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I know, common bug associated with collision detection(I think adjusting them will do the job)

And thank you for your feedback! For now I'm not planning to keep working on it, but when I decide to do so, I'll keep more attention at  speedruning point of view to make it fair and speedrunable :D

Fun little game and simple in terms of controls.

But thing is: What does luck mean? What it gives to you? Chances to get critical strike? And also with items, it would be great to know, what exactly these stats are(e.g how much protection armor level 3 gives you, helmet level 2 and so on)

But I totally get it. Time restrictions, and despite, you spent more than 3 hours, it's cool and polished game.

And with the progression thing... For me it's totally fine. It's just matter of balancing game(how much exp you gain for the specific enemy, gold, how big are differences between levels of armor and weapon and so on) And also, what I'm missing, there is no indication how much gold are you getting from enemy and, for example, if you kill him once, is the value decreasing or same.

It has a lot of potential. It reminds me a bit of swords and sandals, but much simplified(I mean, here you just care of right timing to lower your spear while in battle, outside, it's about getting the right things and experiment).

After many tries I managed to finish it finally.

But for me it's a bit too much out of the control with that delay, especially jumping parts. Maybe decreasing it  to make it 0.5 seconds will make it a bit easier to navigate.

And also one thing which came to my mind when I was dying tens of times. When zombie bites you, you end up in the begin of the level anyway, and when you die 3 times, it's game over. But when you restart game, you still start from beginning.

So maybe you were planning to make few levels, but the time restrictions knocked in or didn't have time to just maybe make animation, where the zombie bites, but your character pushes it off and kills or something and your health value decreases. But you can still keep going as long as you're alive.  Or instead of health system, just display game over when zombie touches it.  

Just giving these tips in case if you maybe want to keep working on it past jam or something.

Thanks  for your feedback !

Thanks, I know about that bug, but the time restrictions  didn't allow me to fix it.

Och, nevermind. Didn't hear the sound, because i had my headphones off. But still, I think you will benefit a lot from 3d sound instead of "2d" one. But I totally get the time restrictions and it's tough to make everything in 3 hours. And also, that's how  it works in real world(first you see the light, then sound)

But anyway, with the tip of following shadow helped a bit with direction, but still, it's  a lot of guessing there involved.  

So my bad there haha, trying to change the speed of sound to be faster than light one :D  

Yes,  I know, 3 hours might seem a lot at first when you start, but later on you realize, that's not that much,  just throwing some ideas if you want to improve it or continue working on it

Font itself is hard to read, I'd change it to other. 

And game itself is fine, I think, that you think about mobile when you were making this game. 

So basically you have 60 secs to reach your train and you need to avoid others, which can move through these chairs and you can't. 

Anyway, good job on making it  in few hours :)

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Tbh, I don't really get what are you supposed to do there and how to "Win". 

I'm going to the yellow mark and wait, but when the time for train to move is up, he either moves to other place or just displays game over, where you missed train.

And when you go to the train too closely, you just fall down. 

And hey: if you've learned something, that's great :) Because jams are for it: Experimentation and learning new things, so if you learned more about the Unity UI system, that's great.

It's difficult to navigate, even with beacons tbh. And with car you need to be very soft , because it's very drifty.

But I think the issue is the world. Is way too big, and you noticed it as well. I'd rather maybe try to make a more linear game, because there it's easy to get lost and find the right way to get to the top of the mountain. I didn't managed to, because I didn't know where shall i drive unfortunately, even if I saw the beacon from far.

I'll try to add checkpoints instead(just one activate at once) and when you achieve this checkpoint, activate the next one. And maybe arrow, which shows, which direction you should move to that checkpoint.

Game viewport in browser is a bit too big for a browser window, but luckily you can go fullscreen, so it's  ok there

And also,  spaming LMB might be a bit hurting after some time(I'll consider shooting when you hold instead of press, because there are more and more of them, so practically you're not stopping)

You could add maybe some kind of combos, when you shoot enemies one by one and the beat changes  a bit depending on how many you killed quickly.

Or just bonus for hitting in certain times of the beat. But sure, to implement more time is needed than that. But anyway, as a 3 hours entry, is cool :)

It's very difficult, because of the input delay(No idea, if it's random according to how "well" your connection is, or that's just the visual thing), but in terms of visuals/sound effects, game looks polished as for 3 hours.

But that's tricky to get the input delay right. Especially when you need to kill zombies and jump to go further.

Nice concept of the "dodge phase" and "revenge phase", where you can kill enemies. 

But I'll decrease a little bit the knocback when placing bombs and also I didn't know, that to kill enemy you have to enter inside it(I thought, that you're using bombs as well to kill them when they're vulnerable and escaping from you)

Once you grasp the concept, game is quite fun 

It's tough to play and I don't really understand, where to exactly look at to find the "Lighting strike". Because usually  when it's lighthing, it's shines half of the screen.

So it's more about blindly guessing. And sometimes you can't even click in the place, where you think, that the stirke is, because the green  "storm catcher" dissapears when you're moving him far from center.

I think, you could add sound feedback, so let's say, before it strikes, just put the first sound effect and then randomly wait some time and then visually strike.  Of course, 3d sound to  be able to listen, where it might strike from. 

But of course, I know, 3 hours is too little to implement it, just throwing some ideas if you want to continue working on it post jam.

I didn't try to use it anyway and I guessed ,that's just only visual indications of what keys you've pressed.

But anyway, It might lead to confusion for some people I think, so I'd maybe indicate, that's just the visual feedback of what  action will take place next 

I like the game.  Delayed move on grid match quite well, but I think the delay itself is too big. It's like second, maybe half second will be better and challenging enough.

Also that's great you've implemented the visual feedback of your next move and time to "load" that move.

Good job :)

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It's difficult because of the time restrictions, where you need to put the batteries quickly and match the required voltage.

But i like the idea. And game is very polished, so nice job.

It's pretty simple, but  I like it. And as for the 3 hours, it's  nicely polished in terms of sounds/ animations. So good job

There is limited ammo count, but I don't see any way how to  get more ammo. 

And when hit by enemies, there is no health system/ game over condition. It's just about  getting as much score as possible with limited ammo count. Then you can just bump into  enemies and that's it.

But anyway, the concept with bigger delay when enemy hit you is interesting. Maybe you could add a time limit and in that limit, kill as many as possible while avoiding them to get the low delay of shooting? And once per some time drop something, what will  decrease that delay.

But I totally get it,  3 hours is not that much. Visually game itself looks nice with some post-processing effects. 

Delay is waay too big and it's tough to predict, where you will be moving next and how much. I'll definitely decrease the input delay and maybe add some visual indications, how much of a given direction i held or something(e.g queue of actions, so when you press and hold left arrows, it will maybe display message "Moving Left" and when pressing right "moving right". And when this action will be executed, just remove the message and put the next one on the old one and you know what I mean

And second thing: Maybe display some UI how many of these I have to enable and how many I've enabled already. 

But 3 hours is not that much to make everyting polished and great, anyway, jams are great to learn and hopefully you learned a lot from making this game.

The bullets are pretty slow, but I get it why. And the input delay make the game "laggy" to play and it's a bit out of control.  

I'll also consider the virtual joystick on screen, maybe when the action occours display it, that the left button is in use(and make it more visible when it is, when not) Same with other actions available. Or you could just store a queue of acitons somewhere, so the action could be put in a que and then it will execute the actions with that delay.

But as for such short amount of time, game is really polished in terms of art and sound effects. So good job

I think the offset between ping and player is too big and it's  hard to play, because you need to watch out for you, ping and arrows to not accidentally kill ping or ping kill you.

But idea itself is nice, but I'd play more with the offsets to get them right. But anyway, as for 4 hours,  it's quite good game :)

Your game is not loading to the end :(  It's stuck at 90% when loading

(1 edit)

Nice job Tbh one of my initial ideas for Delay was delayed input, but that's a tricky thing to get right in just 3 hours. 

The delay of input is too big and it seems like you need to hold the button before the movement will be made, so when you just press right key nothing happens. or when you press space once. That might be more interesting, because then you need to plan your action.

Here, you just need to hold it for a bit longer to move/jump. But anyway,  3 hours is not too much to get things always  done right

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Hi. Don't beat yourself up, 3 hours(or even 5) are both much and not that much. It's still a great game and surely, a lot of space to expand it :)

I don't like the time-limit puzzle, because you can't make puzzles too complicated because timie limit itself and it might take a lot of tries to get it right.

But if they're fairly simple and it's just about when and where use items available, i think it's good. But if you want to make more complex puzzle it might not work

I really like the game itself. It's look very polished and made in short amount of time.

There is a lot you can do there with that. And at some point it's a bullet hell when there are a lot of enemies and they die in a delay time. But it adds to difficulty, so at some point you don't want to kill them one by one.

But i'll swap the appear animation with death animation, because for me, it's more obvious when somehting is about to explode and more fitting. And when the enemy die, you could just make it bland and maybe animate.

But anyway, as for 6 hours, that's a lot :)

Nice Job  :)  I like the idea of your clone, which is replicating your movement. There is a lot of room to use that mechanic and expand it.

Btw: Jonas Tyroller did some similar game, but in 2d. It was using similar mechanic with projections cloning your movement after certain delay.  But generally game itself is simple, but it's hard to come up with challenging and also possible puzzes to solve, so anyway, congrats :)

Thanks :) 

You  have 48 hours at your  disposal, so you can work on it entire week as long as you won't exceed the 48 hours mark and you'll upload your game before the submissions will be closed :) 

I think he just trusts you, that you don't cheat and don't abuse the rules. 

But if you want to make sure, that you spend 48hours, you can track the time you spent by yourself by enabling a stoper when you work and stop it when you stop. Then save these times somewhere and just sum them up. If it's below 48, you have time. If it's in the 48 hours frame or you have a little bit more than that, that's it.

Also, you can just record it(well.. 48 hours of video footage might take some disk space) or stream, as you mentioned.

Some games when pausing games are not completley stopping game world, just slowing drastically(like 70 or 80%), so when you use pause to slow down time and it's core for the gameplay, then It is considered as pause.

And also,  how you interpret it is up to you I guess, the important thing is to just  follow the limitation.

(3 edits)

I like the idea itself, but for me the platforms are too sensitive, when you barely move your mouse and it rotates almost 270 degrees.  But shooting Slurpies to the  air is very enjoyable itself, so who cares XD

Edit: Just finished the entire game and the 5 experiment was the most difficult to me, because of the difficulty to control the platforms to rotate them as I want them. You need to move your mouse very slowly to manage to control it, but still, there are situation where you'll move it a little bit too strong and you slurp flies away. And here is the second problem: Camera. When your slurp moves quickly, camera follows is too slow and it's difficult to see, what to expect below or next to it. So maybe camera follow speed should be based on move speed of slurpie itself or try to find balance between cam follow and slurpie max speed to prevent situations like this.

Some people said, that they were stuck on 7 experiment and i understand why. It's all about controls, which i mentioned above(even before edit).  That's the biggest issue of gameplay, but I know, it's a jam game and the time restriction  so it's sometimes difficult to get everything right.  

Anyway, I liked it despite of that annoying controls and camera, which was following the slurpie too slow when it was moving fast. Shooting the green characters in the air and watching them fly to the sky  is enjoyable enough,  but anyway,  in terms of graphics and sound effects it's polished, so it makes that small world alive

I like this mechanic of capturing enemies to be actually your teammates. It looks like building your own team from scratch(i like the team managment/ your own army meta-game or something like in Barn Battles, where you can basically get anyone as your own unit). I like the mechanics of game and it looks greatly polished as for 7 days jam game. I wouldn't make such a game in one month and you made it in 7 days. So I respect your skill and experience. I hope, that one day I'll be somewhat close to you in this regard.

You know that, because you said it in video, but enemies can get stuck and don't know how to attack you, so they move here and there every turn while you move your second unit to loot all the boxes.

And secondly, I didn't found, that anyone mentioned it, but you can actually attack your allies and kill them(I discovered it accidentally to be honest) Maybe it was left intended, e.g, when you want to capture other unit and want take some apples,  you can simply sacrifice your unit to get better unit.