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I liked this one quite a lot! The idea of two characters constrained to different planes was cool. I particularly liked when the two different "spaces" intersected, so the characters had to use each other as walls / platforms. Like others have said, the movement feels clunky - I think because they accelerate slowly when you start moving, so they feel very heavy and sluggish, but they stop instantly when you release the key. For this kind of puzzle game, I think starting and stopping should both be instant. Also, the audio sounded like it was playing too loud so it was clipping.

Cool idea! It could use in-game instructions and more player feedback (like a line connecting your mouse to the node that you're dragging from), it took me a while to figure out how to play. It could also use a bit of a difficulty curve, starting with 3 colors, 3 steps, and 4 directions was a bit much for me to wrap my head around at first.

Pulling the islands together was very cool! Is that the end of what you developed for the jam? I couldn't tell if there was nothing else to do or if I wasn't clicking in the right place or using the right thing.

I see you landed on the same mechanic as my team did!  really like your take, though, you have a really good sense of comedic timing that got a few giggles out of me. The music set the perfect surreal, goofy tone.

Cool! The control scheme took some getting  used to, but once I got it it was fun. I would have liked to see more risk/reward opportunities with both the overall clock and the air timer. It was a little odd that the submarine moved faster than the camera. I really liked the music in particular, the way it sped up the longer you spent on a level, it felt like it was mirroring your journey down and then back up.

Nice! I like the robot characters. The 'battery' mechanic was interesting, but ultimately I didn't feel limited that much by the requirement to be plugged in. Also the jumping was a little difficult to control on the level with the moving platform. I do like the idea, though, I'd be interested in seeing some levels that forced you to move further away from the charging stations.

Very nice! The concept of linked boxes and the way you indicated it was clever. I was particularly impressed with how you designed the levels to naturally teach the mechanics. I had a couple of "aha!" moments while playing :)

The one criticism I'd give is that the later, bigger levels weren't as fun or interesting as the tight, early levels. By level 11 I was just ignoring the boxes and running through the fireballs because there aren't any consequences for dying.

A neat idea! Sadly there wasn't anyone online at the same time as me so I didn't get to try multiplayer, but I had some fun flopping around by myself. Some notes:

  • Like others said, the web build didn't work.
  • As I picked up more pieces, I started to slow down, which makes sense. However, once I got about 60 pieces I suddenly started moving SUPER FAST. Not sure why.
  • Beyond 60 pieces the framerate starts to become really choppy.

Interesting idea, but it didn't seem to be working. The game played itself and didn't respond to any of my input. Also, the numbers on the stat cards were too small for me to read. The art was cute, though.

I'm amazed by how much content and variation you got into a jam game, and by how cohesive everything is! The visual and sound design are spectacular. It's too easy, though, even on hard mode, once you get a couple of companions. I'd like to see more experimentation with the companion mechanic - it'd be cool if, for example, something happened when you flew a bullet between two of your ships.

Cute, and I like the idea! The hitboxes for the ATMs seemed a bit finicky. I'd be interested to see what other variations you could make on the mechanic, the early levels seemed to mostly be about depositing most of the coins and then ferrying them to the end one by one (or two by two if you're feeling spicy).

Very cool idea! however, it could definitely do with more explanations and a more forgiving start. I figured out how to make wheat grow, but then the game ended and I didn't know why.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I used the HTML5 Canvas for all of the graphics, which has a variety of methods for drawing shapes using lines and curves. Here is a page with a simple example :)

Ooh, that's a good question. I can look into making a version that will work offline.

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you liked it enough to play it twice :)

Thank you! I would like to make this into a more complete game but I work full-time, so I can't make any promises.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the suggestions!

Nice job, I had a lot of fun! I like your interpretation of the theme, and I was impressed by how many variations you came up with for the game mechanics. 

Cool idea! I like how each "player" has different movement and input mechanics. The laser beam sound was a little loud. I was surprised by how powerful the beam was, I would have liked if it started weak and increased in power based on how long you held it, so you could do some more precise movements. I would have preferred more friction on the astronaut, too. Overall, very nice work! Good job!

I felt like the gameplay didn't really work well with the story - I felt like I wasn't making ridiculous connections so much as clicking on every possible combination until I stumbled on the right one. Just a little disappointing since the story was very humorous and the narration was well done!

I like it! I had to play alone, but the aesthetic is cute and the level designs were fun. Just a couple notes:

  • A quick fade between the dark and light backgrounds would make it easier on the eyes
  • At one point I ended up with the red circle on top of the green circle and wondered if I could use that to jump higher, but the red circle couldn't jump at that point. I think it might lead to some interesting puzzle designs, but it would probably also require changing existing puzzles, so I dunno, just a thought :)

I like the idea, but the mechanics were pretty opaque to me. Like others have said, as soon as the opponent gets introduced, they start making fast, optimal moves and I didn't feel like I understood enough about the game by that point to be successful. I feel like I need more visual feedback from the game in order to understand (Why do certain roads cost more to build than others? Why can certain roads only be built in one direction? Why do enemy roads make my roads more expensive? Why, when my barracks is getting attacked, does building a road to counterattack make my opponent stronger? Why do I suddenly start gaining a ton of money when I'm about to lose?)

Great job on getting procedural generation working during the jam period!

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I like your take on the theme! I had a tendency to accidentally click through the text because I was trying to choose a different way to act right when the screen changed, though. I was able to replay and see it the second time through. I found it easy to keep one friend, moderately difficult to keep 2-4 friends, and nearly impossible to keep more than 4. Nice job!

This was fun! Nice job!

I liked your word choice, it was very evocative - like reading a long poem!

Nice job! I like how the music gets faster along with the camera scroll. I had a hard time finding myself the first time I played since I was expecting to start in the middle of the screen, but once I figured out the start position it was fine. Interesting mechanic and interpretation of the theme!

*Disclaimer: I haven't played this, I've only read through the rules.

This looks interesting, I like the idea of a role-playing game that you can play with just a deck of cards! My first impression is that the mechanics interfere with player expression too much for my liking (in that the cards, rather than player interpretation, decide what each character does). I'm noticing now that you specified "improv" game, though, so maybe I'm off-base if I'm comparing it to something like Dungeons & Dragons?

Thank you!

Cool, I will look forward to it! I should have mentioned, it took me several tries and a bit of luck to defeat the second boss with my self-imposed restrictions. I actually really like how the game's base difficulty is very accessible, but there are opportunities to add extra challenge (like using fewer modules) if you want to.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)

I like it! It's very cute, and does a really good job of conveying story through mechanics :)

Cool idea! I'd like to see it expanded with more levels and mechanics.

Interesting idea! I was never able to get everything to be the same color, though.

Awesome! The connection mechanic is really cool, I had a lot of fun playing with different configurations for my tank. My one quibble was that while drawing connections, moving over the battery didn't "undo" the drawing in the same way that moving backwards did otherwise.

P.S. I didn't think [?#!/%@] was hard enough, so I beat it with 2 tank speed, 2 jump, 1 frequency, 0 cannon speed, 0 cannon power :D

Interesting mechanic! I felt like there was a lot of waiting involved, though, in order to line up the shots.

Aww, what a lovely game! The story is so cute, and the music is fantastic! I saw this on the Twitch Party stream before I played, and I was surprised by how easy it was to control a platformer with a mouse, something I never thought I'd do.

Infinite jetpack is awesome :O

Awesome aesthetics, I love the textures and the sounds work very well :) I'm also a big fan of mechanics where you fight enemies indirectly, and the needles and ropes were fun and intuitive to use!