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it definitely accomplishes that, but you asked about the puzzle part =P

I like puzzle games and this one is… not very interesting… I admit I don’t quite understand how it works, but even then, moving orbs around to get to the next stage is not very thrilling I’d rather play Tetris, or Bejeweled, you know? it needs something more than numbers to be a puzzle game

have some tutorials: videogames are a very broad field and you don’t just “build a game” you need tools and a basic understanding of how computers work if you want help on a more specific topic, ask about something specific, otherwise nobody can help you better than google can

Hello, I am Efi. I am developing a game engine that can import TMX maps made with Tiled (

If you have ever used Tiled, I have a few questions for you:

  1. How do you use it in your game making process? Do you just use it to make an image to use in your game or do you use object layers to add functionality etc?

  2. What features do you expect an engine to support? For example, I think “Infinite Maps” is detrimental to keep around when importing a map into a game because changing tiles can unexpectedly offset the layers, but maybe it’s worth allowing…

  3. What conventions do you use? I usually have a layer named Collision for collider mapping, and a Z-level property, but maybe you do different things! I want to know!

And anything else you can tell me about how you use this tool or other similar tools would be helpful, thanks~ <3

This game is really duckin cool! Good job! The only thing I’d change is making the mouse controls better by letting the player swap dice in place and accessibility by letting the player grab a dice with a click and drop with a different click.

Games about NFTs? no Actual NFTs? very much a scam

That is my hope. You can report games by going to the main page of the game and scrolling to the very bottom. There’s a small “Report” link that opens up a form.

There is a reporting system, I have reported the more obvious scammers, but I would have liked to not see scammers in the first place…

Will you remove the games and assets that are obvious NFTs and crypto? I found a few just by searching and reported them, but it’s surprising that I found them in the first place…

pretty good! the bounces are spot on and the design is nice, I just wish I was better at timing on these steep flippers haha

lovely, it feels a bit weird how the flippers seem to send the ball always the same way, but it’s pretty solid personally, I don’t like hoy the start leads to a wall that stops all momentum, but that’s just me

instead of making the bar push the ball with the physics engine, you have to do a bit of trigonometry yourself for the fast flipper movements so you don’t have to worry about it clipping, but it’s not the worst pinball on

Maybe try again and put more effort into your next game.

​Recently I noticed the iframes for some Twine 2 games like the ones I have were not loading unless the iframe was removed by loading only the contents.

This is caused by a security exception on the iframe. The code inside doesn’t respect the Same Domain Policy. So I investigated…

First I noticed the obvious console error stating a SecurityError, then tried to track it down to the source. Took a while, but turns out there’s a call to localStorage on the Harlowe syntax in versions 1 and 2, but it was fixed for version 3, which made it harder to track.

Ultimately, in your Twine projects, you will have a minified version of the Harlowe syntax (or whichever you use) which means it doesn’t map exactly to the source symbols, but thankfully the localStorage is a window property that has a fixed name wherever it exists.

To fix this error, you can either edit your minified format.js file, then rebuild/export your twine game (I use Twee2, if you’re wondering), or you can directly edit your index.html if that’s what contains your game. That’s how I upload it to Itch, since it will just show the twine on the game page. You probably did the same if you have this issue.

What you have to change is very simple. You search for localStorage and you will find something like


That’s the right place, though the letter on the left may vary. just cut the !!localStorage&& part and paste it after the next return on its right so it looks something like

try {return !!localStorage&&localStorage.

Make sure that space is after the return. That’s all! Now you can recompile if you edited the format.js or just reupload the modified index.html (after re-zipping it) and you’re good!!

It’s a small oversight with an easy fix, but it seems it went unnoticed for long, or at least I couldn’t find anything on it during my search.

I hope this small guide is simple enough that everyone can follow it without breaking anything else and that I am right that this is the only issue with that syntax. Let me know if you try this! <3


there's a surprising lack of windows on most first floors =P

Good game! <3 <3 <3

if only I could eat all these delicious-looking pixels...

you put the mac version tagged as linux, fren~

that means they're not supported on your platform (most likely linux)

I think the itch app should let us download any file we choose to run as we see fit, tho

like, I wanna download windows games to run on wine, why can't I do that easily?


is catgirl an option?

Thank you! Of course this fits. Can you provide me with a link? <3

Hello, my name is Efi, I'm a spanish trans girl and I am writing a series of articles about transgender representation in games.

These articles will be in spanish for now, but will be translated in the future, if that's a concern.

If you have made,or know about, a game that fits in any of these categories, please reply to this post with a link and what kind of representation it shows:

- games with (explicitly stated) transgender potagonist (please, indicate if it is about trans girls or other)

- games about trans issues (transition, trasphobia, binarism, etc...) as a main plot device

- games with trans secondary characters that are not used as a comic relief due to crossdressing

- games about explicit crossdressing or genderplay

- games with an ungendered character, as in it's never mentioned

- games that touch on other explorations of gender such as non-binary, trans relationships or that otherwise treat trans people as real, existing and part of its world

- any other form of art that is not a videogame but fits the above criteria is welcome if you are the author (no linking a trans webcomic if you're not making it, for example)

- games with a girl protagonist ot full cast of girls that are not heterosexual erotica (male gazey) are also welcome for a different future article

I am looking for games about transition, sure, but even more I want to see trans girls shooting space aliens in giant mechs <3

thanks for your time and I hope you have something to show me =D