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'- games with (explicitly stated) transgender potagonist (please, indicate if it is about trans girls or other)'

The whole point of transgender is to change gender from birth gender. Why would you discriminate whether they are 'trans girl' or 'trans guy' ?? People are so discriminatory it makes me sick. How about we are just freaking people

Why is a 'trans girl' mentioned but you seem to lump trans boys (women and men you should say too..) as 'other'... the labels these days are horrifying. All these terms to make consistency impossible, definitions constantly changing and differentiating between queer, trans and every sub group. It's like bloody 'core's and 'step's for music genres. T people were unhappy that LGBQ didn't have a T in it? T doesnt think it is queer? Bloody hell.

Would be easier to use the word queer rather than some (regularly changing?) acronym soup.

I hope you find works for your research - I'm just having a rant about language here, nothing personal