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Oh, I see! A very strange problem, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game nevertheless!

Aww, that sucks! I wish I could help, but I'm just as much of a mac noob as you.

Looking into the files, the mac version should be the "Penny Panda Ponders" folder. There's a file under that folder/Contents/MacOS, do you think that's relevant?

Thank you! The UI disappearing is so people wouldn't try to press the buttons during the right/wrong animations. (That and keeping it up looked ugly.)

I died way too many times. A checkpoint would have been nice...

Well, it makes a statement, but on a repeat playthrough I realized that it doesn't impact the game at all if you leave nature to die. It would be nice if you would get a game over by doing that. (Though maybe that was planned?)

It took me a while to realize the objective of the game wasn't to kill everyone. (I appreciate the ability to do so, though.)

Interesting concept! The first 2 levels are good, but the 3rd and 4th (while more visually impressive) were more frustrating than fun. I only got through the 3rd level by luck (I still don't know what the solution is!), and I was stuck for ages on the 4th before remembering that spacebar counts as a key.

Thank you! Good luck with the game jam!!

Hello! I've been developing this game for a few months now and finally released it!

Mio's Fruit Hunt is a top-down puzzle game about collecting fruit, made with gameboy color-style sounds and visuals. It has 36 levels and comes with a PDF manual made to resemble a real gameboy color game's instruction booklet as much as possible!

I hope you take a look!

Thank you very much!

And very cute video! I'm sorry about the wonky hitboxes, haha... I forgot to account for the size of the broom or people standing on top of items, so players seem to have a bit of trouble picking them up at first.

Thank you, and I'm happy you enjoyed the game! I finally got around to watching your video, I'm really glad it made your day a bit brighter!