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Oh man, I feel silly haha.  Thanks!

Does this not allow for BAT files to be called?

I was wondering if we could get the option to allow people to guest vote for closed voting game jams (maybe a separate link the jam creator can send to specific users)?  That way for smaller jams there could be the option of having more voters added without a risk of an open vote and someone gaming the results.

When this all started I made it a goal to continue with the same theme for each round.  I struggled on this one to figure out a way to make it fit but my wife came to the rescue with the idea.  It still isn't perfect but hey, it works!

I had grand dreams to redo all the art (as it has all been quick and dirty placeholders this whole competition) but I failed to give myself the time!  Thanks for playing!

My wife actually came up with the idea for the 'duplicates'.  I was struggling this round to figure out a way to somehow incorporate it.  It can definitely snowball the difficulty if you can't manage to collect them before they turn though!

Oh my gosh hahaha that is nuts!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Love the straight on remake style using the original artwork!  Platform collision was a bit strange sometimes as there were many times when I would just fall through a solid part (though maybe I was missing something?).  Getting a letter made me think the game crashed for a second until I realized I could look around hahaha.  Very solid!

Really appreciate how you took your ongoing game in to this realm!  It felt nice and responsive and any times I got hit didn't seem unfair.

Made me think I was playing some weird sort of Katamari Damacy with the art and sound haha.  The jumping messed with my head a bit but it was a good take on Leaper!

SO COOL!  I never would have thought it would work for 3D in a satisfying way but this was great!  I too merely jumped over enemies instead of bothering to shoot but this was awesome!  Great job!

This was really neat!  I really liked the take on the game and getting in to a flow felt really nice!

Really liked this entry.  Seeing the letters burning was really satisfying as well!  I did not play the MP but playing alone was fun!  The jumping was a bit weird sometimes (seemed unresponsive at times) and I found I lost some health when colliding with a platform above a gap as I jumped through it but other than that a really solid and good take on Leaper!

(1 edit)

Wow you always seem to find unknown bugs haha!  Not sure if that is to do with Mac or not!  There are definitely other rounds.  Did you use the delete key before clearing the bricks or just after it didnt seem to progress? Considering that doesnt look like an HTML5 crash for GMS2 (the screen would just turn black) it looks like it just didnt progress like it should have.

In the end you didnt miss much except for being able to duplicate the 'ball' on the final round in order to clear things faster (well and also the story I guess which is a big thing for this round O.o).  I had so much I wanted to include but so little time in the end, even with the 2 weeks haha.  I still have yet to leave myself ample time for polish with jams and things like your font suggestion probably would have come in to play.  I tend to pick something to try that I've never done when I do jams to see if I can do it and this time it was converting strings to breakout blocks haha.  Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for playing!  It definitely could have used more variety (powerups/skills/etc) but in the end it is what it is!  I encountered that bug right before submitting and coded a finite timed life to those duplicates (I'm assuming it was a duplicated that got stuck) in order to not make the level unable to finish haha.

Haha neat, thanks for checking it out!

Yeah with my little time I used GameMaker's built in bouncing and it acts really weird sometimes.  I should have just taken the time to set it up with physics but  oh well!  The story sort of stems from the first two games (which is why I kept the same name) but yeah, it could have been better haha.

The original idea was to have some of the different 'attacks' that make up the ball have crit chances and abilities depending on the word or type of discouraging statement.  Unfortunately I only ended up having a short time to work on it!  In hindsight I think making it a Galaga type game rather than breakout would have been better too but oh well!  Thank you so much for playing!

Hey thanks!! Yeah I was struggling with coming up with a toy that would be engaging in a turn-based setting so I moved it to real-time.  There were other things I wanted to implement to keep it more strategic but I struggled with time during the week.  I was having issues with the HTML5 build and decided to cut it due to time.  I really wanted it for the exact reason you said but I ultimately would rather it not break every 2 seconds.  Thanks so much!!

Glad you could end up trying it out!  I still haven't been able to reproduce the HTML5 crash.  I have no idea what is happening there.

Dang, whelp.  I'll have to keep trying to break it haha

Were you playing on a Mac perchance?  I have only had one other person mention this and they were using Chrome on Mac.  I haven't been able to recreate it at all, I'm so sorry!

How on earth did you get 50?!?!?

It is an interesting idea and one I think could be developed much deeper.  Particularly to give a reason to roll the dice aside from just a chance at big damage, some sort of incentive that creates urgency.  Neat though!

Poor guy, he's just hungry! 

This was really enjoyable and it was very satisfying to line up a perfect bait-n-burn haha!

Pretty neat!  Only thing I would say is that I couldn't figure out how to toggle the spin mode because whenever I did it seemed like it wasn't doing anything.  It turns out that I was still trying to move during it which was messing with the spin (I'm guessing because of the physics from moving).  I would try to make it so you can move while spinning without it messing up the spin and see how well that feels.  Maybe give a stamina bar while spinning so it doesn't feel too OP and you have to manage it some.  Either way, could be the start to something fun!

Once I figured it out I really like it.  Could turn in to a really cool casual puzzle or exploration type game.  Only thing I would say is changing the glowing mass to some kind of whispy wind type look might make it a little more intuitive to the player at first glance.

Very cool, the twist at the end with the button was a great surprise!

This would be a great mobile game I think!  It took me a second to notice that it telegraphed the next orb location when you collect one and I thought that was really smart.

Can confirm it works now!  I really like the character art!  The mechanic I have seen before but it is still pretty satisfying being able to rocket yourself up by shooting!

I think it just so happened that I only ever clicked when I was close enough for it to spawn at a point where it looked like it was carrying it.  If you click and hold the mouse you can move with it transparent so it was almost like I was moving it around haha

Oh no!  What seemed to go wrong with the spells?  I know I found quite a few bugs during the process but I was hoping I caught most of them!

Glad you liked the poem haha.  I was going for something sort of like the beginning of Trine but I'm obviously not anywhere near that talented!

I was not expecting for him to burst when I stopped possessing him haha!

Definitely needs a little polish in how the boost works but I liked that holding to shoot the arrow made you slow fall to allow for better aiming!

It does not load for me as well, both itch version and downloaded browser version.

I can see where this is going and the potential.  At times the ghost arm seemed to not control quite how I expected it to but it was pretty neat!  Great job!

Thanks so much for playing and for the kind words on my cringy voice-acting haha

Hmm, I'll have to look in to it not letting you skip.  I think I set the timer to 3 seconds though so you might want to make sure you are holding it long enough!  What browser are you on?

And yeah, thanks!  I knew duplicating a player, while unique, would need to be limited in some way so splitting the HP , MP, and armor between the clones seemed like a good choice.  I'm hoping it can lead to some neat puzzles or tactics in future iterations!