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haha that was cute

fun game. the the animation of your dude when he lands and does the little squash XD.

cool game. the jumping was really finicky. seems you had to jump before you tried to move forward or it wouldn't work. loved the style. the robot was super cute

love the style. was a little confused about the souls i was picking up. i guess only some of the souls were allowed to go through the door? regardless good job!

oooo haven't played a game like this in ages! having more options would have been nice but i enjoyed the story nonetheless.

love this game! it was loads of fun, great job!

this was pretty fun! Good job! i will say that ghost was getting pretty annoying lol

cool game. the issue i had with it seems to be what everyone else is saying so i won't repeat it. the art work is nice and the concept is fun. good job

i enjoyed the gameplay, felt movement was a bit slow and i think the audio bugged out for me at the end, but overall felt like a rather peaceful game. good job

oh no!!! i haven't seen that happen yet. were you using the arrow keys or WASD? 

HA, Nice   :P

cool! looking forward to seeing it when it's completed. sorry you had issues with the main submission :(

cute ghost. was a lot harder than i was expecting when i got to the second level. got a bit confused when some spikes did 1 dmg and others did 10. never knew when to risk for a gem or just let it slide. but overall good job

that was fun! the aiming was a bit tricky but the style and concept was enjoyable. good job

this game was great! simple art style made it super appealing. i love how you got to witness the levels change. i couldn't stop playing til my spirit reached it's final resting place. well done

I agree with the comments, the sounds were pleasant from typing i just didn't know what else to really do besides trying out the commands suggested. if i was supposed to download that source further in, i'm sorry, i don't feel comfortable doing that.  I'm sure the rest was good though!

fun style game for sure.  would be great to have some way to know how much health you have left. but overall, good job!

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not sure if i played it right. i ended up just floating straight through some of the levels in my ghostie form, basically ignoring all the platforms, then at another point i completely lost my dude. but i loved the concept and the ghost is adorable. good job

this was a neat game idea. i think having the controls be away from the action keys would have been beneficial, or at least having the arrow keys functional as well. but all in all good job

took me a while to figure out the controls for how to continue once i got to the edge. (for anyone who want to know it's the "J" button). didn't really feel like a game per-say, but i see where you were going with the story, and the characters were super cute.  grats 

interesting concept. i like having a choice of characters and upgrades. the controls seems a bit wonky from time to time. trying to move to the side and end up continuing to slide down kind of thing. grats on submitting!

i can see this game being fun with a group of friends coming up with fun little answers.  perhaps with a little guidance on a theme to base the question on would be helpful

lol sorry about your finger! there is an auto-clicker in the option that would help with that. Glad you enjoyed the sound and graphics

Theme was good. loved the skull banter and the art was great. the colliding and speed could use some refining but i know how things go with time restraints. Good job overall!

who doesn't love a good waffle? love the puzzles

haha! that was a fun game! by the looks of the other comments i'm glad i already had my sound already pretty low so i didn't have issues.  good job!!

fun game for sure, totally had to beat it.   some volume control for the voice would be good, it was a bit loud for me. but overall pretty good job!

lol sure is XD

the fact you did all this yourself is impressive.  with more people and extra time i could see a good polish out of this game. nice concept. good job!

FEELINGS!!!!! OH THE FEELINGS!!! amazing job

fun little game! characters were really cute. good job!

once i got into the swing of things i had a pretty fun time! good job!

this was SUPER fun!  i actually shouted out "NOOOOO" when i died. loved it great job

loved the concept. characters were mega cute as well. not sure if there's an end to the game though? so aside from just killing and possessing not sure what else to do, unless that's why it's called "Infinite" rebirth. Good job nonetheless!

what a cute game! the controls would benefit from having the W work as a jump as well, but overall very nice work

fun game. ran out of mana pretty easy and sometimes the controls either stopped working or i was missing something. overall though pretty fun game.

this was a pretty relaxing game. loved the play on words for sure.  I ended up spending more time playing than i was originally planning lol gj!

whoa this game was neat! took me a time or two to figure out what to do/where i was but i think that was part of the point. made me feel like i was playing an atari again, but with better controls. this was fun, good job!

whoa! this game was intense! great job!

This was great, love the game play and character design. Good job!