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I really liked the writing and using real things for your art is also quite something new and interesting to see! Great Job

It's morning at my timezone so this relaxing music was really relaxing. Also i like the stardev-valley like art!

Really good for your first game Jam. It definitely took me some time in some levels :D

Beside the obvious great art I liked the switch from plattformer to stealth. Great Job

Yeah sorry for that. Nice idea but because of time reasons is the highscore just a default score (from a friend of mine) when starting the game 😅

Like you said, our games are complete opposites, which is pretty funny :D. But the art, sounds, ... are working very good together! Great Job

Nice little game, the idea with the increasing bpm is really nice to create tension and some feel of progression!

Highscore 116

nice Visuals, but maybe a fixed rope length would create more intense moments, because otherwise there is not really a point not just standing very close to each other.

I was pretty motivated to get better with the controls because it was fun, so good Job! Maybe the optional coin should reset when you die, because otherwise you can yolo into the coin and then go a safer rout to complete the level

Some levels have some really good puzzle design! Only "Problem" was, I had my controller connect via usb, and so the keyboard inputs didn't register until I disconnected it


pretty cool Art and puzzle design :D. But maybe a bit more Drag/mass on Balls would have been nice, because they felt like wild feathers sometimes

I was interested in the puzzles, so good job :D

The puzzle (and with that also the level) design is really good and interesting!

I really like how the joined characters have different playstyles

Pretty hard but I was motivated to try it again and again :D

Cool execution and Ideas (for example the water bottle). But it was a bit confusing to go from right to left

I like the look of your game! But the camera gets weird when its close to the walls.

Nice puzzle game. I had some troubles finishing level 3 (why I liked it the most :D)

The overall presentation and gamefeel is amazing! Maybe a fixed rope length could prevent some "just staying in each other" cheese and create more intense moments with your partner.

The monsters have a really nice and simple design, which I really like. But the time is just a bit to short imo.

Interesting weapon idea. Also it felt pretty satisfying to block rockets.

The tank (and leveled versions) designs are really nice and well-fitting. Maybe only the balancing is a bit off, because it felt like just shooting and going and circles is more efficient than using defensive abilities. Maybe you could add offensive abilities to go for a more aggressive playstyle.

It's a good  and fun challenge and I was motivated to learn it. So good Job !

Great point with the white line (and the suggestion for an arrow as a replacement), I can totally see this possible confusion :D

Nice Look. But I was a bit confused because I thought that for example the cake would be a good thing you can somewhat interact with (because cakes are tasty)

Really cool idea! The twist with the flatening at the end and seeing your result is also nice.

A Bug I noticed: if you don't press anything at the start of the later levels you sometimes fall through the ground

The overall presentation is soooo good! 

Maybe the enemys should be a bit slower. I didn't feel like I could outmaneuver them in fair way. But I think the art direction is a good.

Yeah your right, I only thought about swinging in curves and forgot about the "bounciness" of the rope 

Cool physics game. My only improvement could be a lower y position limit? One star literally spawned in the most possible upper left corner and it was pretty hard to get there without being able to place the anchor above it. 

The presentation is very good. All those suttle effects are very harmonizing. Only problem is, that in non-fullscreen mode are the sides a bit cut off.

Nice art and cool Idea. But especially the slow-down when aiming felt really good!

I really like the 2D/3D Mix. Gameplay wise it would have been to have a clearer "notification" when you make a connection with a ghost. At first I was shooting like 30 bullets onto a ghost, because i didn't know I already made a connection with him.

The Cover Image Art is really unique and cool!

Maybe an option to fasten the forward/rewind would be a good qol change.
Also in the controls text below the game is the space to jump missing.

The game-Art (and the fitting background art of the whole website) looks pretty cool.

Pretty cool idea, I always thought about the feel of such a long trolley group! But the controls(turning, ...) are a bit too fast. And (if there is one) the limit of controlled trolleys could be reduced, so that it's not becoming this massive collider, which only causes problems.

Yeah I understand what you mean. Sadly I didn't have enough time to finish (and fintune) the controller control option, which could have been better.

Cool Art! I especially liked the crazy grandma design.