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I like a lot of these suggestions. I'd say maybe a stun or a trap that gets trigged by the blugger could add more to that feeling of out of control and give the environment more consequence. But I would say that said stun/trap would have to be dodgeable and occur very infrquently otherwise I do agree it would just add frustration to game that some people already find frustrating. I think the biggest problem is the game is too easy for some people and too hard for others and it's going to be a lot of work to balance especially when adding new features 

Very Funny and clever, I enjoyed all the different pop ups. Also well designed and polished. Good Job! It was surprising how difficult it was, but still very fun. 

I laughed so hard I cried. Great work

Oh my god, I love this!I was strategically plotting,  I was screaming in horror. Very original idea, nicely polished. great game.

This is a really enjoyable puzzle mechanic. I also like the theme and way you implemented it. Nice job

Super cute game with chill game play while still maintaining the out of control theme. I like it! One thing to note, if you fail a level you can keep playing and succeed without starting over, which im assuming is just a bug :)

This is absolutely ridiculous and hilarious lmao

This is so satisfying to play. simple but enjoyable. I could see this being a successful puzzle game on mobile

thank you so much! We definitely got a lot more efficient at blender from doing this jam haha

I love the combo of 2D and 3D. Ive wanted to do something like that and this is a great example for reference :)

Dang that kid was determined to drown himself lol. nice looking game. a little confusing at first but enjoyable

lol this reminds of those typing games we had to play in school but more fun. Nice game.

great ~ a e s t h e t i c ~ 

Really tho, perfect combo of old PC and vaporwave-esque 

This is such a pleasant game! I love the music and the wave transition animation between levels. Good job making the UI and everything look really polished. Very simple art but very clean and done well and effective. I like that even though its a tweak on controls game it has more of a puzzle aspect and less about coordination that's out of control which makes it way more enjoyable. Great job! 

Fun idea! I could imagine this being super cute if you expand upon it, like watching the little people doing doing funny stuff while they party to while you try to prevent breakage. House parties definitely fit the theme lol

I like the little dudes, they are funny with their little leg animations. Nice to see an arcade style game with different endings and choices of how you play, don'y see that too often.

This is such a creative idea for movement and you did a really good job with the art! so cute!

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This is hilarious, the audio really adds to it! very creative

I like this concept, its like practice for gaming with bad internet connection haha. I also greatly appreciate the text overlay tutorial. made learning what your game was about really easy

This is so cute and a great, fun idea! I love the art!

I love the sounds and style of this! So cute and nostalgic. 

I love the idea, wish there was a little more instruction on how to play. Good Work!