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transgender promotion - please join

A topic by Efi created Aug 21, 2016 Views: 893 Replies: 6
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Hello, my name is Efi, I'm a spanish trans girl and I am writing a series of articles about transgender representation in games.

These articles will be in spanish for now, but will be translated in the future, if that's a concern.

If you have made,or know about, a game that fits in any of these categories, please reply to this post with a link and what kind of representation it shows:

- games with (explicitly stated) transgender potagonist (please, indicate if it is about trans girls or other)

- games about trans issues (transition, trasphobia, binarism, etc...) as a main plot device

- games with trans secondary characters that are not used as a comic relief due to crossdressing

- games about explicit crossdressing or genderplay

- games with an ungendered character, as in it's never mentioned

- games that touch on other explorations of gender such as non-binary, trans relationships or that otherwise treat trans people as real, existing and part of its world

- any other form of art that is not a videogame but fits the above criteria is welcome if you are the author (no linking a trans webcomic if you're not making it, for example)

- games with a girl protagonist ot full cast of girls that are not heterosexual erotica (male gazey) are also welcome for a different future article

I am looking for games about transition, sure, but even more I want to see trans girls shooting space aliens in giant mechs <3

thanks for your time and I hope you have something to show me =D


Hi, Efi! I'm yet to make a game with TG content, but my novelette Little Magic features a gender-ambiguous protagonist, which becomes an issue repeatedly throughout. Their actual gender is never revealed, though my readers were able to guess easily. (The protagonist is cisgender, just doesn't like to lean one way or the other.) Would that fit the bill? I played with gender and gender expression in other stories, but not nearly as prominently.

That said, a friend of mine suggests as a game with a TG character, which tackles relationship issues. It's apparently a bit iffy in places, but largely a good effort.

Either way, hope this helps. Cheers!

Thank you! Of course this fits. Can you provide me with a link? <3

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Well... the book is for sale here: -- but you can read a sample, and with coupon number RK67X you can get it all for free. (It will expire in a month. Please don't post it elsewhere. And apologies for the shameless plug.) Enjoy! And I'd love to read your articles.

Anna Anthropy's Dys4ia is the first title that jumps to mind, worth a look:

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'- games with (explicitly stated) transgender potagonist (please, indicate if it is about trans girls or other)'

The whole point of transgender is to change gender from birth gender. Why would you discriminate whether they are 'trans girl' or 'trans guy' ?? People are so discriminatory it makes me sick. How about we are just freaking people

Why is a 'trans girl' mentioned but you seem to lump trans boys (women and men you should say too..) as 'other'... the labels these days are horrifying. All these terms to make consistency impossible, definitions constantly changing and differentiating between queer, trans and every sub group. It's like bloody 'core's and 'step's for music genres. T people were unhappy that LGBQ didn't have a T in it? T doesnt think it is queer? Bloody hell.

Would be easier to use the word queer rather than some (regularly changing?) acronym soup.

I hope you find works for your research - I'm just having a rant about language here, nothing personal

A few of my games are related to trans issues and feature trans protags, specifically Binary Distortion (VN), queered static (Text), and Tranxiety (RPG).

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