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Really fun interpretation of the theme!

Overall the art and characters are really cool and I love the concept. The controls for the actual gameplay felt laggy, which made it hard to navigate and get enough shots in on the jellyfish a lot of the time. Otherwise, this is a great entry. Awesome job!

I love this submission. The art is incredible and all the different monsters are really cool. I think the attack concept is cool, and I would love to see it fleshed out more. Incredible job!

Pretty fun concept and cool art. I was having trouble figuring out the controls at first, but I think I got it. The music during gameplay fits well too. Nice job!

Great starting concept! I like the palette and direction the art is going. I hope you get to develop it further!

A lot of fun! The game was very challenging and I got stuck on the second level, but I think that's okay. Probably more of an issue of me being bad at games. It was fun to try and figure out the best way to approach the different problems the levels had and when to jump. The art style is very nice and the music works well for the game. Awesome job!

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This was a really sweet little game. I played a few times to see some of the different little characters that were included. All the character art was very nice. 

I would have like to see more gameplay mechanics around the shooting star. But overall good job! I like this. Bonus points for doggo.

This was cute! I like the little uplifting story. I wished there was more gameplay though. I felt like I was just clicking through a story and didn't have much autonomy. I think it would be interesting if a few choices came up along the way that could potentially result in a bad or good outcome for the story.

Nice job! :^)

What an absolutely bizarre concept... I love it.

The opening cutscene and all of the art is so incredible. I love how this game was able to establish story and lore that made sense despite being so goofy. The tether mechanic is really fun. My only wish is for a map showing where you have already been. I spent most of my time feeling lost and frustrated because I couldn't figure out where I was and kept wandering into rooms I'd already been in. And my babies kept dying as I was spending so much time with no clue where I was going and a mishap would happen along the way.

This game is actually really impressive though. Great submission!

The art is phenomenal and very cute! The little witch sprite is visually one of my favorite player characters I've seen so far this jam. I'm obsessed with her hat animation. I love the direction this game is going and think it's the type of game that could definitely warrant further development after the jam ends. The rock paper scissors mechanic is rather tedious though and it doesn't seem like I could actually use the potions I acquired. The interpretation of the jam theme also felt like a bit of a stretch without the inventory being a more core part of gameplay.

This game definitely has that "Gameboy Soul" though. Great job!

Glad you liked it! And awesome score!

Thanks so much! :^)

Thank you! :D

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! Yeah, there are some weird edge case bugs in the actual scrap compactor part of the game. Glad you like the idea though!

I love this one! The art was absolutely knocked out of the park. The palette was a perfect choice. The music and sounds were really fun and fit the vibe perfectly. :) Gameplay was really fun too, but it did start to feel repetitive by the time I got to the end. I wished there was a way to use the coins I found to purchase power ups or something along the way. Though the gameplay was still very good for a week's worth of work so I can't complain too much.

This was a super creative and awesome combination of different interpretations of the theme. And bonus points for the doggo.

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The art and music are both very cute! I love the palette that was chosen very much. The character and it's tail are very adorable.

I'm not sure if I wasn't understanding the controls correctly, but sometimes the platforms would spawn so far apart that it very quickly felt  impossible to progress. Otherwise, great job!

The art and sound is fantastic! I love the concept. The gameplay is challenging, but very fun.

Thanks so much for playing! I agree with the shovel part. The friends I had playtest all found the same issue. The initial plan was to allow for dialog with more NPCs. I was hoping to use this to create more specific hints on what to do with the shovel. But, time was running low. Thanks for the feedback! 👻

Thanks so much for playing!

Ah! Sounds like I just wasn't planning far enough ahead oops.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful response! I appreciate it. 👻

I love the level switching idea. It leads to the game feeling like an interesting puzzle. I'd recommend using higher contrast text for the instructions, it was a little hard to read the white on light blue.

Great job!

Very nice! It was very fun to explore and find all the things you needed to move onto the next stage. The sequencing of collecting the items and going to the shopkeeps was very intuitive. I think the game could benefit from some sound effects. Otherwise, awesome job!

Looks like you may need to Edit your submission and click "SharedArrayBuffer support" so that it can be played.

It works now!

The visuals are very nice and it is rather soothing to play and just navigate to the different planets. I do wish there was a little more variation in the Missions so that it didn't feel so repetitive. Perhaps it could be interesting to pick up and carry cargo to different planets?

Anyways, awesome job!

Incredible game! I love it! Visuals were great, music and SFX fit well, feels very replayable.  The only issue I have is that some levels don't feel possible to win, or its very easy to just get stuck and cornered by a ghost with nothing to be done about it. Maybe I just need to get good. 

Fantastic job!

Thanks so much for playing!

Looks like it works for me now!

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! (Note to self: Music next time.)

Looks like you may need to Edit your submission and click "SharedArrayBuffer support" so that it can be played.

Looks like you may need to Edit your submission and click "SharedArrayBuffer support" so that it can be played.

A darker atmosphere/fog effect was definitely somewhere on my todo list. Glad to know you agree! Thank you so much for the feedback! 👻

Thank you so much for the feedback! 👻 <3