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This is also me checking the theory that video comments have an impact on Itchio discoverability, wish I had seen the video back during ZiMo!

Here is a video of several submissions to Zimo including The Unnaturalist! Thanks to Goblin Mixtape for spreading the word on all of these: 


The game uses opposing sides so the player count is 2 or 4 (if using the teams alternate mentioned at the end of the rules).

Will there be a ratings and feedback period at the end of this jam? Not sure if that is always a feature or only present when the submissions are ranked in a more competitive structure. Just want to make sure I don't need to wait to make comments and ratings for the submissions I'm checking out!

My submission is currently a single A5 Sheet. I may drop to one piece of the art in favor of adding some custom bestiary entries but I'll probably have that choice made and revisions completed before the Jam  ends.  Thanks again for sharing the really robust design kit and style guide!


You made my night! I'm glad you like it and I hope the extra prompts coming later this month add some replayability to the game for you!

Hello, sorry I didn't catch this quicker. For now the grid is player provided. I'll try to add a note that clarifies this in future versions. I've been playtesting in pocket notebooks with Grid or Dot ruling which makes creating the grid quite easy. 

Part of my layout hopes for later in development is to include a sort of playersheet with a grid and player identification page!

Was the February campaign date tied to ZineQuest for promotional purposes? If so do you see any potential shift to align with the delay of Zone Quest?


Great font picks, really dials in the classic horror poster look! Thanks for sharing.

Help, what does a Luxury Rat want?!

Thanks for sharing!

I dig the compass! I had to abstract it for my game The Unnaturalist but it's a great way to leave a trail in-game! Thanks for sharing

I think the mechanism is neat, thanks for sharing!

I didn't catch that the images were Lego at first! Great touch 

Thanks for sharing, I like the player directed Risk / Reward in the bonus dice!

Thanks for sharing, I like the inclusion of the blank template!

Haha, I'm about 70 or so ratings in. I had a long weekend so tried to touch as many as I could. Commented on most if something stuck out. Cheers

Thank you for sharing your game!

I like the use of dominos, thats a pretty unique component in this jam..

I had a very difficult time reading against the background, especially some of the red headers on the second page. Some increase in contrast would be much appreciated. 

I especially like #2! Things like "roll the dice and perform an action" become much more interesting when your friend has to take their best crack at doing the physical action of the rules! 

Me trying to convene with my mythical match with only emojis: 🐍🚫🦶❔ 

Thanks for sharing, this is very neat!

Love the simple but thematic layout and background. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing the mod! I especially like the idea that a nemesis does not strictly need to be an enemy creature, it could just be some baker who called your mam's recipe "dry and derivative."

I really dig the inclusion of the tower map graphic. Had a little bit of a hard time reading Obstacle and Opprtunity against the background color but it didn't slow me down for long!

Neat that you were able to through together the dice tool with the jam. Would the final pdf have a qr code or link to it?

I dig the use of a neutral Conflict. Pulling the focus away from explicit combat leaves me plenty of room for my RX-78-2 Gundam to participate in a Legal Battle and Tea Time as a break from all the space war.

Thanks for sharing this neat resource to filter and augment the collection of games. 

I know the variety of other projects makes specific examples of subversion impossible, but I'd be curious to see if offering themes / categories of subversion would work.  Did you have any particular applications in mind when working on your entry?

Examples that come to mind (maybe some sort of random table):

  1.  Reverse the outcome of these rules 
  2. Multiply the result/ consequences of these rules by 5).

The required robot noises will raise a lot of creative conversations! Thanks for sharing!

I bet players could fit the core rules on two standard playing card jokers and make this an instant travel game. Thanks for sharing!

I bet players could fit the core rules on two standard playing card jokers and make this an instant travel game. Thanks for sharing!

I like the Goldilocks spectrum of success! 

Is it intended to be "grew" in the line about the farmer? It looks like "greg" to me but I'm on mobile so could be a trick of the zooming in. 

Thank you for sharing!

Neat mechanism with the dice splattering! I could see folks doing a variant without dice but with each square having a designated value like a dart board! Drop 5 rubber ducks or opened ketchup packets or any other combination of weird and fun things!

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing your game! Is there a specific number of constellation or more of a "as many as you like, one at a time"? 

Seeing the prep page sold me. I like the tactile and thematic conflict resolution system!

Thanks for sharing! I had a similar concept in early drafts that would have players sculpting the results in clay to use as Minis in other RPGs. With a few adaptations Miscast may save me the work of making a new game to achieve a similar result!

Sweet, I'm pretty happy with the recent updates so I hope you enjoy jt! 

Back to Unreality, what would an example of the element binding look like? Would they exist / behave differently in each side of the Unreality/ Strictness barrier? I'm sure everyone will do it a bit differently but I'd be interested to see your early interpretationsof including the elements.

Not sure how you would pull off page cutting in a book setting (maybe extra print outs) but maybe that's not what heroes do.

Thanks for sharing, this is a Grade A meme response to a ridiculous corporate comment!

Neat! The art is a great add for some whimsy!

"Thanks for coming in to talk about Derek and his constant need to move the blame tokens. "

Thanks for sharing your game!

Can't wait to tell the spectral lady of the lake that distributing ghost swords is no proper form of deciding a government!