiple hallways design led to many panic moments and on-the-go improvisation. I think you nailed the game feel and leaned into your main gimmick really well in a fun way.

Diificulty and enemy spawning aside, I really love the game feel presented here. The smoothness of movement, shooting, and the camera along with the polished visuals give this a high quality impression. I haven't seen different bullet spreads in the other shooters I played but here it feels great and would probably work wonders with more enemies in the room. The fact that the dice will change sides without shooting adds some really nice strategy behind the option of holding your fire which I always appreciate in a game. All in all I really liked what I played and would wanna see this developed further, good job!

Perfectly summed up my thoughts. I also finished the game and felt guilty with the semi-brute force methods I used just because it wasn't obvious to me if there was some overall strategy to keep in mind or rules to help you find your way there.

I've seen a few other games try a similar concept but your level design shows such an understanding of this puzzle concept and doesn't give players the room to mindlessly roll around to get to the goal. There are some very clever one-way paths that lead to the solution in a satisfyingly subtle manner that I just haven't seen elsewhere. Beautiful execution gameplay wise paired with a simple elegant art style that it's difficult not to find this incredibly charming. Great work!

Simple good fun that I wish there was more of! The dice is a perfect medium for this gameplay as it's sides are a well-understood concept and rotation offers quick access to almost any face. Well targetted game idea for this jam, hope to see more gimmicks and updates introduced!

I really appreciate the criticisms and ideas for the game as somebody who played it a lot. I had the same thoughts about how the dice should be forced to change or adjust in future waves and we'll definitely look into that depth in a future update if we go that route. As far as a game jam build, we made a priority of leaning into an easier difficulty and generally allowing the player to make decent progress at the start. Thank you so much for the detailed comment!

I learned that same lesson a while ago, it's something that you'd keep in mind for jam games specifically since most people are trying it out for maybe 2 minutes at the most. Still, a great experience regardless and I think the ability to mash through the menus lets people skip it enough to make it unobtrusive.

Insane production value for a jam game and you overall made such a cohesive and complete experience. I wonder if others felt like the base movement speed should've been faster, as I found that actually getting back to my dice could feel slow and awkward, especially since the angle that you hit the dice matters. The strategy and depth behind placing powerups felt so fun and rewarding to plan around and may have been my favorite aspect of the game. I loved the idea that a powerup could be more useful on a lower number, or that you could assign a single powerup to multiple faces for a better chance of using it. Such a simple but engaging gameplay loop I'd be surprised to not see this in the top 100, kudos!

Definitely the most fun game I've played this jam in all it's simple side-flipping glory. This definitely belongs in the top 100 for how addictive and polished the gameplay loop feels. There are fun strategies to explore with how flipping sides will erase all enemies and the button layouts change depending on the rotation. I wish there was something to add difficult in later rounds like perhaps cutting off the side you just flipped from or making certain pips pop back up if too much time has passed. I think you have a clear winning formula here that I'd personally love to play as a full game someday. Good luck in the ratings!

One of the most unique entries in this jam although I wish the theme was more clear in this one. You have such satisfying gameplay and visual feedback on this that I could see it becoming an addictive mobile game. You did a great job on this!

It's honestly quite fun that the arrows have such a short cooldown that you're able to launch 10 in a row while walking behind them. I wish it wasn't so easy to die from explosions or arrows since it does kinda bog the pace down, but I suppose you're already very strong in this game. I liked the graphics and music creating an odd vibe for a game that I just haven't had before but yet also feels nostalgic in some ways. I think you did a good job here!

The weird thing about difficulty regarding our game is that people were getting super mixed results. I've never seen the same game being called too easy AND too hard but maybe it's the genre of tower defense? Thank you so much for playing and giving us your feedback!

Interesting, we actually all found the 6 tower to be overpowered given you could land it close to the enemy path

I wish it did something more with the theme of rolling dice, but this game is still very fun regardless and impressive at that. The risk-reward factor is truly engaging and I think giving the player random checkpoints as you do adds to the tension factor of descending. Great work on this simple but addictive endless faller!

Although this game is pretty loosely based on the theme of rolling dice, it's a trip and a half to play in the best way possible. So many cool effects and the hairstyles never disappointed so it's quite impressive for a jam game. I wish that there was more player agency in terms of choosing when to shoot or move because that would add some much-needed difficulty and strategy to an otherwise stellar gem. I saw that you intend to fix the misclicking on the barber which was the only "bug" I encountered so kudos! 

You have quite a simple and fun gameplay loop here but some common bugs such as negative money, health not being restored, and stats not properly adding really detract from the game being a longer investment type of experience. Charming music and visuals too, so I enjoyed the 10 minutes that I probably sunk into this all together. Looking forward to the updates you plan for this game!

I'm going to admit that I dedicated at least half an hour to figuring out this game and was so ashamed when on my last attempt I won in 20 seconds. If there was an option to decide when attack phase starts, then nobody would get stuck and win like I was able to. I think if enough cards are spawned you just can't win anymore and have to restart which doesn't feel great. The game can get so laggy if you let it go on for more than 20 rounds with no success. I wish I could say there was multiple strategies to win but there's only 1 and it isn't a very satisfying one. Do you want to know how I won? Immediately spam buying all towers in the 1st round and blow through your cash. Optimally you'd wanna have 2 mines, 2 factories, 1 tower, and 1 drone. The difficult part is only in that you need to buy as quickly as possible so that you don't waste a round and get extra cards. If I missed something please let me know, but I feel confident in my criticisms given how much time I played this for.

Your transparency and understanding of the issues I had really go to show that you're a great dev in my opinion. I hope my criticisms helped and I'd love to play an updated version or sequel if you end up making it!

I'm quite enjoying the parallels between both of our Tower Defense games. Your concept of leaving towers/joining towers adds a neat tempo and unique strategy to your game that I haven't seen in others. Trajectory and mouse controls are a little tricky to get the hang of, but it does feel quite satisfying to aim a dice throw well. I like that randomness doesn't feel like it screws you over too much and that you have a lot of control over the game with room for interesting strategies once more dice are acquired. Overall great job on this one, very fun!

There's no denying that this game is quite fun and that there's a ton of depth here as there is in the game of Blackjack normally. Your role as a cheater card dealer is exciting and unique, especially for this jam, and it offers you a lot of control over luck which is appreciated. The art is charming and the music is something I'd consider listening to outside of the game. I think my only complaint is that the core concept of "rolling dice" is rather obscure and that your game is for all intents and purposes a recreation of an established card game instead of something truly original. Overall I loved it, great job on this one

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I think there's a bit of a disconnect between understanding the faces and which ones are on the sides. If there was an indicator of what number I would be rolling into, then I think I could make smarter choices without having to check the different sides of the dice manually. That's just me though and it could be something that I alone am struggling with. The game does a great job of thoughtfully placing numbers in ways that only require a single move or two to properly line up for and there are plenty of strategies to get a number you want like keeping it on a side that you never flip. Fun strategies here for sure and I hope you do something with the concept in a future update or sequel. Good job!

I sure hope Rolly isn't a war criminal :(

I think this is a fun game with confusing mechanics. I understand the collecting luck idea, but why place so many die close together if you must wait 6 seconds+ on top of one waiting for the last one to run out? The guardian does add risk but until there is one on the screen (which you can reasonably roll 10+ times without seeing one) there's simply no threat and it's a game of waiting for dice to roll. Nitpicks aside I think you have great platforming physics here and the atmosphere is great. I love the polish on things like in-game controls showing or transitions between gameplay, I can tell you cared about the project looking good and it definitely does. Good job on this one!

Were you aware that you could use diagonal throws and bounce off of walls to hit areas not otherwise possible? Thank you for playing and we are glad you had so much fun with it!

I know it's simple, but this may be my favorite interpretation of the theme and I think that's in part to how there's no randomness in this dice roll. The abilities all feel very useful and the level design compliments the strengths that they provide. Controls are a bit jittery in terms of movement and abilities instantly firing off so I think some delay or pause would do so much for the game feel and difficulty. I think this concept is genius and that with some polish could be such a fun unique game. Really enjoyed my time with this one

Thank you so much, if there was one thing we were confident in here it was definitely the fun factor. Great comeback by the way, the 6 tower can be super effective if it lands near the path!

I think more control over the spinning of the dice and maybe a fast drop would add some much-needed player agency.  It's certainly fun on paper the way that you get buffs and the way that you can accumulate so much speed but the level design can be frustrating and confusing to navigate due to the color palette and how walls kill your speed. Props on the stylish visuals and art for the game, would love to see this be updated and polished.