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Hah, that's a bit of classic. I'll give it another shot then!

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There's actually a way to drop an item into the ground! It's key B. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the control scheme haha

Wow, that was really high quality! Good work!

Very nice! It would be really cool if it had more enemies and songs!

Really engaging! I liked how the respawn worked, maked things way less frustrating

Hah, I liked the twist!

I got softlocked in the section of the image, but otherwise I found the game quite fun!

A bit short, but I liked what you did here. Could be a great base for something quite fun

Nice! I'll give it another shot

I only got to the first village where you had to be stealthy. I found it quite frustrating with the character movement so I ended up quitting

I'm on Windows 10, using .NET Core 3.1. I don't think there's anything particular about my setup, the only thing I can think of is my computer resolution being 720p not 1080p like you mention in the game page. Not sure if that would be a problem though

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The leaf mechanic is really cool! I found the levels a bit hard, and a bit frustrating after a few resets (having to do the same 4-5 risky jumps perfectly every time). However, that may be me being bad at platformers, so feel free to ignore that lol

The game crashes when I press Start Game

Can't play the game, UnityPlayer.dll is missing :(

I found it a bit hard to play without knowing a lot of poker, but still really fun!

Really liked the game mechanic! I felt it was a bit hard to get the springs in the correct position, but great entry anyway!

I'd like to but I've never done anything on YT so I'm lacking a bit confidence lol

The .pck file is missing, can't run the game without it!

Nice use of the assets! The music doesn't seem to work though

Really fun! I liked the old style Zelda feel haha. The jump felt a bit hard to get right but I liked it anyway

I really liked the ninja physics but I think you made the character a bit too hard to control

I really liked what you did with the camera! Quite smart

The attack doesn't seem to work...?

I love the premise of the game haha


Thanks! I'll give another shot!

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The Linux version is missing the pck file, I had to grab it from the Windows version to make it work. And the game it's a bit confusing I'm not exactly sure what you're supposed to do

EDIT: Your game page mentions a tutorial, maybe I missed it? I tried evertyhing that seemed clickable on the title screen but couldn't find anything.

I'm really digging the aesthetic!! It's really well done! The gameplay is a bit sloggish, but damn it's pretty

I really loved the projectile mechanic and physics! Short but really engaging

Really nice! I'm digging the aesthetic! Really cool game mechanic too. If I had to same something negative I'd say the lack of sfx and music hurts the game a bit. Otherwise, really cool!

Short, but really nice! I kinda felt there were too many items though, I only ended up using swords, axes and pickaxes. Still, that may be just me being bad lol. I found the gameplay quite creative and I liked how items and the level scrolling worked.

Wow, the battle system is really creative! I loved it! Pretty cool game, but I didn't get to see the ending (it has one?), after level 20 I got tired of going down lol. Still pretty fun anyway, though in my opinion you could ditch the dungeon crawler aspect because it felt more like a slog between battles than anything else. Maybe jumping from battle to battle with perphaps a little shop (perhaps to heal?) or something between 3 or 4 of the battles would've been better. And I think the lack of sfx and music really hurt an otherwise great entry.

Still, pretty creative! Hope you keep improving on it!

Oof, the game is hard! Every level took me a few tries haha. However, I couldn't get to the end because there's a bug when you retry that doesn't let you grab the villagers until you totally close the game and begin from zero. Other than that, I think the music was a bit too low and I think I'd be cool if the villagers would go to the flag by themselves when you are near it, it's a bit tedious trying to lure them into it.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with the difficulty thing, I really wish I spent more time tweaking the difficulty curve or giving the game a bit more variety, but oh well next time I guess!