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I like the idea itself, but for me the platforms are too sensitive, when you barely move your mouse and it rotates almost 270 degrees.  But shooting Slurpies to the  air is very enjoyable itself, so who cares XD

Edit: Just finished the entire game and the 5 experiment was the most difficult to me, because of the difficulty to control the platforms to rotate them as I want them. You need to move your mouse very slowly to manage to control it, but still, there are situation where you'll move it a little bit too strong and you slurp flies away. And here is the second problem: Camera. When your slurp moves quickly, camera follows is too slow and it's difficult to see, what to expect below or next to it. So maybe camera follow speed should be based on move speed of slurpie itself or try to find balance between cam follow and slurpie max speed to prevent situations like this.

Some people said, that they were stuck on 7 experiment and i understand why. It's all about controls, which i mentioned above(even before edit).  That's the biggest issue of gameplay, but I know, it's a jam game and the time restriction  so it's sometimes difficult to get everything right.  

Anyway, I liked it despite of that annoying controls and camera, which was following the slurpie too slow when it was moving fast. Shooting the green characters in the air and watching them fly to the sky  is enjoyable enough,  but anyway,  in terms of graphics and sound effects it's polished, so it makes that small world alive

i love it too