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haha thank you much! I'm glad you liked it a lot! Not sure if I will do something bigger with this, but it's nice to know someone would enjoy it. Thanks again!

I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Appreciate the kind words

Thanks man! Always appreciate you playing and leaving good feedback!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it =)

Hey thanks man! I really do appreciate that. I don't expect people to come back to play past games haha, so this was a nice surprise. You da man!

Yea now that you mention it, having the auto grid movement would have made total sense. Didn't even occur to me while I was developing it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Appreciate it!

Thanks for playing! It's funny how some of these things don't seem weird to me as I was making it, but something like the grid movement makes total sense now that you mentioned it. Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome! Appreciate the in-depth feedback. Very helpful. A lot of these things I had to leave due to time restrictions, but giving a skip cutscene option did not even occur to me. Thanks for playing!

Oh you're supposed to go to the door at the very top of the building to end the game. Your comment made me realize I never even mentioned that in the instructions. haha Thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to play and critique! I appreciate it a lot! Yea I spent most of my time on the music/sfx/and visuals so the base gaming was definitely not anything special. I get the controls things too. This happens to me a lot where I get very used to the controls and weird visuals things, that I don't realize it's kinda difficult for people who are not making the game to get. Also you could hit enter to play again after a game over. I should have made that more clear. Thanks again!!

Hey everybody! I'm looking to work with other people in this game jam! I'm primarily looking to work on sound effects and non-linear music, but I can also contribute in other ways too. I know Unity pretty well and c# a little bit, and I can do basic 3d art in blender and 2d art in photoshop, and I just love making games in general. Let me know, thanks!

I'm decent with Unity, can do music, sounds, and simple art too.

Let's make games about ****.

Oh cool, thanks for replying!

Hey, so this is my first Game Jam from this site and I was wondering if these are supposed to be done individually, or to be done in groups?

I'm looking to help a team with Audio and Music, as I'm not too confident in my game dev abilities haha.

I'm down to do either, but I was just wondering what to expect. Thanks!