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Ohh, gotcha. Never mind then, lol. Thanks for playing!

Oh dang, mind me asking what browser and operating system you're on?

It would be neat if you were exploring the area looking for the photos, maybe something like What Remains of Edith Finch, if you've ever played that game. It doesn't have to be 3D like that, but it would be neat if you could walk around, seeing your dad's old house, wondering why certain things are the way they are there, and then finding these photos which have the dialogue attached and answer those questions.

Not for me-- what's your screen resolution? I'm on 1920x1080

Nice take on tower defense, but the game clips off the sides, and because of it, I can't see the buy units menu. The graphics are really fun, and I liked what I could play of it, but it's a serious problem that I can't see the menu. If you fix it and reply to my comment to let me know, I'll come back, play it again, and change my rating. Nice job, though!

My finger hurts from clicking so much.

I really like this game visually! It's super neat, and gets the ideas across really well despite being very... abstract. It is also really cool to have to fight against the constantly growing mob, you really have to strategize which targets you're going to take out first, and it's a good rate of growth to povide difficulty while still being possible. That being said, that was. A lot of clicking. 98% of me really liked this, and the other 2% of me is my right index finger.

It's fun to hit the birds, but frustrating to aim. If you charge up enough, it will actually shoot way above your crosshair, which can get aggravating. I also wish there were more birds.

The gameplay works pretty well, and the animations are really cute. That being said, there's not really a lot of strategy-- If there's any reason to attack any one family over another, that reason is not made clear to the player. A good start, for sure, but needs to be fleshed out more to have the depth I'd like.

Pretty well done, especially for the timespan. I like the little plot twist at the end, the wordplay of "El Familia", and how the third level uses what you learned in the first two. Nice work!

A cute narrative, but minimal gameplay. Any suggestions I might have to improve it would change it to something that's fundamentally not what you were trying to make, though, so I have a lot less to say than usual

Cool game, and an interesting take on endless runners. I like the idea, and how it feels like the further you go, the more protected you are, but also the harder the game gets in response. The "That Tree had a Child" bit is also cute, and doesn't get old, since it doesn't happen all the time. The game has got a lot of personality. However, there are some polish things that are missing-- There are parts of the game where all you can do is place a bridge, if you walk up to a ledge. If that's the case, why should I need to hit a button? It's not like I have a choice to do it or not. The game should handle that automatically. Also, I can't see my score after I die, since the game immediately restarts, so I won't know what my score was, because I don't really have the time to look at it when the game is still running. What you have is really cool, but always remember to keep player convenience in mind!

Nice job, I like the sprite work here. The data files move too fast though, you can barely see them coming in time for you to jump up to catch them. The best thing you did here is the jump arc-- it feels nice and weighty, while still giving you a stall at the peak in order to make you able to clear the jump. It also is a close call, so you always feel like you're just getting by, even when you aren't, which increases tension and makes the player feel more skilled. Nice job, that attention to detail is important.

Can confirm that this is what suburbia is like-- just a bunch of guys hanging out on their rooves, turning off their wifi if anyone else is nearby just so a stranger can't use it.

But jokes aside, this is pretty good for a beginner project. I like the moire-style effects that show up in the wi-fi and vision fields, and the bright orange graphics. It's kinda frustrating that you can get caught by the same house twice, even after it's shut off its wifi, but good job

A little bit minimalist, but that's fine. I like how the floppy disc looks, although I wish the counter showed how many of them total there were, or pointed to the nearest one.

I was really excited to try this when I read the description, but it ended up being a lot of guessing. There were so many specific people and places that I had no way of knowing that it felt like the game was mostly chance? I'd love to see a version that starts off showing only the most popular Wikipedia places, stuff that everyone knows, and over time gets harder.

Cool game, and it's neat that it follows actual biological rules. It's just a little bit short-- Even considering the development time limit, I can beat this game in like under 60 seconds. I really like the idea, and wish I got an opportunity to see more complex interactions of genes.

The gameplay is fun, but it doesn't really fit the theme. I like how the game looks, the visuals are minimal but polished, and mesh well with the gameplay. Overall, a simple idea, but well polished for the time limit, and fun!

Also, did you make this in Game Maker 8.1? Was really surprised to see that here

This is pretty cool conceptually, and a very ambitious idea to do in just two hours. That being said, it is a little bit confusing at first, and it's hard to read the stats, since they go off the right side of my screen.

This is a cool idea, and it has great presentation. My only issue is that sometimes there are two aliens that could equally reasonably be your father-- and then it just feels like random guessing. The visual polish on this one is really nice, with a lot of motion to make it feel alive, and a unique and cool style for the randomly generated aliens. Nice job!

Nice job, it's cool how over time the 'active play area' containing all the icons you've built gets bigger. It is cool to look back and see everything you've done-- would be even cooler if there was a zoom function, though!

Doesn't work... ): You need to set the file as 'playable in browser' otherwise we can't do anything with it. I even tried running it unlisted from my account, and even then, it just never loads. If you get it working and reply to this comment, I'll come back to check it out, though.

Fun little endless runner. I liked that there were options for mobile and pc players, that shows good thought. However, more obstacle types, and a restart button would be nice.

Doesn't work for me

Oh, and your game is one of the least played this jam-- it'sprobably because it doesn't have a cover photo. If you add one, I bet a lot more people will give your game a shot.

A little short, and I don't understand the Gandhi quote, but it's fun for what it is. I just wish that the boss had more attacks, and the fight lasted a little longer. Cute graphics. 

maybe i'm misunderstanding, but i can't get it to work...

Cool game. I like the art, and the guitar work is pretty sexy. Around level 3 it got too hard for me, and it seemed like the fuel hitboxes were maybe a little small? Would be cool if every level, you went up against a different Russian, to give the player something to look forward to-- getting to see what wacky opponent they'd fight next. Nice work!

The gameplay is simple, and works well enough. However, the dinosaur is half off screen, and you can just walk off the sides. 

A little simple, but pretty good for someone who's just learning! In the future, try mixing things up more-- like new types of enemies, or making the game look different over time, so the player is always discovering new stuff. Also, I didn't know there was an attack until I saw the other comments; the first time I played, I just ran past all the skeletons since I didn't realize I had a sword.  Always make sure to tell the player what tools they've got in their arsenal!

Really nice art! It was a little confusing at first, though, since the astronaut looks like he's trying to catch the aliens. I wish I could control the astronaut with the keyboard, and it's possible to just walk off screen, but it's definitely a good start.

Fun, easy to understand, and gets pretty tough. Looks really nice too, and overall has great presentation. A lot of games have the issue where they're good for PC but poorly optimized for mobile-- this has the opposite problem. Would have loved an alternate keyboard-based control scheme and option to do landscape view, but that's a nitpick. Nice job!

Nice, okay, I see the issue. In the game, it says the controls, but the controls for players 3 and 4 are swapped-- it was telling me to use T and G, when I actually needed to use numpad 0 and 1. You might want to fix that.

Otherwise, cool game! There are a lot of overlapping systems at work-- I love that each player can really customize their character, between the stat system and all the different weapon options you've provided. Combine that with this being a cooperative multiplayer game, it really opens up the opportunity for different players to sort of 'specialize' in different things and work as a team! The game is too short and doesn't have enough enemy types to really capitalize on that, but I assume that's because of time restraints. Also, the instructions aren't as clear as they could be-- you could make the best game in the world, and if nobody understands how to play, it won't matter. That's why it's important to have people other than yourself test it out-- it can sometimes be tough, because of course you understand your own game. There are little things that you could also fix, like the grenades take too long to explode as it is right now. But I think you have the skeleton of a really good game on your hands here, and it would turn out great if you built on it a little more!

I got 1130, might come back to try and beat my score.

Good game, reminds me of playing minigames on Neopets as a kid. Simple but fun, I like how you had someone slap a desk for the sound effect. Animating some of the sprites would be cool, and the background is way to bright yellow. Otherwise, nice work!

Okay, really liking this concept. In games like this, momentum is important, so it would be really cool if the player had low friction, but high acceleration. That would make it possible for talented players to use barely any fuel at all, but also help with the spacey feel, I think. I'd also love to see more things like boost pads around the world, so I have more stuff to interact with. Pretty fun, I like the grading system, nice job!

:/ sadly thats pretty common when downloading indie games, a lot of modern anti-virus solutions  judge mostly on how 'common' a file is. thank you though!

Good controls, gets more difficult over time, decently fun. I wish there was a little bit more going on visually-- just something in the background, or plants on the ground, just for detail. Good job!

I set up my stats, and I really like that idea, but for some reason I can't choose my weapons. I really wanna play this, so I hope you get that resolved

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I don't see a lot of quiz games in jams, so props for that. That being said, it should be more clear when you win-- I wasn't sure if I had won or not, the first time around. It would also be nice if the music played from the beginning, and there was a button to mute it, instead of being the other way around. I liked how the rocket went up for each question you got right! It's also neat that every question has unique replies for whether you get the question right or wrong.

Cool concept, and although it is hinted at, it's still not super obvious you need to be avoiding coins. I do like the idea a lot, and the high score board is a nice touch. Consider a little bit of extra visual polish (backgrounds, other items) for next time.