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there's a surprising lack of windows on most first floors =P

Good game! <3 <3 <3

if only I could eat all these delicious-looking pixels...

you put the mac version tagged as linux, fren~

that means they're not supported on your platform (most likely linux)

I think the itch app should let us download any file we choose to run as we see fit, tho

like, I wanna download windows games to run on wine, why can't I do that easily?


is catgirl an option?

Thank you! Of course this fits. Can you provide me with a link? <3

Hello, my name is Efi, I'm a spanish trans girl and I am writing a series of articles about transgender representation in games.

These articles will be in spanish for now, but will be translated in the future, if that's a concern.

If you have made,or know about, a game that fits in any of these categories, please reply to this post with a link and what kind of representation it shows:

- games with (explicitly stated) transgender potagonist (please, indicate if it is about trans girls or other)

- games about trans issues (transition, trasphobia, binarism, etc...) as a main plot device

- games with trans secondary characters that are not used as a comic relief due to crossdressing

- games about explicit crossdressing or genderplay

- games with an ungendered character, as in it's never mentioned

- games that touch on other explorations of gender such as non-binary, trans relationships or that otherwise treat trans people as real, existing and part of its world

- any other form of art that is not a videogame but fits the above criteria is welcome if you are the author (no linking a trans webcomic if you're not making it, for example)

- games with a girl protagonist ot full cast of girls that are not heterosexual erotica (male gazey) are also welcome for a different future article

I am looking for games about transition, sure, but even more I want to see trans girls shooting space aliens in giant mechs <3

thanks for your time and I hope you have something to show me =D