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Short bullet hell with randomised perks
Submitted by rborgars (@ReeceBorgars) — 6 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
At the start of each level (bar one) a buff or debuff is chosen at random

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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I'm not too great at bullet hells so keep that in mind with my comment. I found the controls to be overly responsive which I do understand is important for split-second dodging but there would be moments where I want to micro-adjust and end up throwing myself into an adjacent bullet because I shoot off so quickly. In that same respect, I was always able to outrun and dodge bullets assuming they didn't spawn on the sides of the screen, and catch me by surprise. The difficulty seems to be a beginner trap though, as with practice the levels become easy because you will learn the patterns and have hearts to spare. The buffs being random is interesting, but I question if it really shines in this game where you can choose your level and reset the buff with just one button. If the game had consistent progress with moving on to new levels with old buffs it would make for a fun roguelike experience of seeing how far you can make it with greater and greater effects placed on you. Overall had a ton of fun and liked the game feel


Thanks for playing and for the detailed critique, it means a lot! The perks you obtain are consistent from level to level if you play through in order (and even in level select if you have already rolled some perks it will keep those ones) unless you choose to reset them. It did cross my mind that it might make the RNG aspect seem trivial but I wanted to include both level select and a perk reset to let people continue if they were stuck on a particular level or with buffs they really didn't want, and the player still has to choose to engage with those things haha. Thanks again - you bring up a lot of good points and I really appreciate it


The game is pretty good but hard for me. I would like to see more dice mechanics on the game, maybe more randomness in the bullet hell would be amazing. 


Thanks! I think randomising the bullet patterns would make the levels unpredictable and even more difficult, but perhaps there could be a way to incorporate dice rolls into the level and not just before each level


This is pretty cool.  The first level really doesn't give the best first impression since it's kinda repetitive and difficult.  After that the game is way more interesting.  Nice work, especially with the more interesting scripted patterns.


Thanks! Yeah I agree, the first level is kinda weak - it should be shorter and have a little more going on. I'm glad you like the rest of it!


Wow, I actually started out a bit confused at the first level but I went on and played a ton of this, super fun, had great level design and a great understanding of scripted events in games, keep up the good work mate!


Thank you! Yeah I think I should've done a bit more with the first level, but I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it!


This game was a bit too difficult for me haha, but I really enjoyed the concept. Just wish there was some cool music too.

I will say that you did a great job with the menus. Too many jam games don't have good menus, but yours were excellent. They were easy to navigate and gave me all the options I looked for.

Good work!


Thank you! I also wish there was cool music but that's a little beyond me right now haha, I'm still very much a beginner on that front. I'm glad the menus and navigation gave you what you needed!