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This was such a cute and feel-good game to play, I was smiling the whole time. It isn't very difficult but I didn't mind, since each level has unique enough mechanics to keep it interesting. The concept is fun and the visuals had so much personality.

I'm really amazed at what a cool visual style you were able to achieve with the graphics restrictions! It was sometimes tricky to figure out where to go, but the game is small enough that trial and error works fine. I would love to see this developed further.

This was a fun platformer! I'll echo what others have said about the camera being off-center when you are moving left, making it harder to hit jumps in that direction. Other than that, the graphics were easily readable and the controls felt good!

The concept for this was really interesting, I could easily see it developed with ricochets or other additions. The architecture and distance was sometimes difficult to read, textures may have helped to give a better sense of scale.

I love the limited palette and the movement feels snappy. Our game is also a vertical platformer, it's cool to see how different they feel to play, since yours is much faster paced.

The concept of randomized controls is a fun one, but I wish it had changed with each level instead of only changing each time the game starts. It's a cool take on the concept!

The art was great and I liked the concept, though I struggled to understand how some of it worked- especially the "divert power" aspect. It had me laughing out loud at the "communication" though!

This was really fun and the music was fantastic, it really worked with the frantic mood. I would listen to this track on it's own! SLAPPIN'

Really polished and well-balanced, challenging levels!

The concept for this is really cool, and the art and animations are really polished and cute. With a little more complex levels I think this could be very interesting tactically.

I liked this interpretation of out of control, and the puzzles were genuinely challenging! Some of the mechanics were a bit unintuitive, like how crates won't drop through 1-wide gaps.

I found this really calming! The effect of the growing grass was very well done. If there were more difficult levels added I could see this being developed into a full game.

I ran into a bug on level 2 that made it run faster and faster until it was impossible, but I think the concept is fun.

Very polished and I like the concept of having to avoid shooting things instead of hitting them. I wish there was a time counter of how long I'd played, eventually I was just sent back to the main menu with very little feedback.

I like the reversal on the usual "avoid obstacles" concept, and the art style is very cute! It also took me a few tries to understand that you were supposed to hit the obstacles, not avoid them.

The art is adorable and I liked the polish of having the airplane get visible damage as your health lowers. I didn't quite understand the repair mechanic, since by holding down R constantly I never really had a problem with repairs. Also the children cheering at the end of the level was really funny considering how violent the game is.

The controls were a bit finicky, but I liked the level of polish in some areas like the trigger whenever you fire the gun and your flailing arms.

The voxel art style is really cute! The controls were a bit finicky and I ran into a glitch with the wolves, but I could see this polished into a very chill and fun cow wrangling game.

The game has a slow start but really builds to something original and complex! I was surprised by how many levels and mechanics there were. 

Thank you! In future versions we are planning to scale the map up so that the speed/size of everything is scaled down.

The art for this is really cute and it's a neat concept! Reminds me a lot of "Oxygen Not Included".

Thanks so much!!!!